Dastaan – Chapter 1 (The Troublemaker)

“Rathore empire stocks decrease 0.5% taking down the company to the second number on the graph. As our sources said the CEO of the company get with some argument with foreign delegates in Singapore and they cancelled a deal of millions”  


She heard the journalist saying and chuckled. All the news channel is showing the same from the second, she turned on the tv. “Seriously…..What a childish move! That bastard can’t do anything more than backing out from the deal” She rolled her eyes from television while throwing remote on the sofa. She pours champagne in the glass and moves toward the balcony.


“We are trying to contact the CEO  for an interview but she seems to ignore our calls. The sudden backout of foreign deal can cost too much” 


She heard saying journalist on the background as she enjoys chilly wind from the glass balcony. She looks down to the road where everything seems small from that much height. She sips champagne and received her phone. “What is going on? What the hell you did at the party?” He asked annoyedly. “Nothing much, just crush his ego, exposed his real face and break a wine bottle on his brainless head” She smiled calmly. “Kaurwaki…” He sighed in disbelief. “Don’t mess with my head. I already heard the news and I will manage everything. Can we talk about us? Where is Sona? ” She replied while keeping glass down. “This is not about company and stocks, it’s about your safety. What if something happens to you?”  He said worriedly. “If you love to nag this much, then do it when we are face to face”  She replied while he nods his head in disbelief.

“Aicchik, Cowards like him can’t do anything else than cancelling the deal,” She said. “Should I chuckle on this…Is it a joke?” He asked irritatedly. “Yes, if you want you can…… Don’t fight now. I am going to be in India soon, so you can fight as much you wish” She replied. “When are you coming back? Sona wants you here before the function of the wedding starts” He asked. “I want to come back after some time but the situation doesn’t seem favourable. I think I need to book my tickets for tomorrow. Let me talk to Sona…” She said as he passed the phone.


“Di, When are you coming back?” She literally heard a shout from the side. “Sona, Do you want to make me deaf?” Kaurwaki said while caressing her ear. “Sorry, But if you don’t come back before functions, then I never talk with you,” Sona said with fake anger. “I get scared, I will do the same as you say, madam. Any other demand? ” She said while she giggled. “Buy me some gift from Singapore” She ordered. “Fine, There is a call in waiting. You do my work, make your brother smile who is standing there with an annoyed expression.” She said while cutting the call.


“Yes, Pakhi,” Kaurwaki said receiving another call. “Did you drink wine? I told you not to touch it” Pakhi asked. “How do you get to know? You can smell over the phone” She wondered. “Shut up, What’s wrong with you? I told you not to play with your health” She shouted. “Hey, Why are you behaving like that I am an alcohol addict? I just touched it today from past one month” She said annoyedly. “If you didn’t throw that glass in dustbin now, then.. “. ” Then what? Did you just try to threaten Kaurwaki Singh Rathore? Why everyone is nagging from morning?” Kaurwaki said interrupting. “Take your personal doctor advice or else I will tell everything to Aicchik,” Pakhi said while she sighed. “Gosh! You people are so extra” She mumbles and throws the champagne in the dustbin. “You are going to be dead as soon as I land in India,” Kaurwaki said after cutting the call. She runs her fingers in hairs and tied a ponytail. She slips the phone in her jacket and moves toward the lift.


“Good morning, my baby” She wished and sit on the chair. “Good morning, Mumma. You are late. I already finished half of my breakfast” A little girl complaint while showing bowl. “Then, should I told them to serve more? ” Kaurwaki chuckled while she nods her head negatively instantly. “Finish it up, we need to go somewhere,” She said while taking a bite of omelette. “Where are we going, Mumma?” Aavya asked. “We are going to buy some gift for your Sona Masi. ” She replied. “Are we going to India?” She asked. “You seem so excited to meet your Maasi,” Kaurwaki said while caressing her hairs.

“Sara, Can you help us in choosing jewels for my sister?” She looks toward her staff who was serving. “Me?” Sara asked while pouring juice in the glass while she nods her head. “Well, I hate to accept my flaws but I suck in shopping,” Kaurwaki said while she looks toward her. “Sorry mam, you suffered because of me. I will help you with whatever I can” She said with a serious expression while she chuckled. “Are you talking about the cancellation of the deal then forget it. Let it go to heaven because hell is reserved for me” She smiles while she chuckled. “I don’t think so, Heaven is going to be yours for sure,” Sara said while she looks on with serious expression. “You don’t know me yet as you joined yesterday. I am eviler than the devil” She said standing from her chair. “Avaya, Go and get ready,” She said before moving toward the lift.


“Bhaiya, Di said to make you smile,” Sona said to him while blinking eyes cutely. “Don’t take that idiot name in front of me.” He said angrily while she bit her tongue. “What’s with so much noise in the morning? What happen?” A girl said while coming downstairs and they both turned. “Siya, Guess what, this time also di get in a fight,” Sona said excitedly while she shook her head to stop her. “What is so excited about it that your sister keeps messing with people?” Aicchik said with deadly glare while she replied nervously “Nothing Bhaiya”. ” Enough, you both do your breakfast now,” He said while moving toward dining table while they both share a look. “After looking his anger, I am sure Vrisha is going to be dead as soon she comes in India” Siya whisper to her. “Hey, what will happen to me if he will kill di and went to jail? ” Sona imagine dramatically while she rolled her eyes. “Gosh, Everybody is a unique piece here” Siya shook her head and move toward the table.


Kaurwaki wears her coat over a shirt and combs her hair. She stares at the mirror with a smile and picked the kohl. Before she proceeds, she felt a shooting pain in her head. “Ahh….not again” She holds her head and moves toward the washroom. She washed her face with cold water while bowing her head standing beside the washbasin. “Mumma, Where are you?” Avaya shouts from outside while holding comb.  She took out a bottle while turning the cupboard to the other side. She took out some pills and swallow them. “Just five minutes, Aavu,” She said while turning the cupboard again.


“Baby, Give it to me. I will tie your hairs” Sara said while taking the comb from her hand. “But my hairs are always done by….”  Kaurwaki snatch comb from Sara. “Her hairs are always done by her mother,” She said completing Aavya’s words. Anyone can see from her face that she doesn’t like Sara’s interruption. “You are new that’s why I am telling you first and last time. I don’t like when someone does my work and tries to snatch my rights.” Her voice change in a dark tone. “Wait for us downstairs” Sara gets stunned to see how her expression change from anger to smile. She nods her head and leaves from there. “My pretty daughter,” Kaurwaki said while putting a bow on her hairs. “Let’s go,” She said holding her tiny hands.


“Umm, Aicchik…” Siya tried to say but he interrupts her in between. “If you are going to support your friend, then don’t open your mouth,” He said while Sona coughed fakely. “You know that she won’t fight on the wrong thing.” Siya tries to calm him down. “I don’t care what was right or wrong? You know how much enemies she is making by doing this” He said stamping spoon on the table. “You think that she will stop if you get angry on her,” She said while he looks on. “Let her come here. I will try to make her understand calmly” She added while he sighed. “Okay Guys, I need to go to my dance class. I don’t want to see such annoying faces before going out.” Siya said while he smiles. “You yourself is a small version of Kaurwaki. You don’t back out until you win over argument” He said while she chuckled. “After all we are besties, so the similarity is normal” She side hugged him. “You both are so mean to left me behind always” Sona complain while they both shook their head and hugged her.


Kaurwaki took out her sunglasses and enter inside the showroom. She walked to the V.I.P lounge and sit there. “Mam, we have an exclusive collection in black.” She cut manager in between. “Not black, this time I need some colourful jewellery.” She said while he signed staff to show it. “Which is better according to you?” She asked Sara while signing toward designs in front. “Mumma, they all look same shiny to me,” Avaya said while she chuckled. “You prove that you are my daughter. That’s why I don’t like jewellery because they look same” She said and the smile gets wiped from the manager’s face. “No mam, These all are a limited collection. They are not same in model neither in price” He explained while she looks angrily on interruption. “Mam, this one..” Sara said giving her a ruby set. “Yeah, pack this one…” She said to the manager while he nods his head. “Wait, I want something rare for my sister, not something which can be anyone’s choice,” She said and all the colours drained from Sara’s face. Sara never thinks in her dreams that her saviour can be this much mean. Indeed, she was a devil with an angelic face.

“This is for you Sara,” Kaurwaki said while giving ruby set to her. “No mam, I don’t need it” She refused to take it. “Why? So, you also got self-respect” She taunts while she looks on. “Where was your self-respect when you get ready to betray me, the one who saved you yesterday?” She shouts making her shudder. “What do you mean mam?” Sara asked nervously. “I know that you ask for a job to spy on me. Tell Mr Singhal that I am smarter than him.” She said while she gets horrified. “Take this, it will going to help you with money when he will kick you out,” She said while keeping necklace box. “Make sure to never show your face again” She warned and move to do payments. She holds Aavya’s hand and marched out leaving her stunned.

“Now, let’s go to have something which my Aavu like ” Kaurwaki uttered after putting a seatbelt on her.  “Ice cream” Aavya shout happily while she nods her head. She picked up her phone and call someone. “Make sure to book my tickets for tomorrow. I know it’s going to be difficult but I need to go India urgently” She said and end the call without listening on another side. “Mumbai…It’s been a long time. This time is for taking everything back which you snatched” She thinks and take a turn.


“Yagya, We get a call from the agency for attending an event,” A man said entering the studio. “Which event? I am not going to perform in any third class party” He said putting his guitar aside. “This is not a third-class party, dude. Rathores are going to host this event” He replied. “So what, Kabir?” Yagya said while he shook his head. “They are a famous business group,” Kabir said while he looks on offended. “I am also a brand in the music world. I won’t perform before discussing my all conditions” He replied. “Fine, You will confirm after meeting,” He said while he smiles. “Your phone is ringing. Receive it” Kabir said to him while picking phone from the side table. “Kittu is calling” He added after looking at the name flashing on the screen. “I forget about the promise of doing lunch with her. Just ignore the call or else she will start on the phone” Yagya replied while playing the guitar. “How come such a nice girl get involved with a jerk like you?” Kabir said while he narrowed his eyes. “What? Jerk! You know how much fans I have. How can you call me a jerk?” He said while he chuckled. “Then, Go to her. She must be waiting.” He said while he shook his head negatively. “I already made her wait for one hour. She is going to eat me alive if I go there now” Yagya replied while he giggled.


Siya drove toward her dance academy. Suddenly, something strike in her mind. She parks the car in front of the bakery and enters inside. Today is the birthday of one of her student and she wants to buy her favourite one. She owns a classical dance academy. “Umm…I want red velvet” She said standing in front of the counter. “Sorry mam, it is out of stock. You want another flavour cake” Staff said to her while she sighed looking toward her. “Then what about this one?” Siya asked signing toward the cake. “It is a book in advance. We are packing it only.” She told. “Can you please check once again? ” She requests to her. “Mam, This one is last. Why don’t you ask the person who ordered it? He is behind you…there.” She said to her while she turned and see a man standing in a three-piece  suit. She can see him from back only. “Excuse me! ” She said and then realised he was talking to someone on blue tooth. “Fine, Manage that meeting somewhere in between of the schedule.” He said while taking off the blue tooth.

“Are you mentioning me?” He asked while turning toward her while she nods her head. “You ordered that red velvet cake…..right,” She asked. “Yes, Any problem?” He said while she shook her head. “Actually today is the birthday of my student and she like this flavour. This is the last one in stock, so if you….” She said but he cut in between. “This is my sister’s favourite flavour too but you can take this. I will buy her next time” He said with a smile. “Sorry!” She said. “No problem, I think the flavour is more appropriate for birthdays. We are going to celebrate for her job, so I can take another flavour too” He replied. “So you are a teacher?” He asked to her moving toward the counter. “Kind of…I teach dance to children” She replied. “Excuse me, Give this to her. Pack chocolate one for me” He said while staff nods her head. “Thank you, I don’t expect anyone would do this. I owe you for this” Siya said while he chuckled and replied, “It’s not that big deal as you making.” “Nice to meet you…” She said. “Yog…Yog Mehrotra” He said forwarding his hand. “Sanyukta,” She said doing the handshake.

Precap – Kaurwaki come back to India….Introduction to get of Mehrotras….Yagya met with Aicchik because of event. 


Kindly Ignore grammatical and spelling errors. Rest of the characters will introduce in next part. Believe me, this is going to be an engaging ride. Thank you to Sneha, Amanshi, Shesha for taking interest in this ff. I am very grateful. Please do share your views and Stay safe❤❤




  1. So Aavya is Kaurwaki’s daughter unexpected. Is she a single mother?
    Amazing episode

    1. Niyati

      Yeah, She is daughter of Kaurwaki. She is single mother for now, there are mysteries behind it. You will get to know soon. Thanks for the comment, Glad you like it. Take care❤

  2. Saniya fathima

    My wish of reading ur 1st ff got fulfilled. Post the next one soon

    1. Niyati

      Thanks dear, Will be updating day after tomorrow❤❤

  3. Saniya fathima

    My wish of reading ur 1st ff got fulfilled. Post the next one soon

  4. Shesha485

    I like the episode very much. Kaurwaki’s daughter is Aavya. Omg. Waiting for second episode

    1. Niyati

      Thanks dear, means a lot. Glad you like it. Aavya is her daughter, there is a little mystery behind this but you will get to know soon. Will be updating next day after tomorrow. Take care❤❤❤

  5. Prajkta

    As always you are amazing yaar….. First episode is so interesting….. Eagerly waiting for the next one…..

    1. Niyati

      Thanks dear, Glad you found it interesting. You will be going to like it more as story progress. Will try to update day after tomorrow. Take care❤❤

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