Daayan 21st July 2019 Written Episode Update: Jahnvi And Aakarsh Reach Pisach Lok To Get Mani Piece

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Jahnvi emotionally speaks to her unborn baby that she loves him/her a lot, but she has abort him/her to save the world; he/she should not hate his/her father Aakarsh as he is just following his duty. Aakarsh with Brijesh and Veer hears her painful conversation. Brijesh says Jahnvi is in deep pain, so Aakarsh should not abort baby and instead bring mani and give it to Mani Daitya. Aakarsh says he does not trust Mani Daitya. Brijesh says he trusts Mani Daitya as he looked to speak truuth. Aakarsh walks to Jahnvi and tells baby that he loves him/her a lot and will protect him/her at any cost. He tells Jahnvi that he will find out where mani pieces are and return them to Mani Daitya. Mani Daitya watching it via black magic thinks that is what he wants. Daayan hears Aaakrsh and tells Betalini that Aakarsh is going to get mani pieces, she will snatch magical shundakar device from Aaakrsh and get mani herself. Betalini thinks she will not let Daayan get back her powers, else she will make her as slave. Aakarsh via magical device finds out one part of mani is in pisach lok. Daayan with Betalini emerges there and asks Aakarsh to give device to her. Aakarsh denies. Daayan attacks him. Aakarsh fights with Daayan and Betalini and hides device creating a barrier around it. Daayan and Betalini escape from there and return to Daayan lok where Betalini tells Daayan that they cannot even touch device, so they have to try something else. Aakarsh tells Jahnvi that maa will not try to take device again.

Brijesh informs family that Aakarsh is ready to get mani pieces and save his baby and world from Mani Daitya. Family then sees Daayan’s lizards and tries to escape. Daayan returns and attacks Jahnvi’s family. Aakarsh and Jahnvi hear sounds and rush down to living room are shocked to see Daayan torturing family. Aakarsh fights with Daayan, but fails. Daayan freezes family in a protective barrier and warns nobody should touch them, else they will die. Jahnvi pleads Daayan to spare her family. Daayan says she will if they get mani pieces for her. They both agree.
Jahnvi meets Mani Daitya and informs what daayan did. Mani Daitya says Daayan is untrustable, so Jahnvi should do what daayan says. Aakarsh gets ready to go to Pisach lok. Jahnvi says her family’s life is in danger, so she will also accompany him. Aakarsh says she is pregnant and should not go to pisach lok as ruthless evils stay there. Jahnvi insists. Aakarsh says someone should be present here to call them back via device. Jahnvi says Patalini maa can help them. Aakarsh calls Patalini maa via magic and requests her to guard device till they return and call them via it. Patilini agrees. Aakarsh and Jahnvi leave for pisach lok.

Betalini sends scorpions to kill Jahnvi’s family. Prachi, Veer, and Brijesh try to break barrier to save family. Scorpions attack them and they kill it with fire and temple’s holy ash. Aakarsh with Jahnvi reaches pisach lok where pisach men try to attack them, they fool pisach and hide. Pisach follow them by their smell. Aakarsh uses black magic and masks smells. Pisach walk away. Daayan reaches Patalini and laughs that Patalini is working for her as Aakarsh and Jahnvi have gone to get mani pieces for her. Prachi, Veer, and Brijesh confront her for breaking her promise and sending scorpions. Daayan says she didn’t do that. Jahnvi gets labor pains, but Aakarsh shuts her mouth and hides from pisach. Aakarsh uses his powers to find out where mani is, they both then see pisachs dancing with broken mani piece. He says mani is held by pisach leader and it is not easy to get it.

Precap: Daayan says she will heal Jahnvi’s family only if she gives both pieces of mani. Jahnvi says only if she frees her 2 family members. She asks Aakarsh where is 2nd part of mani. Aakarsh says Anaam lok where blood sucking angels stay.

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