Dehleez 15th March 2016 Written Episode Update

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Dehleez 15th March 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Swadheenta and her brother Asad reaching home. She asks him to go to university tomorrow, she kept the form. He says I got a job, its 11000rs salary, I would have joined for 5000rs, earning money is imp. She says I will give you 11000rs till 5 years then I will take salary of your 6th year. He says she has done all calculations. She goes to sleep.

Its morning, she greets her Mama and gives her coffee. He asks when did she come back. She says we got late while coming home, we stopped to have momos. He says but you went to sangeet right. She says I told Asad about the form, he will go for graduation. Mama says don’t waste time on him, just focus on your interview. Swadheenta’s mum Revati calls Mama and tells him about Swadheenta. Mama says Swadheenta will be going for interview,

don’t worry, she is ahead of boys. Swadheeta tells her mum that she is not nervous. Her mum says your dad is asking did you make friends there. Swadheenta says tell dad that I m not dating anyone. Mama and Mami smile.

Suhasini asks her husband Mukesh and everyone to come for breakfast. They all get shocked seeing Abhay, with Simmi in his arms. They greet good morning. Abhay says actually, Simmi has some foot sprain that’s why. Mukesh asks them to have food. Mukesh asks his elder son about imp meeting with CM. Adarsh comes and greets them. Suhasini asks why are your eyes red. Adarsh says nothing, I think something fell in eyes. Simmi’s dad comes and she hugs him. Simmi’s dad hugs Abhay.

Suhasini asks Simmi’s dad Ahuja to sit. Ahuja invites them for Ahuja’s township party. Mukesh says we will come. Simmi asks her dad did her and Abhay’s bungalow got ready. Ahuja says yes, its completed first, bookings are done in advance. Suhasini says its illegal to take bookings on dispute land. Ahuja says good things run illegal way only, it won’t be fun if big township does not have any dispute, anyways you won’t take my case. She says I don’t take relatives’ case. Ahuja says yes, but you keep everyone’s info.

Suhasini and Mukesh are on the way. Mukesh says Ahuja said right, you know everything, the notice released yesterday. She says your Samdhi is making township by snatching land from farmers, the farmers did not get the lawyer till now, I have to keep info. He asks her about her case. She says its weak, I will lose. He says you and losing. She says I lost 8 cases. He says 8 from 108 cases, the cases you lost ran for many years. He tells about CM’s niece proposal for Adarsh. She asks the girl’s qualification. She says we got a builder’s daughter as bahu, we can’t afford another such. They laugh. He leaves in another car.

Elder brother asks Adarsh to come in meeting. Adarsh is also on the way. He asks whats the use, if I m not part of core team. His brother asks him to come, as dad told him. Swadheenta stops at the signal and removes the helmet. Adarsh sees her and smiles. He takes her pic. She puts on the helmet and leaves.

Suhasini reaches the court and talks to assistant. She says who said its final hearing today. Dubey says judge said so. She says media always thinks so, you are not in hurry to lose case right, even I m not. Swadheenta wears the lawyer’s court and looks at the Delhi high court. She says I m not nervous, I m fine. She passes by Suhasini. She goes for interview. The man says you are fresh LLB pas, why did you become lawyer. She says to sop wrong going on with poor people and help them. He says you mean all rich people are wrong. She says no, I mean poor people don’t have money to fight cases, I want to become their voice. The man jokes on her. He gives her a case and says they are poor, they have no voice, become their lawyer, Prakash Yadav, a poor farmer, his land is snatched by a builder, take this case and show your talent, I m not asking you to win this case, just fight, take this case till 3 hearing, then your appointment is definite.

Dubey gets call that Ahuja’s case got a lawyer, some independent lawyer, it’s a girl, Swadheenta Ramakrishnan. Suhasini asks really. Swadheenta leaves from court.

Adarsh is in meeting and sees Swadheenta’s pic. Mukesh tells about Adarsh’s efficiency. Adarsh says sorry, I have to take this imp call and goes. Mukesh says I m really sorry. The man says why are you sorry, Adarsh is our robinhood.

Swadheenta’s brother Asad goes college and feels good seeing the girls there. He says girls who give attitude get set. Few guys talk to him. Swadheenta comes there and asks where is canteen. He asks are you in tension, and gives her some snacks. She thanks him. They sit in canteen. She tells about the interview. He asks what will you do now, it means you came to take my advice, I m famous for my advice. Mama comes there and says now you will give her advice. Asad says Abbu, I was just joking. Mama checks the case. Swadheenta says I can’t do this. Mama asks what and shuts the file. He reminds when she drove cycle for the first time, she was sitting on cycle and her Appa and Mama held it, she told the same thing, and today she drives scooty without any fear, this case is first cycle of lawyer world, your Appa and Mamu are still with you, don’t worry, we will not let you fall. She asks Asad to come, they will meet Prakash Yadav.

Swadheenta meets Prakash and gets case details. Ahuja scolds Prakash in the party. Swadheenta tells Ahuja that she is the lawyer who took farmers case, and asks him to meet in court. Adarsh smiles seeing her, while Mukesh looks on.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Wow half century for dehleez in terms of no. Of comments in both the episode I like this show I think this maybe the show which may make me start watching star plus again if not I hate star plus .
    And Harshad and Tridha doing fan job as adarsh and swadheenta swadersh pair very good
    And anyways dehleez is a finite series


      true fatarjo……….. the show s rocking………..

  2. This looks like a great show….. I hope the continue this great work….

  3. Good start. Seems like she will put on a great fight too.

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