A Date Again (Shivika OS) by Archiya

Hello All,

Back after a long time to writing an OS for shivika.. not related to the serial at all.This OS is dedicated to my dear Anu from PKJ family

Yesterday while driving to work, I was about to dash a car, I did apply the brakes fully an on time, so did not dash… but just then the dialogues formed in my mind, and I reached my office an just jotted them down..

Its just some simple words, an a simple story.. here it goes

‘Dhoooooom!!!!! ‘ Anika felt a jerk sitting on her champa and turned back to see who had hit her bike from behind

The guy sitting in the car muttered a ‘shit’ and thought ‘oh my God! Now this girl won’t leave me, with so many issues happening in the country, everyone will beat me to pulp’

He was completely tensed when the girl came and tapped on his window.

He lowered down the window of his car and saw her, and just got lost in her, so mesmerizing

She raised her eyebrows asking him about the small accident.. he raised his eyebrows too

She laughed at that. He felt it like the strings of a guitar, totally melodious

‘I did not hit the break on time an you were very close’ he said answering her query.

‘Have you heard anything about keeping a safe distance between two vehicles’? she asked him

He just stared at her , her eyes were twinkling…

Seeing him surprised she asked ‘have I asked you something out of this universe’?

He came out of his reverie and said ‘yes’

‘Yes to what??’ Asked Anika ‘the first question or the second one’

He smiled and said the first….

‘Then why did you not keep a safe distance, you have hit my bike’ she said

He could sense she was trying to keep patience, when may be all she wanted to do was hit him

He batted his eyelashes, put on his most charming smile and simply said “SORRY”

He noticed her expression changing, she seemed surprised by his apology

‘Wait’ she said an walked to her bike and inspected it properly.

Just then anika felt him behind her, an turned

‘No harm done’ your apology accepted.

She turned to go.

‘Wait’ he said, I am ‘Shivay Singh Oberoi’ holding his hand for her to shake

She took his hand and said ‘anika’, that was the firmest grip he experienced, coming from a beauty
They both turned and went their paths.

Few days later
Anika was browsing her Facebook account, when she saw a post which read

‘an unusual thing happened on a usual day, I got mesmerized by a girl so strong yet patient and beautiful, whose only first name I know, ANIKA. Unable to locate her, so please share this post and help me in finding her, an Anika If you are reading this post, will you come on a date with me’

She read it and reread it countless times, it was the same guy ,Shivay she had met few days ago., he was so handsome an richness oozed out of him, she had liked him at the first sight, wanted to enquire more but he felt completely out of her league. But not even one moment had passed after that day, when she had not thought about their meeting, every day she went the same path, the same time hoping his car would hit her bike, or her bike crashed into his car.

Seeing this post confirmed that he liked her too, and she blushed furiously as he was asking her on a date, she immediately went to Facebook and typed something

Oberoi Mansion

It had been two days Shivay was continuously staring at his phone for some notification for his post, in hopes of finding anika, she was continuously in is his thoughts, he was not able to concentrate on anything, other than her, an finding her.

He had got lots of likes, comments and shares for his post, but not even one from Anika.

He was losing hope when suddenly he saw notification for a comment on his post.

It read
‘an unusual thing happened on a usual day, I got mesmerized by a handsome man whose full name I know SHIVAY SINGH OBEROI, can’t wait even a minute more to see you, 5PM today, the place where we met an it’s a date :)’
Shivay jumped up high in the air and got ready for his date, to meet the girl who had held his heart for some time now, and to make her his.

Hope you all liked it, please do leave your comments.

  1. Awesome. Plzzzz post the next part asap.

    1. Archiya

      Thanks Deb.. but this was a one shot.. there wont b next part

  2. khidkitodh
    update soon

    1. Archiya

      Thanks Aashi.. but this was a one shot.. there wont b next part

  3. Dhar

    Lovely episode ????? plzz do come back with another dose of ur writings

    1. Archiya

      Thanks Dhar.. i will try to come back soon next time ..lots of love to u

  4. Mehakchalag

    Amazing..Loved it.And happy u r back with this lovely os.Thanks for relaxing us.

    1. Archiya

      Thanks Mehak.. m so glad u liked it an it relaxed u..

  5. Madhuani

    Had such a relief after reading this.
    Come back again with a bang on.

    1. Archiya

      Thanks Madhu.. will try to come up with another one soon 🙂

  6. Arthi

    I just loved it….superb dr….and it was so cute……

    1. Archiya

      Thanks Arthi 🙂

  7. AnuluvsIB

    Wow! Archu!!! First thank you soooo much!! I just dunno how to express on how much this meant to me!! ???

    I loved it! Every line every word… it was very simple…. and something that we can very much relate to! And shivika were so cute! ???

    And with the current track! Reading this OS was such a relief! It truely lightened me up!!
    Thank you archu???? luv u!!

    1. AnuluvsIB

      And btw.. gal! U do too much thinking on the road! Many a times u say.. I was driving and this stuck me.. I was at the signal and got this thought.. and now today U r saying u almost hit a car!! Not good!! Be carful.. stay safe!!

    2. Archiya

      I am so happy an glad to read ur comment.. it really means a lot that u liked it.. nah loved it 🙂
      an also that it was a relief to u.. an lightened ur mood

      Ur always welcome dear.. an love u too baby(hearts,love an kisses smileys)

      yes dear i need to stop thinking on road.. such a bad habit.. m gonna b careful from now on an stay safe

    1. Archiya

      Thanks Alekhika 🙂

  8. Lovely…❤

    1. Archiya

      Thanks Sabhya 🙂

  9. Shekhar

    I found you so funny in this OS!

    So far as antics of ANNIKA is concerned, I am ok with, but the way You portrayed ANNIKA drooling over Guys which she is and was never! You butchered ANNIKA! Unfair to the image with which I am commenting!

    1. Archiya

      Anika is my favorite character an I always feel her character resembles a lot to my life.. I can never butcher her., I mentioned that She had liked him, an wanted her path to cross with Shivay, so that she can meet him again.. Wen u like someone it does happen..

      an drooling means literally falling over the guy… I don’t think anywhere in my OS I mentioned tat anywhere.. I wonder what made u feel so.. An ur comment hurt me..

    2. Shekhar


      I was not meant to hurt you at all. Thought, after seeing so many “!” you consider it on the lighter side, but in vain. It seems I am weak in making fun out of comment. Sorry, if it has hurted you, but rest assure, I never mean that.

    3. Archiya

      its ok !!

    4. Shekhar

      Thanks for getting my views

  10. Jerry_36

    Awesome one. Loved it❤❤

    1. Archiya

      Thanks Jerry.. 🙂 an i love ur DP ..handsome shivay

  11. Ranilya

    Lovely Archu.
    Was imagining their mannerisms along the story, loved it.

    1. Archiya

      Thanks Rani 🙂 .. when ur reading something an u can imagine it, it means ur totally in the story .. always happens with me

  12. Navz

    Really a cute one dear.

    1. Archiya

      Thanks Navz 🙂

  13. Nikita_jai29

    It is lovely dii… Love you a lot dii…

    1. Archiya

      Thanks Nikita.. love u too dear

  14. Kanfi

    Hey archi,,
    It was just fabulous.
    Reallly loved it,,,.

    1. Archiya

      thanks dear.. an i love ur DP 🙂

  15. Awesome….
    Shivaay’s post was too cute….
    Shivika r adorable…
    Keep writing… 🙂

    1. Archiya

      Thanks Shivika 🙂 will try to come up with another soon

  16. Fffan1234

    Superb cute os

    1. Archiya

      Thanks Fffan 🙂

  17. Nila

    Wow awesome and different too??? and be carefull while driving di it’s my sweet advice

    1. Archiya

      Thanks dear 🙂 n m taking ur sweet advice seriously dear,, thanks for it

    2. Archiya

      Thanks for the caring sweet advice (hearts)

  18. Ankita27

    Amazing.. loved it..

    1. Archiya

      Thanks Ankita 🙂

  19. Gayathri.visu

    Amazing….. So cute Shivika! Loved it. Be careful di!!

    1. Archiya

      Thanks Gayathri 🙂 an yeah i will be careful , thanks for the caring

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