Dadi Amma Maan Jao 14th February 2020 Written Episode Update : Aaji and Shraddha tease Rekha

Dadi Amma Maan Jao 14th February 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on

Rekha says who must have done this nonsense, Aaji and Shradda start laughing, Aaji says im so sorry, we are relatives now, I wanted to make it little light and fun, Shraddha says sorry. Aaji says im sorry too. Shlok and Anjali exchange rings. Dhruv sees Shraddhas elbow injured because of him, he follows Shraddha to house and says im sorry for pushing you. Shraddha says im happy to know that im better actor than you, I was just acting to be angry, just have fun fool leaves, Dhruv feels bad.
Anjali thinking about Shlok. Shlok thinking about Anjali. Prabhas thinking about why wasn’t Anjalis mother family wasn’t invited in function and says something Ajooba is hiding I have to find.
Dhruv angry with Shraddhas behaviour. Rekha angry over the way she was treated. Aaji prays to god thanks for keeping them blessed and says Rekha didn’t like the way we treated,and I don’t know whether she will forgive us, this is to check if Anjali commits any mistake, whether Rekha will forgive her.
Vikas and Aaji cherishing memories, Aaji says Shraddha troubled Dhruv a lot, Shraddha think should I apologies. Dhruv disturbed by Shraddhas comments and starts boxing, says let Shraddha come here for next function then I will teach her a lesson and she will go home crying. Aaji says Shlok is so calm, and Sundarlal is father is so down to earth. Aaji says Shraddha next function is at theirs, they will surely take revenge.
Anjali calls everyone for breakfast, she sees Aaji emotional looking at wedding card, Aaji says my little Anjali is become so big now, she is gonna marry now. Ajooba says everyday now Aaji has to put breakfast so she is crying, Anjali says im just 2 house away from here, Ajooba looks at wedding card and thinks of the warning he has received.
Rekha choosing cards, says this card reflects our status, Namrata says if we send one dry fruit box with this it will be best, Rekha says yes, such a brilliant idea, Prabhas order boxes. Sundarlal walks to them and asks which card is selected, Prabhas shows him, Sundarlal says it doesn’t match Shloks personality. Rekha walks to him says, you always said mom is very important in children wedding, do you mean that, Sundarlal says yes I do, Rekha says then promise me you wont change any decision I take for wedding. Sundarlal says done.
Ajooba says we need to change, and says does anyone know our ancestor surname, Vikas says yes its Palkar, but we have been using Pradhan, Ajooba says address should be our village address and Surname should be Palkar, Aaji says keeps changing things everytime. Ajooba gets angry says I wont be part of wedding if things aren’t changed and leaves, Anjali says Aaji lets change things, he will get angry and spoil his health.
Ajooba removes Pradhans from house name plate as well.

Pre cap : Rekha gifts Anjali designer gown, Aaji gets upset seeing Anjali in it, Anjali awkward in the dress.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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