Daayan 13th April 2019 Written Episode Update: Jahnvi Immerses King’s Ashes Into Lake

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Daayan 13th April 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Jahnvi with family tries to leave Aakarsh’s hotel via back door when Aakarsh emerges there. They all get tensed, and Taiji says that means Aakarsh is really daayan. Aakarsh says they need not be afraid of him, though Jahnvi did wrong by burning king’s body and spoiling his mother’s 500-year-old hard work. He orders Vishakha and Prithvi to guard them and asks Jahnvi to follow him. He takes Jahnvi to room and asks where is king’s ashes. Jahnvi says must have flown away in water. He asks to stop her drama and tell where she hid them. Jahnvi says when he is daayan, why did he act as loving her and played with her feelings. Aakarsh says he really loves her, that is why he and his mother did not harm her. He insists to tell where kings ashes are. She continues shouting that his

mother is evil and she will not support her at any cost. Aakarsh says his mother is innocent and was not daayan, Raja made her daayan and starts story that king saw her mother in jungle and mesmerized with her beauty married her. He then told her that he wants her husband to be a powerful and immortal king by getting a special powerful mani from cave, but only daayan can get it; he knows a woman to turn into daayan, but does not know how to change her back. His wife agrees to become daayan for him in his love. King turns her into daayan via black magic and sends her into cave as daayan to get mani. She walks into cave and brings out mani risking her life and gives it to king. Greedy king breaks up with her and disowns her after getting mani. She pleads that he loves her, then why he wants to disown her. He stabs her with sword and kills her. Woman becomes more powerful after death as she is daayan and asks king to return mani. King tries to destroy her via black magic, but she kills him but does not find mani with him, so she decides to relive him for mani. Out of flashback, Aakarsh says his mother wanted to take back mani and truly loved king. Jahnvi says she does not trust him, why daayan wants to gain mani and become most powerful daayan. Aakarsh says his mother wants to become human again, so she did not harm Jahnvi yet. Jahnvi asks then why is her mother harming kids, made Prithvi and Vishaka evils, etc. Aakarsh asks her to return ashes and don’t be so rude. She asks him to free her and family and walks away. Rimpi walks in and tells Aakarsh that before dying king murmured some secret in Jahnvi’s ears.

Aakarsh’s family thinks how will they get out of Aakarsh’s hotel. Veer says he will call police. Chachaji stops him and says they cannot risk any of family member’s life. Jahnvi enters saying Chachaji is right, they cannot risk anyone’s life and asks them to return to their room. She then gives king’s ash pot to Veer and asks him to hide it in temple till they immerse it in water tomorrow. In daayan’s den, her brother Kalnimi says her son betrayed them by loving a human and risking their lives and plan. Daayan says her son is loyal to her and will not betray. Aakarsh emerges. Daayan asks if he got king’s ashes. He says he did not as Jahnvi told she does not have them. Daayan asks how can he believe Jahnvi, that mean everyone are saying right that he is blind in Jahnvi’s love and is useless to them. She throws her superpowers on him, but Kalnimi bears them and asks to spare Aakarsh. Aakarsh disappears saying he will do whatever he can and bring Devyani mani. Daayan says he will not do anything except protecting Jahnvi. Aakarsh returns to his hotel and thinks why Jahnvi is doing this. Jahnvi reminisces Daayan revealing that Aakarsh is daayan and thinks why he betrayed her till now. She reminisces king telling if they use one’s inner powers, they can destroy evil powers. She tries to provoke her inner powers. Aakarsh enters with food for her and says it is waste as this skill is decades old and king was expert in it and it needs lots of practice for years. Jahnvi says she will learn them and end daayan for sure. He asks her to have food first as she did not have anything since morning. Jahnvi continues tongue lashing him. Aakarsh calls Pritvhi, Vishaka, and Rimpi and frees them from Daayan’s black spell. Vishaka asks if she called her, where are they. Jahnvi hugs her and says they are in Aakarsh’s hotel and whole family is here. Rimpi excitedly says she is back. Jahnvi sends them away. Aakarsh asks Jahnvi to help him get back mani. Jahnvi says that means he was dong business and not showing his love for her, how will he know what love is as he is daayan. She challenges him that she will fight and end daayan for sure, he and his mother can do anything they want. Aakarsh walks away.

Prithvi, Vishakha, and Rimpi return to family. Dipank emotionally hugs Rimpi. Rimpi asks whaat had happened to her. Pritvhi asks Harsh to give baby to him. Harsh warns him to stay away. Prithvi asks what happened. Taiji also warns to stay away as he is possessed by daayan. Chachaji walks to them showing rudraksha mala and rejoices that they are out of daayan’s spell and hugs him. Jahnvi walks out. Veer brings ash pot and gives it to her. She asks him to take it near lake, she will meet him there. Nandini returning from outside speaking to Chandrika over phone sees Jahnvi and starts yelling at her. Jahnvi confronts and warns that everyone know what she and Chandrika did. Nandini gets nervous and acting as apologizing her tries to attack her. Aakarsh reaches there and lifts Nndini holding her throat and throwing her away warns how dare she is to attack Jahnvi. NBandini is shocked to see his superpowers. Jahnvi escapes from there and reaches near lake where Veer is waiting her with king’s ashes. Kalnemi attacks them and asks to return ash pot. Aakarsh reaches there and stops Kalnemi. Their fight starts. Jahnvi with Veer runs towards lake. Kalnemi shows Aakarsh that Jahnvi is running with ash pot. They both run towards Jahnvi, but she drop ashes in lake. Aakarsh slaps her and then throws her in jail saying he will not free her until she tell what king murmured in her ears before dying. She says she will never reveal it. Aakarsh says then she will be in jail forever. Kalnemi returns to Daayan and informs they lost king’s ashes because of Aakarsh. Daayan fumes. Aakarsh emerges there and informs that king before dying murmured devyani mani’s secret in Jahnvi’s ears and he will find it out at any cost.

Precap: Jahnvi tells Veer that she knows where red stone is. A lady smiles and says she will be freed finally. Jahnvi asks Akarsh to get red stone from his mother. He says he cannot. She asks him to take her to his mother then.

Update Credit to: MA

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