DBO Mini rant

I couldn’t stop myself from writing this.
Notice: I wrote this on basis of episode 9 of Dil Bole Oberoi.

So today’s episode was not the best of DBO and usually, i don’t mind but the writers are taking it to a whole new level.This is the 3rd addition into “Don’t want to get married but did” and they already don’t know how to treat their wives.Till now I hated Shivaay for treating Anika wrong but his brothers are following his footstep.You are not a true Oberoi if you treat your wife right.Rudra and Omkara are following Tej’s footstep and I am afraid for their future.

Omkara Singh Oberoi: This is not theOmkara I know.Can I get my Soulful poetry and artist om back?I am waiting for him.Like I already didn’t care about gaurika.If marriage didn’t matter to him then he could have at least apologized but if you say the golden word sorry you are not an Oberoi.I shouldn’t say this but I am anyway going to say it but you are copycat and since I am not Oberoi and not wish to be one I am sorry.(get it since Oberoi’s don’t say sorry)

Rudra Singh Oberoi: He was my brother.Now a writer while sipping a cup of coffee decided to invoke Omkara Singh Oberoi and Tej Singh Oberoi.Like, get it over with.you have to become that funny and cute Rudra.But writers need to understand that all characters have a pacific charm that if they change it people will not like it.But it is your show do whatever you want.

Soumya: I believe that she saved the episode.I believe in this nayi soch this way and not what Ishita, Anika, Naira, and other star plus female leads do.That is to use brain and save the day.I am proud that she is my “Role model” and not other star plus lead.I am proud of her because Rudra disrespected her and she left the house and not like typical shows where saas called her shameless or something and then bahu stays there thinking that it is her duty.I love her.I totally believe in woman empowerment but in a little conventional way.

Gauri: I don’t feel her because god doesn’t listen to me and once she said I believe that you are going to send someone and god sent Omkara.Does god only listen to people in the shows because I want god to save me from biology class and U.S.History quiz.But this is like Old thinking and new show.

I heard that there is new illness going around and if you want to save your husband, boyfriend, or crush than do the following.
Name: Oberonia
Symptoms: No symptoms it just affects you without you knowing.
Treatment: Not found yet but soon and hopefully god/writer will soon find it.

But on a serious note, I know this is a fictional show.But for some reasons, this is not how the show should work.Where did the concept go which was mind body soul.It lost its meaning so early.I hope the character change doesn’t last forever.Even fictional show needs some conviction.

Rumya:5 out 5 for real and relatable story.
Leeha: Love their onscreen and offscreen bonding.
Thanks gul for giving this adorable baby couple who saves dbo everyday.
Gaurika: Similar to shivika.good chemistry between actors but not matching upto ishkara.
Shrenal: offscreen is good and they bond really well.
Thanks gul for making another shivika.They didn’t live up to my expectations.But how will om believe in that lie is not always bad.
Gaurika looks OK together but their story doesn’t look real like some other stories like who bumps into each other this much times.IfI bump into someone 2 times in a day i will think that they are following me.

I hope this didn’t disrespect anyone and if it did I am sorry.I hope it made you laugh it was for joke purpose and somewhat analysis

  1. yes my friend, i totally agree with u. writer’s ne om ke character ke saath justice nahi kiya. basic concept show ka kho chuka hai. now there is no more mind soul body love story. it is only about love hate story masala which we r getting in dbo , similar to shivika story. ishkara track was good thier on screen chemistry makes people to relate with them. sometimes i feel that CVS murder original om character to introduced gauri. nine episodes ke baad bhi main gaurika ke story ke saath relate nahi kar paa rahi hoon jo ki shivika and raumya ke saath nahi hua, hum sab shivika aur raumya ke chemistry se pahele episode se relate karte hai. shivika story was good from beginning, raumya story is also progressing but not feeling good for gaurika story. aur mujhe aisa lagta hai ki atleast ishana ke character ko justice ke saath close karna chaiye tha aise ki randomly use bura bana kar usko side kar diya gaya jab ki ishana ke paas reason tha jiske wajah se wo rich people ko con kiya karti thi. ishana character ke saath justice nahi hua, cv jitna hardwork gauri ke liye kar rahe hai agar utna ishana ke liye kiya hota to om ko change karne ki jarurat hi nahi hota.

    any way its their show they can do what ever they wanted to do but we as a viewers have right to give our opinions.

    1. Khushilovesroumya

      Yes,but my point wasn’t even ishana but like they could have done better job

  2. Really you think whatever you said was joke.i dont think so.in most of episodes of ib saw anika falling into Shivaays arm a lot of times.in every GK serial we i saw the same thing.then why do you have problem with that?I know Shivay treated badly with Anika because he misunderstood her.now he is one of most loving husband of Indian tv serial.coming to tej he is worst character of IB.so no expectation from him to be a good husband.and Rudra he doest have that much intelligence. he never thought that he has be married with soumya.but that happened
    so it is obivious for him to be rude with soumya.i know thats not right.if rudra accepts soumya happily in tomorrow episode then how there will be any ishqbaazi. i think you have seen a lot of tv seral.didnt you see there that someone’s husband got shot or something he is in hospital and his wife is praying outside and he recovered by the blessing of good.this is a common scene of indian drama.hope you know arnav from iss pyaar ko kya naam doon.even he never said sorry to khushi so easily. Sahir from hamsafar also had the same problem. even Asad from qubool hai….these were gul khans serial.

    1. Khushilovesroumya

      Okay sorry for offending you but my whole point is that if they copy one thing from another it is not going to make it better.Like characters have charm which will be lost and viewers are going to hate characters.But they lost the concept which they started with.It is ok if u don’t agree with me but I am just putting my words out there and showing disappointment.what is up with heroes doesn’t know how to say sorry.

  3. Aarti32

    I agree wid all your points n espclly d last one.. Seriously, who collides so many times!! Almost 30-40 times, Om met gauri ‘accidentally’!! N then he again left her for dying..They’ve completely butchered Omkara’s character??

    1. Khushilovesroumya

      I know I am not fond of him right now.

  4. Aarti32

    Rumya r so cute..They jst give me a relief..Such refreshing faces..

    1. Khushilovesroumya

      I know right very relatable but thank you

  5. Diyaa

    I guess you already know that I agree with you. Gul Khan gets away with such repetitive tracks because for some reason there is something “charming” about a guy who mistreats a woman due to a “misunderstanding” and then shows care for her. For some reason that is the ultimate romance or “Ishqbaazi” currently. The general consensus is , this is common for Indian drama so why try to think of something new? Bring on more of the same and lap it up. The motto is “Bash up your wife, then love her for life.” .That makes you the “most loving husband” of Indian drama and we love that concept. BTW I am praying right now, that when I open the fridge there be biryani and chocolate cake in it. Let’s see what happens. Fingers crossed ?

    1. Khushilovesroumya

      Yes, possiessivenessI knew you agreed with me because you always comment on my analysis.I find nothing charming about a guy who mistreats their life.I know right? The writers are going to end the “misunderstanding in few days or it will last till their love confession.There is no in between for this writers.It is happening in every other show.Ishqbaazi is not what they are doing in DBO or ishqbaaz.It shocks me how many people find jealousy cute because that cute jealousy turns into possessiveness which they are showing in ishqbaaz.If two people really understand each other then there is no space for Jealousy or ugly fights.I hope you find biryani and chocolate cake in the fridge for you.If you find it share with me even i am hungry and bored in language Arts class.

  6. Khushi, I think u should first see the situation here, before saying that OmRu are following Shivaye’s steps. Om married Gauri only to save her life from the villagers, and the marriage itself was incomplete if we go by marriage rituals. Om hardly knows Gauri and also considers her as a characterless girl and a homebreaker, then also he saved her by marrying her. Which normal person does that??? Om is still a good hearted guy but we can’t really expect him to accept Gauri as his wife, who is a complete stranger to him. Why will Om say sorry to her, he thinks that she is a cheap girl. Of coure it is not true and just a misunderstanding but we cannot blame Om for that. Om no more trusts people easily after being betrayed by ishana and riddhima.

    1. Khushilovesroumya

      I am just saying Omru are approaching their life problems very similar to Shivaay.Even I think that their marriage is really incomplete.But Omkara is very judgemental.Like who judges someone solely based on some clips he saw of her life.But which normal person also leaves someone just by marrying them? He is a good hearted person but he shows himself as a strong as a rock which I think even I do that.I think I mentioned this but he learned so much shayris but he didn’t understood the meaning of them.That never judge a book by its cover.But nothing can change your positive outlooks.He changed himself and that betrays taught him something? Everything teaches you a lesson.But i was trying to say is that he changed his outlooks.

  7. And about Rumya, I agree that Rudra is getting very rude with Soumya for no proper reason. But Rumya got married in drunk state, so if Rudra doesn’t wants to take the marriage seriously then it’s not his fault. No one wants to be forced in a relationship. And if u remember, Rudra was taking his marriage seriously in the previous episodes, it was Soumya who was not taking it seriously. Seeing Soumya like that, Rudra also stopped taking it seriously. It was only after Rudra announced his marriage with Sonia, Soumya realised that this marriage was important for her. So basically, it’s a role reversal and Soumya is only getting the taste of her own medicine.

    OmRu aren’t following Shivaye. Shivaye literally forced Anika to get married to him and that was really bad.

    1. Khushilovesroumya

      But having said he can atleast act a little humble and polite and not act complete senseless.Like he saw her saving him and he still acts like a small thing.

      But there is a thing where you can literally get married by your wish.Are they going to do that thing where all 3 brothers get marrried in same time and mandap.But aren’t they theating their wives the same way as that shivaay did with anika?

  8. Having said that, I’m too not liking the change in OmRu. I used to like the Obros bonding because of their different personalities. Though the change in Om makes complete sense bcoz of the incidents happened in his life but that was not really needed. Rudra is acting like a jerk to Soumya for no proper reason. and I agree that Rumya story is the most realistic and original. But Gaurika isn’t actually a copy of Shivika. Gaurika story will be like Krishna-Meera story from the Hindu mythology where Gauri will have selfless love for Om without any expectations from him just like Meera showed for Krishna. It was clear from the last episode of DBO when Gauri said that she will always love and respect Om. I agree that this story is not something realistic or modern but atleast it is original.

    Khushi, I hope my comments didnt hurt u. Plz don’t take it seriously. btw, will u like sumo is the third kapoor sis and a grey character???

  9. Khushilovesroumya

    To be honest, nobody is liking the change in omru character.I found this shocking that gaurika meeting and other sort of stuff.I was mostly thinking of their character change.It does make sense but why i miss his shyris so much.But it resemble so much to shivika like the shivika had misunderstanding of one night stand and they have it for gauri being cheapless.But once this misunderstanding ends om will start to fall in love with gauri.This was written and published before last episode.I see original content all the time but i don’t really connct with it.so i don’t watch it and the same thing is going to happen with them.

    No,Itdin not hurt me i take nothing seriously.Hey listen as long as i get to see her as strong woman i am fine with it and it is not all positive character or villain which is right in the middle.I am kind of like that.

  10. Pratha

    U were fab khushi in writing the take on story..

  11. V.V.harshita

    Jst fab!!…..u r writing the story awsome

  12. Khushilovesroumya

    Thank you harshita ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤

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