Dear Diary – My Love…. ( By Yashu… Last…..)

hiii so today I’m very very angry and upset
.. I am like nobody in TU loves me and I’m very bad…. so this os is just what’s going in my mind…..


11.25 pm
Dear Diary

I never thought of penning my thoughts….but I donno why today I feel that there’s no one with whom I can share my feelings…. I feel like I shouldn’t have born….. every thing that I want is snatched from me..
and look now I’m crying….. and I should because today I attended the wedding of my love…… life….but my love’s life was in somebody else… yes…. he loved somebody else and who made them together….. their common friend…… and who was that…that was me… yes it was me…. today I think I’ve lost everything….. mom died on the day I was born, father died when I was of 5….and from then I was in orphanage….and then met my best friend,who was everything to me…she supported me every time….. but who knew that we sisters from different mother’s will fall for the same guy…. but look at my destiny that boy was already in love with her and not me….. again I lost someone…. but then I remembered a story you know what… lemme tell me….

one day a ghost was talking to a boy…

Boy – how did u die ???

Ghost – I died while trying to save some one…

Boy – why ???

Ghost – because I didn’t want her to get hurt …..

Boy – you really loved her a lot ♥♥♥ she might be sad and missing you…

Ghost – no… she’s living happily because the one I saved was not her but her love…?????

and after remembering this I think sometimes it’s better to sacrifice than to get something or I must say snatch…. if I would have come between them or tell my feelings to them then everyone would have thought that I’m the villian…. yes because one side lovers are always considered that…. but it’s the best feeling…. because it’s only you…only n only you who r in a relation….
and only you have a right on your love and nobody else not even your love….????……..

But still no one wishes to be a one sided lover….??????????????????????????

every one wants that one hand which they can hold till death, that one shoulder on which they can cry…..that person whom they can tell everything and who cares for them the most…. but I think that was not in my destiny…… but no worries I’ll be his lover …noo no.. one sided lover and his love’s friend forever …… wish he always stay happy… because my whole happiness lies in his happiness…… may be I would be sad to see him wid someone else….but at least I’ll be happy that he’s happy….??????????????????

will always love you my love….?????♥♥♥♥♥♥?????????
bye Diary….

and now she closed her Diary…..
and then sits on her bed….. and cries….?????????

” God I don’t want anything for me but plzzzzz give him all the Happiness…. I know I have written that I’ll be his lover forever and that’s true also but not living in this world but in heaven…… I can sacrifice my feelings for my love but…… and then cuts her wrist…… and falls on the bed with blood flowing
…… but on her face their was a smile….. a smile that he United his love wid his love


pehle to sorry isse likhne k liye… and for wasting your precious time….. I know it’s the worst…. sorry.
….. really sorry… don’t bash me….

  1. Aashiya

    Hey yashy. …why do you call it bad? U gotta give me some reason okay? Coz what you have potray ed here is something that’s not found easily. Sacrificing for some one especially your own love is something our of the world. You potrayed this very exceptional thing and that’s your talent.

    And please don’t be upset . I love you okay. I love you a lot. Would you like to be my friend??? Please!!
    Love you loads girl,
    Thanks for reading and appreciating my one shot. Love you❤❤❤

    1. Yashasvi

      Thanks dear…..♥♥♥
      I’m really happy that u liked it….♥♥♥.
      Well I would love to be your friend ???????…. So u can call me Yashu….. Every one calls me dat…..
      And your Os was splendid dear…. It was really nice,?????

      Keep smiling and stay blessed ?♥??????????♥??♥
      Love you ??????????
      Yashu ?♥??♥?♥?♥

  2. It was awesome
    U write exceptionally well
    Pls don’t say that u r a bad writer or u bored us

    Love you ??

    1. Yashasvi

      Thank u Soo so much Vani….♥♥♥♥
      That means a lot dear ???

      Keep smiling and stay blessed ?♥???♥???♥♥?
      Love you ??????????????????????????????.
      Yashu ?♥?♥♥??♥

  3. Fenil


    1. Yashasvi

      Thank Bhai…?????
      I’m happy that you liked it ♥♥♥♥???????????

      Keep smiling and stay blessed ??????????
      Love you ????????
      Yashu ???????

  4. It was nice.but instead of suicide she could have started to help other children who r orphans and lead a peacefull life seeing them achieve their goal.and may be she could have met someone more lovable in her is a part of its is said Aur bhi gham hain zamane me mohabbat ke siva.meaning there r other worries also in world with love.people who cant live for themselves can live for others instead of taking precious life gifted by i guess i bored u now?????

    1. Yashasvi

      Yes dear u r right.
      ???????? Well when. I was writing it I was very upset that’s why it came to be a sad one
      I’ll remember this next time ????

      Keep smiling and stay blessed ?♥♥
      Love you ????????
      Yashu ?♥♥♥?♥♥♥♥

  5. first tell me who told u that we don’t love u haan tell me ??
    this os was superb because sacrificing is not a easy task & all of the above sacrifice ur luv .it can be done by only true lover
    soo don’t be sad baby
    post ur stories
    keep smiling we luv u soooooooooo much
    keep writing

    1. Yashasvi

      Yrrr it’s me only who told everyone that no one loves me…. Yeh Mera hi dimaag he
      .well thanks …???? If u say it’s nice then it’s grt because I didn’t feel that… Will post asap dear….

      Keep smiling and stay blessed ???
      Love you ????
      Yashu ?♥♥????

  6. Twinjsidminfan

    Its sooo amazing

    1. Yashasvi

      Thanks darling ????

      Keep smiling and stay blessed ?♥♥????
      Love you ♥♥♥???????
      Yashu ?♥♥♥??♥♥

  7. Ananya_DSK

    That was one of the most touching stories ever…
    So amazing… It definitely wasn’t bad, and surely didn’t waste my time…
    I loved it!!

    1. Ananya_DSK

      P.s. I love you

    2. Yashasvi

      Well if u feel that it was nice then thanks…♥♥♥??? But I felt that it was the worst…. Anyway .
      Thanks again for commenting ♥?♥♥♥?♥♥♥

      Keep smiling and stay blessed ?????♥♥
      Love you ????????
      Yashu ?♥♥?♥

  8. Amazing n emotional os.

    1. Yashasvi

      Thanks dear ????♥?

      Keep smiling and stay blessed ???♥
      Love you ???????
      Yashu ?♥♥?♥♥♥♥?

  9. Aamu

    U know i dint knew u write this and actually my exams ended two day before..
    U know what…
    Urs n mine’s peoblem is jz same..
    No support theough cmnta..n actually no-1 loves me..
    I am toh ending my all ffs within a month…
    No kore TU and stories and no more hurt..
    I jz wanna say that u are not alone..instead i am with you?
    I know how it feels…
    Anyway this was amazing..i think u know but if u donno let me tell u..i love sad stories alot and this one was one of it..
    You nailed it..

    Itna bakbak karliya..
    Dint asked how r u.?
    Kaisi hai tu,yashu?

    (Reply zarur karna)

    1. Jasmin

      Haww…Dii…We don’t love U? Really? Aaj pata chal gaya aap kya sochte Ho hamare bare me..esa soch bhi kese sakte Ho app..We all love n ur ff okay..never say that..huh!!??

    2. awww aamu ki bacchi kya bola tune hum tujhse pyaar ni krte h ab tu pitegi mere se tujhe to bhar bhar ke pyaar krti hu matlab ki bahut bahut sarra samjhi………?????????????aesa na socha kr aur yrrr plzzz bim ff post kr de plzzzzzzzzz plzzzzzzzzz plzzzzzzzzz meri cutiepie
      aur mne tereko insta pr request ki dekh lena
      luv u

    3. Yashasvi

      Me there hu yrrr … How r u…??
      Sach me yrrrr we both r going through same thing…. Mujhe bhi koi pyaar nhi krta…. By happy that m not alone…..
      It feels so bad jab aap it time do like ko n in return kuch bhi na mille… And aur but tab lgta he jab auro k ff par cmnt aate he lekin humare par nhi

      I know m not very good in writing par itti gandi hu Kya….
      Well thanks dear … Ki tukhe yeh oasand aya. Because for me it’s the worst…. Really… Mujhe samajh nhi aya ki sabko acha lga kesse… Ya phir ho skta he mujhe khush krne k liye… Fake cmnt , fake tareef kr the ho …. But yrrrr very good end it girl… In logo ki smajh nhi aata he… Humme ff likhne me at least 2 hrs lgte he… Inhe use pdne me zyda see zyda 10 min lgte he… Matlab in logo ne 19 min pad Lia to Inka bht Time waste ho gya aur humare 2 hrs ka Kya… Inki padai he toh hum Kya jhak marte he school me jaa kr … I know m being very rude by Kya karu… These people have forced me … otherwise I never do that… But ab kya kre…
      Chal bye … Take care aamu..

      Keep smiling and stay blessed ????♥♥♥???♥♥??♥♥
      Love you ??????????????????????
      Yashu ????????????

    4. Aamu

      Haa yaar main to bura tab hi lagta when other writera have manh cmnta n we dont have.
      It feels like we are the worst…??

      Hamare 2 hours ki mehnat wo log 10-15 minute me read karlete hai…they dont wantto give there 3-5 minute for a single cmnt..?..

      Lecture denge to karenge and then again same..
      No nees re..
      Leave them how they r..

    5. Yashasvi

      Sach keh rhi he koi farak nhi pdta unhe… Unhe lgta he ki kya hua yeh toh. Bas bol te hi he… Aur agr yeh nhi krege to Kya hua aur log krege… I mean literally what is this man…. Just Soo exhausted….

  10. Jasmin

    Dii…who the he’ll told u that you are Bad? No we don’t love U? We all love u..I guess u don’t know me..but I know nothing have read your ff too..not this os is also awesome night either emotional too..i loved it..n love ya!! ♥♥♥

    1. Yashasvi

      I know u dear very well.. it’s just that we haven’t talked…. But thanks ♥?♥?♥♥? and Im that he’ll whose saying that no one loves me and that this is the worst os ever…..
      But if u liked it…. Then thanks for commenting ♥♥♥????

      Keep smiling and stay blessed ?♥♥?♥?♥?♥
      Love you ??????♥♥
      Yashu ?♥♥?♥♥

  11. Presha

    Loved it…
    It isn’t bad…
    Love u

    1. Yashasvi

      Thanks dear Presha♥♥♥♥
      That means a lot….

      Keep smiling and stay blessed ????♥???♥??
      Love you ???????
      Yashu ?♥♥?♥??

  12. Twinj2000

    This was just amazing ❤️❤️❤️
    So emotional n so we’ll written n conveyed ???
    Rula diya yaar tune ??
    N we love you
    U r an amazing writer. ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️??????????????????????????
    Plzzz don’t think that we don’t love you ?
    N keep posting

    1. Yashasvi

      Thanks darling……♥♥♥
      Ptanhi hw u all r liking it but thanks ♥?? well me bhi to hi thi while writing it because I was very sad….. And thanks again

      Keep smiling and stay blessed ?♥♥??♥♥♥??
      Love you ♥♥?????
      Yashu ?♥♥

  13. Baby

    yashu my jaan ♥
    yeh kya hai bachaaa yeh kaisaa shock hai n wat all is dis wat r u talking bout haan ♥
    yrr cmnts ke liye mat chodd plsss u knw all r like dis ♥
    i donn we shuld love ppl even widout knwing dem coz dey always hurt u 🙁
    i donno its d truth or not ♥
    pata hai aaj bhagwaanji se mein baat kar rhi thi unke saamne ro rhi thi yeh sochke ki agar meine sch mein kisi ke feelings hurt kiye hain toh voh zarur khush hoye kisi rsn se even i hv beaten myslf wid scle but truly if i was crct on my part naa den i hope i get some hint by god nly 🙁 well leave dis yrrr isko leke toh i was crying nly ab tera yeh msg padke or yeh os padke m even crying more n more 🙁 yashu why yrrrr kun kar rhi hai aisaaa 🙁
    plssssss don naaa it was sooooooo lovely os kisne bakwaas kahan haan yashu merko naa iss osm si os ka second part chaiye plssssss apni s*xo ke liye hahaa s*xo sooo wiered bolne mein ryt hahahaahaa but merii yashu ne naam diya hai iss moti si ladki ko ab mana thodi karungi 🙁 plssssssss mat jaa tu bhi mujhe chod degi toh kya hoga mera plsssssss ♥
    love u yrrrr ♥
    m misssing u alottttt ♥
    pakka post kregi naaa iska 2nd part bol

    1. Yashasvi

      Tujhse me gussa hu…. Mujhe ki pyaar nhi krta… Na Rochika…na madhvi…. Na tu at na koi aur…. Aur shayad me is pyaar ke layak bhi nhi hu… Well… Mera man kr rha he tujhe thapad Marne ka… Tune socha bhi kesse ki tune kissiko hurt kia h … Aur khud ko scale se Mara….. Tu bilkul Meri Jessi he… Me bhi khud ko hi Marti hu…. Vesse sach kaha kissi se pyaar jaldi nhi KR Lena chahiye in fact itti jaldi kissi pr bhi bharosa nhi krna chahiye…. Par ab me Kya kru me hu hi aesi shayad isiliye mere sath ye ho that he..
      . Hmm… Well I’m worth that only…. Chal chod…. Yrrrr me sab see puch rhi hu tum logo ko yeh os acha lga kesse … I mean tum logo ko sach me lgta he ya khush krne k liye kuch bhi cmnt krte ho….

      Aur woh me hu jisne kaha ki yeh is ganda he…in fact worst he….. Time waste he….


    2. Baby

      ab mein na maarun thappad tujhe meri behan hai or apne aap ko hurt krti hai tujhe pata hai naa tujhe kuch dukh hota hai toh mujhe kitna hota hai kya hua yahsu ♥
      tell me naa ♥ n kun tussi uudaass ho jii….
      humein bhi hurt ho raha hai…… 🙁
      aapko pata hainaa yashu aapki dii aapko kitna pyaar krti hai y yrrr ♥
      sisiee tu aisaa na khe pplssss ♥
      i love u naa but ab tu aisee baatein karegi toh i wll get angry naa *hmm bolo bolo eyebro sid wala humare haha*

  14. Baby

    n suicide vagera is going in ur mind n kiss ulluu ne kaha i dont love u haan kon hai vvoh mila toh mujhe usseee *angry* am soooooo angry but yeh sadness beech mein aa rhi hai love u yrrrr ♥

    1. Yashasvi

      Aur sirf Tere liye 2nd story bhi post kri he… Aur woh ullu me hi Hu Jo keh rhi he ki koi isse pyaar nhi krta….

      Stay happy always ♥♥♥♥????
      Me tujhe kabhi nhi bhul skti….♥♥♥

  15. tune aesa kaise socha ki hum tujhse pyaar nhi krte h???????????????ye to kuch bhi nhi h me to tujse bahut jayada pyaar krti hu kyoki tu meri Choti si cute sister h……… samjhi

    yrrr ye bada emotional tha pta h me ro rahi hu mtlab roye roye jaa rahi hu aur mummy soch rahi h me fever ki wajah se ro rahi hu kyoki mujhe fever h na…..
    Awesome dear
    lekin humko aur maangta isliye plzzzzzzzzz meri dear sis. write more
    luv u

    1. Yashasvi

      Ohhhoo it kyu to rhi he… It to acha bhi nhi
      the yeh… Par phir bhi thanks… ????? And. Yeh Mera hi dimaag he jisse lg that he ki no one loves me… I k ow but me kya karu ??????

      Keep smiling and stay blessed ?♥♥
      Love you ????????
      Yashu ?♥♥♥?♥♥♥♥

  16. Rochika

    Yashu what is this haan..!!!!! U r saying that no one loves u and no one cares for u..
    Ok theek hai…we don’t luv u..happy??..
    How can u just say that yashu…???..
    Who the hell said that we don’t love u??..
    I m feeling soo damn sad yrr…
    This is really not done yashu…and u have said this to me and madhvi also..pta hai how we were feeling yesterday??…u can’t..u just can’t…i was literally shocked when u said me that koi mujhse pyaar nhi krta and don’t call me again and then u cut the call…but yrr we all love u to the core..???????????????
    Vaise toh i m vvvvvv upset with u but kya kre u r soooo sweet ki saari flying kisses for u and only u.. ?????????????????????????????????????????????
    We all care for u yashu…please don’t remain in this misunderstanding that no one loves u…I love u and alll loves u a lot..???????????????
    Come back to normal yrrr…?????
    Can’t see u sad like this..????
    And the story was vvvvvvvvv amazing..?????????????????
    It was not at all boring…?????
    I loved it yrrr..??????
    Omg what a plot u have chosen …awesome…???????????
    Wowww yrrr superb..??????
    Yashu i want to tell u something….u are not at all bad ,for every true friend his/her true friend is not bad…coz a true friend will always love u the way u r..he /she will not defy u..never don’t think that me,madhvi and alll ur friends don’t love u..a true friendship is a gem of gift in our life..never lose it ….love u !!!!!?? from rochika your bestie…???????

    1. Yashasvi

      Hey dumbo…. Just don’t talk to me….???????? I’m he’ll angry and disheartened and confused and Soo many things r running in my mind….. After reading this I’m teary eyed..
      I too was crying yesterday and still am…. Tumhe Kya lgta he bura sirf tumko lga he…. Mujhe tumse kahi zyda bura laga…. U won’t understand what I’m feeling in fact no one can’t….. I just fed up of my myself….. It feels like I’m not worth your love…. I’m selfish..
      ..and Dustin taraf lgta he ki koi mujhe pyaar hi nhi krta…..
      I donno what’s happening… Yesterday madhvi called me… But we didn’t talk….. I want to talk to both of u…. But then I just hate myself for what m doing and think that u both deserve more than me….. I’m sorry…. I couldn’t become a good frd… A true friend…. M really sorry
      .. and this reply is for madhvi too.. tell her to read this…. I think that I’m not worth u both.

      .infact not worth anybody and no one loves me ….. No one….

      And I don’t get how u all like this… When I was writing this I was crying because I was very upset and thought that this piece is a waste of time but u all comment like this is very good I donno wether these cmnts r true or not … But in the end….
      Bye madhvi and Rochika….

      Hope I become normal soon….?????????????

  17. Yashu pagal Ho gayi kya
    Who said you are not tu member.
    Dare you say that again
    What’s this last one.
    You are not going to end it.
    You just can’t.
    Nahi kar sakti aisa
    Varna I promise I won’t talk with you.
    Don’t break it Yaar.
    You can’t just leave
    It was amazing awesome
    And you are one of amazing writer I knew.
    So don’t think any other thing like that
    I want to see your other ff
    Please please or of one I don’t Know.
    But don’t quit
    Please please
    Love you

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