Desh Ki Beti Nandini 13th November 2013 Written Episode Update

Aakansha bids bye to RV saying to take care of everything. Bro-sis hug.
Nandini’s family is worried for Sidharth. Right then Abhay with cops brings sidharth back giving all credit to RV. Family and rest of the colony resident are very very impress with RV’s act and start praising RV as he is human God . Abhay who is almost going back stops to here RV’s praising and finally leaves giving a winning smirk, but before that he calls some one name pappu to thank. Looks like Abhay has some one followed sid.

Aakansha finally says bye to all the family members. GD starts crying RV consoles her while she rests her head on his shoulder, which does not go unnoticed by aakansha in back mirror of teh car. She is happy.

Sidharth’s family is disappointd in him and angry at him for his act. After all take their frustration out, sid apologizes which is honoured by family group hug minus pandeyji.
Nandini’s mom next morning gives anndini laddo for RV. nandini is reluctant to go but has no choice. Sid gets call from the same company who has not hired him. He is reluctant to go but agrees when nandini decides to go with him.
Company director cooks up the story that the candidate who got the job was hired on the ruling party leader recco. RV found it out and was kid enough to inform them, after investigation it turned out that he was right, thus now job has given to sid on his skilled. Sidharth and nandini is very happy

nandini gives lecture to sid on not assume the things. Abhay celebrates his win on project pandey when he gets call from company person about abhay.

RV is talking to perty people when nandini comes to talk to him. First he does not recognize her, she tells her name, tells him about getting gift . he is confused what gifts, nandini is confused on his confusion. Anyways Mr Confusion becomes double confused when she thanks him for his help last night and gives ladoo ( boy desh ka future has become Dabbe vaali or gift delivery gal). She thinks he has forgotten so quickly. She askes him direct question why is he helping them. Mr confuse now triple confused but saved by bells oops by Abhay. Abhay sings praising song about Rv and tells how he is different then rest of the politics and politicians. Abhay asks her to come in, she replies not comfortable in political atmosphere, RV seconds her, now she is Ms Confused. Abhay saves him again.

Nandini leaves and abhay clarifies RV’s confusion. Nandini calls her father to tell dabba has delivered and informs how RV was confused. Father replies this is character of big guy
RV tells abhay so much happened and he is not aware of anything. He firmly tells him not to play with human emotions.

tomorrow: nandini again at RV’s place for help
Abhay tells nandini it’s case of illegal possession and would be taken care. RV raises hand to shake with nandini. she reluctanly does it.

Update Credit to: md410

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