Dastaan – Ishqbaaz ff ( episode 8)

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Hii dear readers , sorry for late. I post the next part but it is not published. Thanks for your constant support. So, here is the next episode.

In RM –

Boys & Girls are busy in making plans for each other. All elders are watching them.

Suddenly Kaurwaki collide with Yagya.

Yagya : I know I am handsome . Iska matlab ye toh nahi ki aap mujhse takrateen rahein.

Kaurwaki : I didn’t notice waste especially public property.

All ( including elders) were burst out in laughter.

Yagya : You called me public property.

Kaurwaki : I don’t take anyone’s name.

Yagya : That’s what you meant na.

Kaurwaki : How do you know? You are a mindreader.

Yagya : When your team loses, then you throw these tantrums.

Kaurwaki : Impossible. We never defeated.

Yagya : We will see.

Yug : Why not play cricket match.

Sona : Why cricket?

Yug : You are afraid of losing .

Sona : It is not like that.

Yog : Then,What’s the problem.

Siya : Why does it matter to you.

Aicchik : Why don’t you accept that girls can’t play cricket.

Anu : Excuse me, we will definitely play.

All girls look at her with shock

Yog : You will definitely lose.

Siya : We will beat you.

Yog : I like your confidence but overconfidence is not good .

Siya : Let’s see.

Girls move toward Kaurwaki who was busy in work on her laptop & Boys Smirk.

Shree : Di, what was need to say yes.

Anu : Then what could I do.

Sona : We don’t ‘C’ of cricket.

Siya : Exactly but what we should do.

They look toward their lifeline( kaurwaki) .

Shree : Kaurwaki di, please help us.

Kaurwaki : l have important work . Kya zaroorat thi josh mein hosh khone ki.

Sona : Di, aap apni behan ke liye itna bhi nahi kar sakti . Aajkal toh behn bhi behan nahi rahi ( in a melodramatic way).

Kaurwaki : Stop this emotional blackmailing.

Anu : We will lose.

Kaurwaki : It’s your problem Anu not mine.

Siya : Please!

Yagya( from behind ) : You got scared.

Kaurwaki : Mr. Oberoi I have important work today. I an not always free like you.

Yagya : You mean I don’t do any work. Aisa hai toh challenge accept kar lijiye.

Kaurwaki : Challenge accepted.

Aicchik tried to stop them because he know what will happen.

Aicchik : If Kaurwaki plays, then we will surely lose.

Yug: Why kaurwaki didi is Sachin tendulkar.

Yagya : Right ! I am not afraid of her.

Aicchik : Theek hai marna hai toh maro phir mat kehna bataya nahi.

And their competition start. Boys make 100 runs in 6 overs.Now It’s the turn of girls.
Siya, Sona & Shree make 40 runs and out.
Boys were laughing.

Yog : Humne toh pehle hi kaha tha ki tum log haar jaoge.

Yagya : Lekin inke dimaag mein itni saral baat samajh mein nahi aati.

Kaurwaki : Abhi khel khatam nahi hua hai . Din mein sapne dekhna chod do. kaurwaki never lose.

Yagya : Aap toh aise bol rahi hai jaise humein hara dengi.

Anu : Dekhte hai.

After sometime, Boys were realized that Aicchik is right . They tried every option to make her out but their all efforts in vain.

Yagya : Pehle nahi bata sakte the ki Miss rathore ‘Not out’ likhwakar layi hai apni kismat mein.

Aicchik : Bola toh tha.

Yug : Bhot bada raita phel gaya bhaiya.

Yog : Ab toh harharai ke yahan se bhaagna padega.

Kaurwaki : Kya hua haar maan li kya.

Yagya( with full tadi) : You should worried about your team.

Yug : Bhaiya you are really a good actor.

Yagya raises his collar.

Yagya : I knew it.

Yog patted on his head.

Yog : wo tera mazaak bana raha hai.

Anu : Bhaiya! Game continue nahi karna.

Yagya : Miss rathore ke saath reh kar na iske bhi bhav badh gaye hai.

They continue the game but Boys loose. Girls start dancing. Kaurwaki smile seeing at them.

Sona : Bola tha na ki di se panga mat lo chutti kar dengi.

Yagya : Your di has done cheating.

Kaurwaki ( shocked ): What! When I do that.

Anu : Rehne do kaurwaki , in boys ka ego kabhi inhe accept nahi karne dega.

Aicchik : Aisa nahi hai.

Anu give disgusting look to him.

Shree : waise bhi ye haar gaye.

Sona : Exactly!

Yog : We lose only in one game.

Siya : Listen Mr khadoos ! defeat is defeat.

Yagya : Relax Yog abhi toh pura din bacha hai.

Girls start jumping & boys were fuming in anger while kaurwaki leave from there.

Boys were in their room and planning for girls.

Yug : Ye sab na kaurwaki didi ki wajah se hua hai.

Yog ( remembering Siya) : aur saari ladkiyan uchal rahi hai.

Yagya : I will not leave Miss rathore . We prove them that we are not looser.I have a plan.

Yagya share plan with them & all boys are smirk.


Boy’s plan…………………Kaurwaki hug Yagya.

Kindly Ignore grammatical & spelling errors. I hope you guys liked it & Sorry for late.
Do coments & Keep supporting.

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  1. it’s ok dear but I waited from morning. About the episode it was awesome. Please post two parts tomorrow.

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    update soon

  3. its amazing. loved the tashanbaazi of boys& girls waiting for next part.

  4. Hii Niyati . I am a silent reader and it is the first time I comment on any ff. You are really awesome. I loved your ff . Your writings have different storyline.

  5. Niyati

    Thanks Aashi. Keep supporting.

  6. Niyati

    Thanks Bhargavi for breaking your silence . I am on cloud 9 after listening these words.

  7. Niyati

    Thanks Anaya . I am really sorry for late.

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    Thanks vrisha for your constant support

  9. i dont know hindi pls write in english i like ur story

  10. Alekhika20

    Superb update

  11. Niyati

    Thanks preethi & sorry for inconvenience . I will try to make it in english but some dialogue are in hind because they loose their charm in english.

  12. Niyati

    Thanks Alekhika for your constant support.

  13. Nikita_jai29

    It is nice one dear

    1. thanks dear. keep supporting like thisn

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