Desh Ki Beti Nandini 19th December 2013 Written Episode Update

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Desh Ki Beti Nandini 19th December 2013 Written Episode, Desh Ki Beti Nandini 19th December 2013 Written Update

Inderraj and family arrive at Rajveer’s house for the engagement function. Inderraj greets everyone and tells Gayatri that he’s very happy seeing Gayatri making an ordinary girl her daughter in law. All media and top politicians are also present. On a side, Inderraj’s wife asks him why he has to expose Gayatri in front of everyone. It will hurt their family reputation only. Inderraj says all top politicians being present is the reason to expose Gayatri today.

Nandini and family arrive at Rajveer’s house for the engagement. Gayatri introduces Nandini and her family to everyone. Uttara taunts Nandini and asks if she won’t touch her feet as she is elder relationship wise. Nandini touches her feet. Uttara whispers to Nandini that whenever

they meet, she will only be touching her feet. After that Uttara holds Nandini saying she wants to talk to her. After Nandini’s parents go away from there, Uttara looks at Nandini’s watch and says low class people don’t value expensive things (as glass was broken by Nandini’s siblings). Nandini replies back saying watch that runs by others’ hands has no value. Uttara gets mad as Nandini indirectly insulted her. Ritu comes and asks Nandini if everything is okay. Nandini says she was just talking with her devrani. Ritu takes Nandini with her.

Everyone is waiting for Rajveer. Dadi brings Rajveer down. They start the rituals. Rajveer is just standing instead putting the ring in Nandini’s finger. Ritu teases him saying he’s feeling shy. Gayatri tells Rajveer to put the ring, and before he does that, Jeena returns. Rajveer and Gayatri are shocked to see her there. Jeena introduces herself as Rajveer’s best friend and congratulates both Nandini and Rajveer. The ceremony continues and Nandini-Rajveeer exchange the rings. After that, Gayatri thanks everyone for coming and says she’s lucky to get daughter in law like Nandini and she can’t wait for her to come home when she gets married after 3 months. Her speech is interrupted by her voice recording which Inderraj did. Everyone is shocked when they hear Gayatri saying she is not planning to make Nandini her daughter in law in spite of possibly being best life partner for Rajveer. Abhay gets afraid and Gayatri also seems clueless. Inderraj acts and sends his son to see who did this. Media surround Gayatri and question her. Inderraj tells her to answer everyone. Gayatri goes to Nandini and asks her if she thinks that she would say this. Nandini says no. She says that she fully trusts her, but looks at Rajveer when saying that. Inderraj pressurize Gayatri to answer the media. Gayatri in ends says that voice is hers, but someone changed the original words that she said. She says she told Abhay that Nandini can no way become her daughter in law before three months. Inderraj asks why is that. Gayatri says due to elections, Rajveer won’t be able to give much time to her. Inderraj says even after elections, if Rajveer wins, he still won’t be able to give much time to her. Gayatri says he will definitely win. Inderraj then asks why engagement so early and so long for the wedding. Media also start questioning. Inderraj also says that after three months it will be a bad time for wedding, best time would be next week. Gayatri asks their pandit and he says best day is after 3 days. Gayatri says she will talk with Nandini’s family. Inderraj says they are here, so why not talk right now. Nandini’s parents say that they are from the bride side so what they can say. Inderraj says they don’t have any problem. After pressurizing a lot, Gayatri announces that Rajveer and Nandini will get married after 3 days. Inderraj is shocked. Rajveer and Jeena are stunned while Nandini and her family are extremely happy.

Precap: Jeena is very angry at Rajveer. She asks him where he plans to go for honeymoon with Nandini. Rajveer says this was not their plan, their plan was to break the engagement after elections. Jeena tells him if he had really loved her, then he would have said in front of everyone that he loves her, not Nandini. If his mother can break her promise, then why not him? Rajveer says him and Jeena will return to London right away.

Update Credit to: Simmy

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