D4 Get up and Dance 19th May 2016 Written Episode Update

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Sonam sits her ears shut, awaiting Amar’s cry. He cried aloud in front of her, cursing her to follow him as a ghost. He forbids Sonam to joke, Sonam apologizes him. She promises not to be around if he is on date the next time. Amar was upset his date was spoilt, how he would ask Tara for date again. Sonam murmurs don’t ask. She suggests him to go to Tara’s door, gets some flowers and candles and play music as well. Amar was worried what if she denies? Sonam was sure girls can’t resist.
In the academy, Tara shows her dance to everyone. She was appreciates, Mikhail tells her to enter after 16 steps else she might hit Baby’s father. He asks them to bring a feel, it gives intensity to dance. He was excited and tells Harry he made a beautiful entry for Rohan and Baby. Harry corrects that it’s Aneri. Mikhail feels everything will be fine now.
Sonam questions why Baby is serving Aneri to Mikhail on a plate. She forbids Baby do this, she loves Mikhail. Baby accepts, but holding on isn’t love; leaving alone is. She asks their help to bring Aneri on shaft, they have to bring her and Mikhail must not know. Sonam was ready to bring Mikhail hidden from Aneri, Baby asks Amar to promise. He does.
Mikhail dances in his room when Aneri enters. She thinks about Baby’s words. Mikhail notices her to be worried and asks why she is behaving to be so formal. Aneri asks if he has some problem with her staying for some more days. Mikhail suggests her to shift to Goa, he was hopeful their friendship is going to get deeper in time. She cheers and leave.
Amar comes to Tara’s home, he says it’s to say sorry. He hands her a flower for bad date no.1, another for bad date no.2 and a bunch for all the dates to come. Tara accepts, they come inside and were about to kiss. Tara’s maid recognizes Amar to be the same guy stalking her. Amar explains Tara he only wanted to know if she has a boyfriend or not? Tara asks what if she had one. Amar says he could never have said I love you to her. Tara stares at him. Amar says sorry. Tara holds his collar, how dare he say sorry. She smiles and says I love you too to her. Amar goes towards the window, and pushes Sonam out.
Mikhail dances in his room. Baby lay in bed thinking about Mikhail’s promises. She cries watching her legs and tries to move them. She moves her foot with her hand, then lay on bed again. The next morning, Baby comes to academy. Mikhail stops her at the door and asks her to imagine this as her first entry from the right of state. It must feel there is high wind, from one to the other end. She will cover the whole stage, then will get someone in a corner. Slowly, the fog between them comes to an end and he watches her. He comes to near to her wheel chair, Baby tells Mikhail she is going back. His one month has ended, whatever he promised didn’t happen. She is still as she was a month ago, he gave her false hope. She is now leaving. Mikhail says that two days ago, she promised to do what he asks to. What she thinks of him, is she playing a game with him? Baby says this was truth, but she has changed her mood now. She doesn’t know if he pities her or is being selfish, but now she doesn’t want to be his puppet. She wants to be normal. Mikhail questions if she would be normal on this wheelchair? If she goes away from dance, her life would get useless. Baby tells him not to worry how she would spend her life. Mikhail shouts at her to go to hell, he is caring for the one who doesn’t care for herself. This time she has betrayed everyone who has worked for this show, she would be the one responsible if this show fails. Baby tells him not to shout at him, this all is his problem as he failed himself. He came to her to ask her dance, she is tired of his false promises and is going away from his academy and him. Mikhail was upset and shocked, he watches her leave.

PRECAP: Baby teaches dance to Aneri, suddenly she notices her foot move. Dia shares her hope to Baby. Baby wasn’t ready to take this hope. Dia insists Baby loves Mikhail. In a restaurant, Aneri tells everyone that Baby is Mikhail’s love. Mikhail was angry and says if she is the last girl on earth, even then he won’t love someone as selfish as her.

Update Credit to: Sona

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