Her dance made me fall for her Episode 4

Recap: Dev fought with the goons for Sona
Sona: Who can that man be? Maybe he’s my soulmate???
Thinking so she goes back to her home, dev also reaches home and reminisces the incident, he fumes in anger again.. looks at the payal lovingly and forgets all his anger. Nikki enters
She sees him staring at the payal
Nikki: Bhaiyya who’s payal is this?
Dev: Umm.. no one!
Nikki: then how did it come to you? She sees the payal and asks is it your girlfriend’s?
Dev: what rubbish?!
Nikki: your eyes are telling the truth! Do you love someone?
Dev: No yaar nikki! Just shut up! You know that I don’t believe in all this!
Nikki: but bhaiyya..
Dev: Go Nikki..
Nikki leaves.. she turns remembering something,
Nikki: oh yaa this payal is of Sona di, the dancer.
Dev is surprised looking at Nikki’s strong memory.
Dev: is it? Ok then.. I will give it to her! Go now!
Nikki leaves.
Sona’s room,
Sona was thinking: who was that guy? Who saved me? And why didn’t he show his face? Strange! Was he my soulmate?
No no Sona what are you thinking? U are really mad! He just saved you that’s it! Any boy would have done the same thing!
Next day,

Sona as usual went to teach her students but this time Dev didn’t go there.
Dev thinks: what is happening to me? Now I will avoid her! Yes I will not go to her.
The whole day Dev couldn’t concentrate on his work! He finally decides to go back home. As he reaches home, he is shocked to see Sonakshi at his home.
Sona: Thank you aunty, I think I should leave now.
Ishwari: ok beta..
Nikki: wait Sona di! She runs towards her and gives her the payal!
Sona is shocked to see the payal with her!
Sona: it was with you! You know these are my favourite and I was searching for them for so long.. thank you so much!
Nikki smiles..
Dev fumes: this nikki! Why did she give this payal back!
He was walking inside, when again!!! He clashes with Sona.. he holds her in his arms.. and stares at her lovingly.. Sona also looks at him confused! She thinks: why do I feel he is the same person who saved me yesterday! No no.. he cant be..
Dev continuously stares at her!
Nikki: Are bhaiyya chod do unhe.. and she giggles!
Ishwari thinks: How cute they look together!
Dev makes her stand and leaves without saying anything!
Sona: what happened to him? He didn’t even shout at me today!

Dev: (speaks aloud)why? Why? Why? Why do I feel so good when I look at her! Why do I feel so restless when I don’t see her! He throws all the things kept on the table!
Ishwari: Because you love her!
Dev: ma…
Ishwari: yes beta you love her!
Dev: no maa.. that’s not possible! I don’t believe in all this!
Ishwari: how does it matter whether you believe or not! Love doesn’t happen according to your belief!
Dev: but maa…
Ishwari: you love her beta.. accept it! Saying so she leaves..
Dev thinks…
Really? Do I love her? Have I fallen for her? Nikki was also saying the same thing…
That means I really love her.. all the words of Ishwari and Nikki come in his mind!!
Stop!!!! Dev you have to accept that you love her!
I love you Sonakshi!! I love you so much!!
He runs to Ishwari
Dev: yes maa I love her! I have realised it! He hugs Ishwari!
Ishwari: I am so happy for you beta! Tomorrow only I will take your alliance..
Dev: mom why so early??
Ishwari: that’s not early beta.. ok if you want time you can take!
Dev: its ok maa.. vaise maa why did she come here today?
Ishwari: actually I had called her to give her money!
Dev: ohh.. so maa you have her phone number na maa.. please give it to me!
Ishwari: acha badmash!! Ok..
She gives him the number.
Dev: thanks ma… love you..

He runs to his room and messages Sonakshi,
Dev: hi..
Sona: who is this?
Dev: your lover!
Sona: what??
The episode ends…

Precap: Asha and Bijoy come to Sona and say that there is a marriage proposal for her.

I am so sorry for the late update but my exams are starting from day after tomorrow! So I will not be able to update it regularly… Maybe on 27th sept or before if I get time.

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