Dastaan-E-Mohabbat 10th December 2018 Written Episode Update: Salim wants to marry Anarkali

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Dastaan-E-Mohabbat 10th December 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Rukaiya getting Maanbai to Salim’s room. Maanbai refuses to spy. Rukaiya says its your right to spy on your would be husband, you have to know what’s in Salim’s heart. She shows Anarkali’s pic. Maanbai gets shocked. Salim and Anarkali go somewhere. Rukaiya taunts Maanbai and angers her. She says Salim loves Anarkali. Maanbai burns the portrait and says Salim has cheated me for this maid. Salim asks Mahabat are the preparations done. He takes Anarkali. Maanbai cuts her wrist. Rukaiya shouts and calls for Khanam. Khanam lifts Maanbai and takes her.

Jodha sees blood on Rukaiya’s clothes. Rukaiya acts and shows her wound. Jodha worries for her. Rukaiya says I m fine, Khanam has gone to call Hakima. Khanam hides and takes Maanbai with her. Salim reminds Anarkali’s

promise that they will get married before his marriage with Maanbai. FB shows Anarkali saying we are in love, love isn’t selfish, I will get my love, but Akbar and Jodha woll lose you, we can’t break many relations. Salim asks what about my heartbreak, I can’t leave my love, I want you in my life. She says I will be defamed for breaking the families and country, if we get separated, our story will be written with tears, if we unite, it will be written with blood, our love will become a sin, our love is not so weak that it ends with your marriage with someone, kings and princes can have many marriages, you are mine, but I m ready to share you with anyone, I will share my love, if you refuse to marry Maanbai, I will go from your life. He cries and says if you dare to do this, I will burn this world. She hugs him and asks him to agree for the marriage. He says fine, I m ready to marry Maanbai.

She smiles and hugs him. He says but I have a condition, I will marry you before marrying Maanbai, promise me. She promises. They hug. FB ends. Anarkali says I remember my promise. Rukaiya tries to wake up Maanbai. Khanam says slap her twice. Maanbai wakes up. Rukaiya asks what did you do, you are the future queen, why did you worry because of a maid. Maanbai says what’s mine is just mine, it can’t be of anyone else. Rukaiya says you have to control this attitude, I also wish to kill Anarkali, but no, Salim won’t become of you. Maanbai asks how will I get Salim. Rukaiya says you have to listen to me, you have beauty to win him, I will teach you. She gives some bottle and says this will end all your pain.

Maanbai drinks it and gets dizzy. She sleeps. Khanam says she is gone. Rukaiya says we got a puppet for the first time, we will make her dance well. Salim asks Qazi to read Nikaah. Qazi says sorry, the stars are not in your favor, its not the auspicious time, this marriage will ruin you. Salim says I will ruin the world if this marriage doesn’t happen today, lovers don’t depend on stars, but on courage, every moment is auspicious for me. Maanbai wakes up and recalls Anarkali’s pic. She thinks I m beautiful, why doesn’t Salim like me. She imagines Salim and Anarkali. She breaks the mirror. She gets a sword. Anarkali says I agreed for marriage, we should wait for it, we still have time. Salim asks Qazi to give the close auspicious time. Qazi gives the date. Salim fixes his marriage with Anarkali. He goes.

Salim sees the burnt pic and says who is taking my silence as my weakness. Maanbai keeps sword at Anarkali’s face and asks do you love Salim. Anarkali says yes, I love him deeply. Maanbai strikes her.

Update Credit to: Amena

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