Deceptive Love- Shot 3 (Part 1)

Shot 3
Part 1

Abhi was still cracking his brain on what had happened a while ago. He was sitting on his bed. She gave him a flying kiss and even winked at him. For the past 5 years they had never met or talked but she acted like they were secret lovers.
Abhi’s POV
yaar she did this but why? And how does she know that I was here? Well you’ve been staring at from the window so she,must have stupid. Now i have to be even more vigilant
POV end

Abhi then sees her leaving with bulbul on her scooter.

“ Why is she keep on smiling a lot?” He said by looking at her from the window.

“ That’s not important, now I need to recover the data that had lost. As for where she is heading to I can track that using the GPS signal through her mobile. Thank god, that at least that is working!” He said to himself and sat down in front of his laptop to work on it.
After a while he got the signals back all of a sudden. Abhi thought “ how did I get all of it back? Never mind she is at the hotel palm luxury and her heartbeat indicates that she is doing something serious.”
“ let’s go then shall we.” Said Jarvis his computer assistant. Abhi followed her and found her leaving. He then tailed her back to her house. He again had to stay at her aunt’s. On the door
Abhi under his breath “here we go then” and knocked the door
“ aren’t you coming here more often before you didn’t even bother to look towards the house.” Said Abhi’s aunt.

“ Massi you know I miss you nowadays so only and now your Abhi is here and you aren’t letting him” and turned away in anger.
“ oye dramebazz aja andar.” She said and slapped him, lightly on the head
“ I will always be one for you.” He said by smiling and rubbing his head
“ you hit so hard. Bohat jaan hai aap mein.” He said again teasingly.
His aunt took of her chapal and held it in her hand “ acha i’ll tell you how strong I am and started to chase him. Abhi ran away upstairs and escaped his massi.
Pragya who had been watching this laughed “ still like a child mr mehra. Still like one.” And walked away

Abhi later in the evening saw her through the window and she was combing her hair and looked as if she was going out.

“ This time I have to follow her!” He said to himself by grabbing his phone and rushed out of his room in a lightning speed.

He reached outside the gate of his house and was standing beside his car waiting for her to arrive.

He was getting impatient as she was yet to come out.

He kicked the tyre of his car in frustration when he heard the gate opening sound.

Abhi turned behind to see and his jaw drop in astonishment.

She was wearing a saree very traditionally looking and he stood there still not able to think further.

Pragya crossed Abhi with a pleasant smile and he drops his phone looking at her.

“ Mission possible!” She told herself with a sense of achievement.

Abhi heard some children’s screams from a distance which made him back to senses.

“What happened just now? She wore saree! I never seen her so traditional before!” He thought as he was looking for his phone.

“ Oh Shit! Where is my phone??” He said by looking around in anxiety.

He turned behind and saw Pragya throwing up the phone and catching it.

“ How the hell did it went to her hands?” He murmured unable to believe it.

Before he could follow her, his Maasi had come pulling him inside the house much to his dismay.

He checked his phone and saw everything was the same except that the memory space was full with lots of love movie downloads!

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    iron man is my fav marvel character
    wats urs?
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    1. Maya

      Thank u friend! It’s actually Prabhi aka fatimah being fan of Marvel. As mentioned earlier, this is a collaborative ff by me and her. So she added Jarvis here? Both of us like Iron man though?

    2. Prabhi

      Well yes I like all of the marvel movies

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