From darkness to light (Episode 2)

Episode 1

Maheswari house:

A lady shouts calling his was AP

AP : sanskar, come down quickly, it’s getting late for school..
Sanskar: Haaa mom in coming..

(Sanskar 15 years kid..comes down..)

Sanksar: good morning dad and mom! (He sits for breakfast)
AP: good morning Sanksar…come have ur breakfast..
(He starts having it)

Dp: sanskar all the best for u exam!!
Sanskar: Thankyou dad!!

Sanskar: Maa after exam we have farewell it takes time.. Il come home late

AP: okay.. Sanskar, but come home quickly..

Sanskar: Ikay mom!! Bye
(He kisses her) ?

He goes out….he goes to his garden and plucks a flower.. he takes his bicycle, Nd leaves..

Shekar’s house:

Shekar: Shomi, where is my socks?? Shomi where is my hanky??

Shomi: 1min I’m getting it…

In a room:
A boy, combing his hair.. It was Laksh..
Laksh: mom where is my watch???
Shomi: (shouts) it’s in ur shelf Laksh…

Mean while..
A girl keeping books in her bag… She was Kavitha..

Kavitha: mom, did U see my home work book, I kept it here last night?

Shomi: Haaa Kavitha, it’s in ur book shelf..
Kavitha: Thankyou Ma..

Finally everyone gets ready and comes for breakfast…
After the breakfast, Laksh hears sanskars bell sound… He gets happy..

Laksh: Ma and papa Sanskar came.. I’m going bye…
(He kisses them)

Kavitha: bye bhai.. All the best!!
Laksh : (smiles) Thankyou Kavitha.. (He kisses her cheeks)

He runs out and takes his bicycle… Before leaving out, he looks at Swara’s grave
He goes to a garden and pluck a flower, he goes near the grave and places the flower on it…
Laksh: (smiles) bye Swara… (He gives her flying kiss)

Seeing him Sanskar smiles and he to goes towards the grave and places a flower which he brought… Nd places on it..

Sanskar: bye Swaraa…

He holds Laksh hands… Nd they go out holding each other…

(This was their daily routine)

Sanksar: lucky we r late, come lets go soon
(He sits on his bicycle)
Laksh: sure come… (They both leave)

After sometime Kavitha and Shekar also leaves…

In the school..
Exam gets was final exams they started tearing the papers and started throwing..

Sanky: (happy) hey Lucky.. We successfully completed our tenth!!
Lucky: Yess Sanky:. Now 11 and 12.. In boarding school.. That too we both together wowww this is awesome!!

(They share a hug)

Mean while all girl classmates, give their slam book to Sanskar..
Sanskar being friendly with them starts filling it..
Some girls goes comes near Laksh and asks him to fill the slam book

Laksh: ? who r u?? Why should I give u my details.. Just get lost.. I hate girls!!
(He starts bashing them)

Girls: ? hello excuse, mind ur language.. By d way you hate girls and you know what all girls hate u..

They leave angrily..
Sanky laughs looking at Laksh
Sanky: lol!! lucky, why do u hate girls yar??
Laksh: I don’t know but hate them.. I hate their over actions!!

Sanky: haha lucky ur so funny, I’m so excited to see ur wife..

Laksh: haha loll!! No marriage in my life..
Sanky: acha lets see..
Laksh: (smiles) haa see.. Even il see ur wife
Sanky: (teases) Yaar.. I love to marry, I trust love.. If I get a correct partner then definitely I will marry her!!

Laksh: Haha really..

They both start pulling their legs!!

They reach home,
Kavitha: Hii bhai, hi Sanskar!!
Laksh: Hii Kavitha
Sanskar: hello.

They started playing.. They have some nice time

Shekar room:
Shomi looks at them playing and smiles.. Shekar comes to her and notice her being happy

Shekar: Shomi ur soo happy today??
Shomi: Lok at them Shekar, since childhood Laksh and Sanskar are best friends, I hope they will stay like this forever..
Shekar: they will..
Shomi: if Swara is alive, even she used to play like this na..

Shekar: (hearing her name, he cries) yes Shomi, she’s my princess.. I love her so much Nd I miss her too..

Shomi and Shekar hugs.. Consoling each other..

Next day:

It was a beautiful morning, The Sun rays falls on a 10 years girl, from the window.. Which gives light to the entire room..

A girl opens her eyes.. She rubbs her eyes.. And wakes up, her long curling hair falls on her face.. she slowly stoods up and moves 2 inches and again falls down.. She slowly touches the wall and walks taking support.. Nd reaches towards the window..

She looks at the sun.. The Rays reflects on her face.. She closes her eyes immediately.. She looks slowly blinking her eyes..and looks at the sky..
She smiles looking at the sun, which is shining…. She looks to a right side.. She saw a big church, which is newly constructed… And she looks front, there was a beautiful garden in front of her room.. She smiles seeing the colourful morning..

(The girl is non other than Swara)

At that time someone opens the door..
It was rosy..(Raj wife)

Swara hearing the door sound she smiles..
Rosy: (smiles) good morning Beti!
Swara: stammers.. G..o..o..d M..o..r..n..i..n..g Ma!!

Rosy: (smiles) what r u doing ??

Swara: (she forwards her hand and calls her ) come!!

Rosy smiles and goes near her…Swara shows her the newly constructed church.. With newly painted.. She can see a bright white and red colour on it…which never seen many days..

Rosy: haha.. Beti It’s newly constructed.. From today evening I think the worship will start.. And u can listen all that.. Cause it will be very audible to u!! U can hear many songs!!

Swara: (stammers) s..o..n..g..s?? Whhatt is that???

Rosy:smiles… You will understand that in the evening..

Swara doesn’t understand what she’s speaking..

Rosy: hmm anyways come here…I brought breakfast for you..come take ur bath.. Get fresh up and have ur breakfast!!

She take Swara to the washroom, she makes her get ready…
Swara starts eating idlis…
She eats 1 idli and keeps an other idli to a side..

Rosy: Beti, why are you not eating that??

Swara again looks at the window, and she goes towards it.. She searches something, she looks up , she could see some birds flying in the air and humming…
She looks at a tree and sees a bird.. She smiles.. Nd forwards her hand and calls the bird…

The bird flys and comes towards Swara.. She gives that idli to her..
Bird starts eating it.. Swara smiles and claps with excitement!!

Rosy smiles..
Rosy: so Beti, is she ur best friend?

(She caresses her hair..)

Shona : haa, she d..a..ily comes to meet me!!

Rosy smiles,
At that time they hear a door knock sound.. It was servant..

Rosy: yes come in!!
Servant comes in…
servant: ma’am sir is calling!!

Swara looks at him and gets scared.. She holds rosy and hides back of her..

Rosy understoods that she’s scared and tells servant to go out..

Servant leaves…

Rosy: Beti.. Il come again in the afternoon.. Bye..
She leaves!!

(Swara is used to her, rosy taught her how to speak.. Rosy daily goes to her room
And talks to her.. Rosy likes her soo much as she doesn’t have kids..)

Rosy goes down..

Raj:? (police) rosy, what are you doing until now?? I told you not to talk to her more.. Don’t you listen to me??

Rosy: Raj… She’s a child.. A 10years girl!! What did she do ur punishing her like that?? It’s been 7 years she was in that room.. Her age kids are going to school..what about her?? She doesn’t know even the meaning of songs.. What is this Raj??

Raj: rosy I told you na, she shouldn’t study, let her live her life like that.. I know u like kids, but plzz understand my problem..

Rosy: I know Raj.. I can understand.. K let her don’t study.. But i will talk with her, atleast she should know how to speak na….she should have some knowledge..If u leave her like that, she will become mad.. Just think, if at all Kaveri frees her, how will she live??
Plz don’t do this to a kid.. I can’t allow u doing it..I’m happy when u brought her home.. May be God has send this child to me…I’m very happy…in this 7 years she only know me… She’s even scared of seeing others.. She’s soo innocent.. She even don’t know how to speak properly.. Plz allow me to speak..I won’t do anything against u..but I love talking to her Raj.. Plz let me talk…

Raj: (thinks) okay, but don’t talk much.. Kaveri doesn’t know that ur talking to her… . Be careful…Nd today Kaveri will come, if she saw her speaking.. She may kill that child.. Cause she wants that girl to be completely in darkness.. Nd she wants to see her life suffering..

Rosy: don’t worry.. She won’t speak anything to new people.. Because she’s scared..

Raj: okay!!
Rosy:?Thankyou so much!!
(She hugs him and he leaves)

Sanskar gets ready, and he is going somewhere

AP: sanskar, where r u going beta??
Sanskar: Ma today my friend bday we are going to his house.. Aunty called us for dinner, Will come back soon..

AP: okay come back soon!!

They go to their friends Ajay house..
His friends house was beside Raj house..

Ajay: hello guys welcome to my sweet home??
Sanky: woww very nice house…
Laksh: Yaa very nice…

Ajay: come guys, let’s go to my room..

All friends go to his room and they start playing video games.. And spend some time.. Taking photos..

It was 7:00pm
Ajay: guys come lets go to the terrace..
Sanky: Yaaa sure!!
(Sanky and All his friends goes to terrace)

Laksh: hey guys let’s speak about something yar.. It’s soo boring..

At that time one of his classmate watches Raj house..

Classmate: hey Ajay.. Wow look at that small garden on the terrace.. It soo beautiful na..

Sanky : ?Yaaa it’s soo beautiful.. Can I go and takes photos of it..

Ajay: (shock) arey Noo Sanky.. Don’t do that ever!!

Sanky: why??
Ajay: hey guys, I forgot to tell you.. This is an haunted house.. Did u see that room, in that room there’s a devil..

Laksh: what??? ?
Ajay: Yess, one day while I was playing… I saw a devil with long hair.. She was looking at me from that window..

Sanky: hahah lol soo funny, may be someone might have stayed in that room..

Ajay: Sanky.. If that is true.. Why is that room been locked??

Laksh and Sanky: ?what locked??
(They look at the door, it was locked)

Laksh: Yaaa dude, it’s been locked, is that really a devil??

Ajay: Yess.. I’m soo scared of it!!
Sanky: come on dude.. May be ur mistake, I don’t believe this Devils..

Ajay: I thought the same.. I asked even Raj uncle.. He said that one girl had died 20 years back..So she became devil.. He also said they If we ever try to go near it, it will kill us!!

Laksh: ?guys plz stop it na.. I’m soo scared.. Let’s play any game plz..

They start playing cricket…

After some time..

Laksh , Sanky, Ajay and his frnds are playing cricket… They make sounds.. It disturbs Swara’s sleep..

She wakes up and goes near the window and looks at her left side..
She looks at them who were playing.. And smiles..
She doesn’t understand what r they doing??
Meanwhile Sanskar hits a six… All starts jumping and shouting!!
She looks at them, how they are jumping..

She tries to jump, first time she doesn’t get it..
She just jump without raising her leg..
She looks again at them..
This time she jumps correctly… She gets excited to learn a new thing!!
She laughs and claps her hand with lots of excitement!!

Whereas all gets involved in game
Suddenly ball falls near the garden.. Hitting the pot..

This time Swara laughs loudly seeing the ball…

Listening to her Laugh.. All friends gets shock..

Ajay: (runs) ?ahhhhj!!!! Devil!!! Guys I told u na there’s a devil..

Laksh: ?ahhhhh… He runs along with Ajay..
other frnds also runs, except Sanky!!

Sanky: guys this is too much!! I don’t believe all this..

Ajay: achaa!! If ur really brave go and get the ball..

Sanky: hmm..okay.. I will get it..

Laksh: ?Noo Sanky plzz.. It will kill u..

Sanky: come on yar.. How can it kill me?? There is no devil nothing!!

Wait il bring the ball… He decided to go..

All friends tells him not to go…

Sanskar: guys u stay here… Il just go and get the ball soon okay??

Friends: okay.. Careful… Sanskar!!
(They all hide in a place and looks at Sanky)

He jumps to Raj terrace… Seeing a new person Swara gets scared, and she hides herself in the corner of the wall..

Sanskar looks for the ball, he looks at ball which is near the flower pot, he goes towards it and takes it..

While he was going, he looks at a shadow in the room.. For a second he gets afraid thinking its a devil..
He closes his tightly.. Suddenly he hears someone coming towards the terrace..

He gets scared and hides near those flowers..

A lady and a man comes, he cannot See they face clearly.. But she’s going towards Swara’s room.. They open the lock, and goes inside..

Seeing them going inside, Sanskar goes towards the window.. Thinking to check whether the devil is there or not.. He slowly peeps into the Window…
He finds 2 people talking.. But he cannot see their faces… As they were turning back.. But he can listen to their voices..

The two people were Raj and Kaveri..

Kaveri : hey ladki, get up…
(She wakes her with her legs)

Swara gets scared seeing her, as she is very scared of her.. As she always beats her..

Swara: goes more back with fear…

Sanksar gets shock seeing a girl… He cannot see her face as her face is covered with her hair…

Kaveri: (holds her hair and wakes her up and laugh loudly)
Hahahah I want this fear to be with you all the time my poor little girl….

Swara cries..
Kaveri: ? stop crying… I said stop crying…
(She slaps her)

Swara stops crying.. She gets more scared and sits down.. Nd shivers with fear…

Seeing her shivering… Raj felt sad..

Raj: Kaveri it’s enough… Come lets go now..
Kaveri: I’m soo happy Raj.. How I thought her to be, she is like that!!
No one should speak to her.. She should be in this hell!!! Im warning you Raj.. Never show ur concern towards her…
If any one gets to know that a girl is here… The very next minute I will kill her…

Sanskar gets shock hearing it…
At that time all his friends signals him to come fast…

Sanskar slowly goes to his friends terrace..

Ajay: sanskar r u mad?? what r u doing near that room…
Laksh: Sanksar did u see that devil??

Sanskar doesn’t want to tell them anything what he heard, because he thinks that.. If he tells them.. Ajay can tel his parents, and if they parents ask them.. That lady might kill that girl… He thinks not to tell this to anyone!!

Sanskar: (covers) arey yar.. There is no one… Just now one aunty and uncle went inside.. I was just seeing who was that.. Come lets go down!!!

He takes them down…

Swara’s room:

Raj: still how many days will you keep her like this Kaveri??

Kaveri: When she gets 18years, I will free her.. On the roads.. At that time my happiness will be more.. She will be in a position where she couldn’t even tel her name..she should become mad.. She should be In this city itself..

She laughs evilly…

Raj: okay come lets go now… She’s shivering!!

He takes her out.. Switch offs the light Nd locks the door again!!!

Swara cries with fear… She gets shivering and cries more!!!

Shekar house

After completing all her works.. Shomi feels restless.. She goes to the grave..
She sits near it, cries and prays God!

Shomi: (cries) hey Bhagvan!! Why did u separated my child from me?? She’s soo small.. Why did u gave such a pain to a mother??
But I believe that she’s safe in ur arms.. Take care of my child.. She’s afraid of darkness.. I don’t know how she’s inside this grave alone??
(She caresses the grave) Be with her all the time.. Now she’s ur responsibility.. Be with my child always..

(She daily used to pray, whenever the sun sets…she just still has that care for her daughter.. As Shomi knows that Swara was scared of darkness)

She cries saying those words..
She stays there sometime and goes inside…

As soon as she said those words, the church bell rings 3 times….
Signalling that the God has hear her prayers.. Coz A mother prayer is very powerful!!

Swara’s room:

Swara keeps on crying and struggles to sleep,…she Listens to the church bell and wakes up.. This a new sound for her… She wipes her tears and goes near it and smiles!!
Seeing the church being decorated with many lights…. That light is reflecting towards her room… She smiles seeing the lights…

Evening service has been started.. They were singing, Swara who is listening to such a marvellous tune.. She remembers rosy saying songs…
She Felt soo happy in her heart.. It was the first time for her to listen songs.. It soo melodious!!
It gave a big broad smile on her cute face…

And sleeps peacefully hearing those sounds…

Episode ends!!


Rosy goes to Swara’s room..
She gets shocked to see her singing songs!!

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