Dastaan-E-Mohabbat 9th November 2018 Written Episode Update: Ammijaan makes evil plan

Dastaan-E-Mohabbat 9th November 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Husna coming to call Anarkali. Salim goes. Husna says Jodha called you to make Rangoli in darbar. Anarkali says I forgot and leaves. Ammijaan comes. Abul greets her and says I hope you had no trouble in your journey. She asks about the situation in the state. He says we will be arresting the robbers soon. Hira says Salim went to meet Anarkali in her room. Ammijaan says robbers don’t change their habits, I m thinking an attack will happen on someone.

Khanam hears this and smiles. She gives good news to Rukaiya. Rukaiya says its great that Ammijaan is also playing a trick, she also wants to save Salim from Anarkali. Rukaiya says I should get Salim and Anarkali closer, since Ammijaan wants to separate them, I wanted to create rift between Akbar and Salim, I forgot

that there can’t be a better way than love, Akbar will never accept Salim’s love, this love will change into rebel soon. She gives a ring as gift to Khanam.

She says Anarrkali should be destruction of everyone. Jodha says Anarkali will be making Rangoli like always. Akbar asks how are the decorations going on. He compliments her smile. She says I m glad that you and Salim came closer, this Diwali is special for me. He says its special for everyone, as the country got its next King, I have invited big kings for this event, I m proud of Salim, it got possible because of you, you told me that I should give more time to Salim, thanks a lot. She asks will you have sweets, I have made it myself. He agrees. Anarkali makes Rangoli and lights diyas. Salim comes there. He does shayari. He says this Diwali is most beautiful one for me. They smile and have an eyelock. She says I got a gift for you. He closes eyes on her saying. She applies fragrance to his hand. He compliments her simplicity and beauty. Jodha gets ready. Akbar comes to gift her and wishes happy Diwali.

She says I want Diwali diyas to end the darkness, come for Laxmi puja. She agrees. They leave. Salim and Anarkali romance. Jeene ke sabhi….plays….He lies in her lap. She says I feel like I m dreaming in my sleep and this dream will break. Ammijaan wishes Jodha for Diwali. Jodha asks Akbar to call Tansen for Jashan. Akbar says I have already called him. Rukaiya and Salim also wish to Jodha. Akbar asks where is Salim. Ammijaan asks Hira to call Salim. She thinks its time to send away Anarkali. She asks Hira to get Anarkali to her. Salim says your heart is mine, I know to keep it safe. He applies colors to her face. Husna hides and thinks Salim and Anarkali would be at special place, I have to find them. Anarkali takes colors to apply.

Husna comes there and calls out Salim. They get shocked. The color plate flies and ruins the Rangoli. Husna says sorry, Ammijaan is calling you for Laxmi puja. Salim asks her to go, he will come. Anarkali gets sad seeing the Rangoli. He asks what happened, he will help her in making Rangoli. She says its not that thing, I feel like something bad is going to happen, I have made Rangoli here, but this isn’t a good omen. He says don’t trouble yourself, you can fill colors again, this place will be pure always, I shall stay here. She says no, you should go. He asks her to smile. She smiles. He asks her to keep smiling. He goes. She worries and prays for her love.

Ammijaan asks Anarkali to go to state and get the crown. Anarkali agrees. Ammijaan thinks robbers will attack Anarkali and kill her. Salim shouts Anarkali.

Update Credit to: Amena

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