Dastaan-E-Mohabbat 25th October 2018 Written Episode Update: Salim saves Anarkali from Rukaiya’s anger

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The Episode starts with Anarkali hearing a lady scolding maid. She sees the throne. She goes to Khala and lies about Ammijaan. She says you will be going Mathura, my state is already weak. She packs Khala’s bag. She asks Husna to take Khala with her. Anarkali cries and says I don’t want khala to see me dying. Khala recalls Anarkali’s words and gets sad. She stops and drops the bag. Husna asks what happened. Khala says no, I won’t go, Anarkali is hiding something. Anarkali thinks forgive me Salim, I can get away from him, after insulting this throne, you were sent away from Agra, I m a maid, I will get death sentence.

Khala says Saifu will be blamed for everything, maybe Ammijaan insulted her, Anarkali will think of something, so she wants to keep me away, I won’t go leaving

her, go and keep an eye on her. Husna agrees. Khala says I have to do something. Anarkali goes to the throne. Rukaiya sees Anarkali and says what is she doing here. Khala rushes to Salim and says spare Anarkali’s life. Salim asks what happened. Khala says save her life, for the sake of your friendship. Salim runs and shouts Anarkali. Anarkali steps on the throne’s stair. Rukaiya pulls back Anarkali by the whip. She punishes Anarkali. Anarkali wishes she gets death sentence. She thinks I couldn’t give life for Salim, I m so unfortunate. Salim comes and holds the whip. Rukaiya asks who is it who dared to stop me. She turns and sees Salim. Salim defends Anarkali and asks her to forgive her mistake. He requests Rukaiya and says once I get stubborn then…. Rukaiya says you are my Sautan’s son, I have always regarded you my son, a son is asking me something, how can I refuse. She drops the whip. Anarkali cries. Salim thanks Rukaiya. She leaves. Salim sends away everyone.

Salim asks what were you going to do. She says nothing. He says you think I m a fool, I know what you were doing, you are my deposit, you have to be safe. She says you will come in people’s sight. He says let it happen, I can’t bear your death, I know you did this intentionally, you are ignoring me and truth also, I will make you realize truth, its my duty. She says its my duty to stop you from this mistake. He asks don’t you value my love. She says duty is more imp than love, everyone trusted me here, I will die but not break Jodha’s trust.

He says I want to hear this truth from you, I promise I will make you admit this truth. She says this can’t happen, you should have stayed away from me, now I got stain of this crime too. He says I know you are trying to distant yourself from me, your pain is true and stain is fake, why don’t you understand, I love you. He pulls her close. Ishq khuda hai…plays… He cries and blows on her wound. He says permit me to cure your wound. Anarkali says let me go. He says come with me, I will declare to the world that I love you. She says its impossible, a maid can’t become a queen, everything will shatter, I can’t let this happen, we can’t come close. He says its destined, you just have to say yes, you have to accept love before sunrise, think of this as my stubbornness, belief or love. She runs away.

Salim says look at me, don’t you accept my love. Anarkali refuses to become his queen. Salim asks her to see him dying.

Update Credit to: Amena

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