Desh Ki Beti Nandini 14th November 2013 Written Episode Update

Desh Ki Beti Nandini 14th November 2013 Written Episode, Desh Ki Beti Nandini 14th November 2013 Written Update

Episode starts at GD Mansion with Abhay and RV discussion…

RV says clearly to Abhay that not to play with others emotions and No one should get troubled.

Abhay says Nothing sort of that happens and if people are facing problems then why will they send laddoos.

RV smartly says that he heard Abhay is in need of Nandini’s help and Going to gather lot many people in PRP.

Abhay simply says to wait and watch that how thousnads of people will walk into people just due to Nandini.

RV laughs “IMPOSSIBLE, I feel the home made sweets are working on u”

Abhay ,”Well , our PRP team is doing lot of hard work. And the Team has announced to public that Nandini’s can reach up to you.”

RV seems to be inconvinced.

Next scene,

@Supermarket, Nandini’s mother is bargaining and arguing with shop owner. Nandini comes there and both about to leave from there. The sales person recognizes Nandini and asks her is she from RajouriBhag Colony. Nandini’s mother excitedly says Yes Yes.. Immediately Sales person rushes and gets the box which Nandini mother was bargaining and requests them to take at free. Nandini denies that. Owner requests them, that he was very happy to see them in his shop and come down frequently here. Nandini was about to leave again he stops her.

PRP office, Conference Hall,

Abhay with team, discussing about next task of Pandey Project “Now Nandini feels herself like a celebrity and she has connection with PRP. She gets attention from common people.”


Shop owner asks Nandini whether she knows RV personally. Public will noitce and recognize Nandini and starts talking about her. Nandini leaves from there so hurrily. Nanidni’s mother is happy that people recognizing her daugther

PRP office, Conference Hall,

Abhay, ” everyone starts press out their problems, One find day sure Nandini will not able to ignore the fact that she can reach to RV and PRP so easily”

Next morning, @Nandini home

Someone knocking Nandini’s door continously. Nanidini checks there a old lady is crying badly. Nanidni offers her water and asks about the problem. She reminds that Nandini has put her problem top of the list, which she has submitted earlier to MLA. She starts crying and says, They were warned to be thown out of house if the case on the shop was not taken back. No lawyer is ready to take up their case. Nandini is so worried seeing the old lady. The old lady asks Nandini to talk to RV and solve the problem

GD Mansion, GD office room

RV comes in and asks why she is working so hard without rest and didn’t even had bfast. GD replies, elections are on way so soon. Akanksha is also not there so work should be done and all the files are so confidential and cannot share with anyone. RV comes front and firmly says for time being he will help her and takes the lappy from GD. GD is so happy seeing RV helping her. Dadi noticing all these at the entrance of door and shocked to see change in RV and she is worried that their plan of framing RV into party matters is working on. She cant see all these so silent.

RV assures GD that all the files he himself will bring to party office as those are highly confidential and asks GD to take rest. GD thanks him and caress his head leaves so happily.


Nandini explaining about old lady problem to Abhay. (Abhay plan is wrking out). Abhay assures this issue also will b solved very soon as like other prblems. RV enters and gets down from car. Nandini and Abhay come near to RV . Nandini says hello. Abhay assures Nandinii that RV will solve this prb so soon. RV asks about Siddarth. Nandini says he is ok and in her self talk confused about the change in his words in one day, as till yesterday his response to the matter as if he unaware about it. Abhay says bye to Nandini. Nandini thanks them . RV offers hand shake. Nandini too gives so hesitantly. Finally they shake hands and Nandini smiles so cutely. (arey leave the hands, how long ). Nandini leaves the place with old lady. Abhay and RV to crossing path enters into office. Nandini assures old lady that her problem will be solved by Rv.

RV asks, Nandini has brought only person to office, but you said Thousands of people will walk into behind her.

Abhay, “Drop after Drop makes is needed to make up sea. I have told already it will happen. Give little time.”

RV “lets see”]

Rajouri Bhagh Colony,

Abhay;’s assistant who was watching Colony people activities so closely gives money to the goons who were threatening the old lady and asks them not to roam around even the old lady otherwise Police will interfere” He calls and informs Abhay that work is over.

PRP Office

Abhay is happy and shares to RV to wait and watch. RV is so confused

Rajouri Bhagh

Someone knocking door so heavily. The old lady again with tiffin box and tearful of eyes. She says these are happy tears and she has come to share her happiness. She informs that her prblem was cleared and praises Mr. & Mrs Ashok pandey for having such a nice daughter. She also says that the goons problem was solved and they left the shop. Nandini wonders as the work is done so fastly and she asks lady to be thankful to RV as he has done. Nandini says it’s the win of truth and when RV like truthful persons are with us then this only will happen.

Ritu teases Nandini that how could RV will throw her words. Nandini is shyful and asks ritu to stop.

@National Decorators Office

Nandini reaches her office. People who were already standing over there asks her to help them and one by one all will appeals their problems. Nandini collects petition regarding problems from all. Eventully she will be treated as a prblem solver to whole city. She comes to Abhay and hands over all the petitions folder. Abhay and team assures Nandini not to worry and things will be solved soon. Nandini leaves so happily. Abhay is so confident that her plan is working so perfect.

Next day, conference hall – TV news

Reporter praising RV . GD and team watching that. TV clips reporter taking view from public about RV. All will say that RV is different from other politicians and he is the hope of the future and they support Rv. All media channel telecasting the same programme public view about RV. Public says they have full confidence on RV and he will be their next leader. GD is so happy and RV too seems to be happy but still confused about the public poll. Abhay turns off tv and says Project Pandey is so successful. He shows presentation graph of RV;s popularity. ”

Next scene,

Indraji in his home. Sushant comes there with phone and gives it to Indraji as its Chief Minister;s prblem. CM warns Indraji to look after the News Headlines of today and RV;s popularity. That sure effects their party very badly. And also asks Indra ji to solve the prblem asap permanently. Otherwise it will effect his political future. He cant see their family heir(RV) burning ruling Party.

Indraji assures CM “don’t worry about it. I will handle things and think that problem solved permanently”

Sushant “What should be done now”

Indra ji “New game has to be planned”

GD & Team @ Conference Hall, assistant comes in and asks all of them to come near window and he opens the window. GD & Abhay with confused faces all will reach near window and gets shocked of seeing Nandni with public back of her. Specially GD is speechless even Abhay too didn’t expect this seems to be. GD is so overwhelmed and says RV that she is happy and still unable to believe these many have come to thank you and she is speechless.. RV with his standard expression of smile and says he should be thankful to nandini and requests abhay to send Flower bouquet to Nandni’s home. GD is happy that RV father’s dream is coming true. She is happy seeing him like this and he is the hero and hope of public and asks still he wants to leave to london. RV says GD that he is very happy for being the reason of her happiness and now all her dreams have come true and requests her to give permission to go back london. Screen freezes on Serious face of GD.

Precap : GD asks RV to stay back to fulfill his father’s dream. Dadi interferes RV fulfilled his promise to you and so you to don’t break your promise given to him. And don’t stp him going back london.

Update Credit to: amul_kn

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