Dadi Amma Maan Jao 20th March 2020 Written Episode Update : Rekha’s move a success

Dadi Amma Maan Jao 20th March 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on

Vikas talks to Aaji and Ajooba, and they decide to take the ladies in, Shraddha gives ladies Prasad, Aaji gives milk for baby, Ladies thank Aaji for help. Rekha waiting for message from the ladies. ladies tell Shraddha that they have to inform their son that they are safe, Aaji finds the ladies suspicious.

Aaji says Shraddha close the doors properly, one of the ladies call Rekha, Rekha gets call and leaves dinner table, lady says to to Rekha son, we have reached a proper place these people are good we are good here, Rekha says be careful from Shraddha and her Aaji and remember you just have to scare them, and scare them so much that they never have been, that they leave this city and if they don’t this will repeat, next morning I want to hear news that Pradhans are leaving this city.

Rekha returns and has dessert, Sunderlal says you look so happy, Rekha says yes I am have some sweets. Anjali walking alone, thinking about the interview, and what Shlok said to her. Anjali thinks about Aaji and how she left Indore and Pradhan house and didn’t give the time she promised, says she is doing this all for Shraddha and Dhruv, says I must once call them. Anjali calls Vikas to talk to him.

Vikas says I’m sleeping in Shraddhas room, Anjali calls him, Anjali says sorry papa, I’m missing you, please don’t be angry, Vikas says it’s okay, Vikas says I got you, your favourite ice cream, and I was so angry I gave it to Shraddha and she ate it all, Anjali says I will be back this week and you get me my ice cream just for me. Vikas says come soon, we missing you, Anjali asks how is everyone, Ajooba says we all are fine.
Vikas tells Anjali about two people in house.

Ladies break the lock, Shraddha hears the noise and walks out to check what it is, she asks what is this happening, the ladies get scared, Shraddha sees they are carrying fake baby, and puts on all the lights, she tries to shout for help, but they cover Shraddhas mouth, Shraddha bites hand but they start slapping her, they lock Shraddha inside a room and break the lock. Shraddha unable to shout.

The ladies call inside few men, they walk inside with hockey stick, Shraddha locked inside kitchen, she starts throwing vessels, Vikas walks out to check what’s wrong, Vikas see some people inside and hides.

Pre cap : Pradhans are attacked.Sunderlal walks in.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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