a cursed college (kb) episode 3

hey guyss…i m so sorry that i didnt get the chance to complete this as i was busy with my studies and personal issues but now i m absolutely free and have time to write my stories..now i came back with 2 new stories and besides them i want to continue this old story too..i m sure you forgot this story so thats why i m going to provide previous epi links and this is going to be my 3rd epi..and along with these two links i will post my other 2 stories links in comment box as i dont know why its not showing in kb forum..ok lets gets into the story…

Episode 1 here

Episode 2 here

epi begins with abhi and aaliya reach the college and stand in front of gate. aaliya gets a call and moves aside to take the call. meanwhile wind starts blowing and abhi is lost in thoughts and moves along with wind. he slowly reaches the terrace and stands at the edge of wall.

on the other side,  pragya goes near window to close it and watches abhi standing at the terrace. She gets shocked and runs to save abhi. While aaliya cuts the call and wonders where abhi went. She thinks to find abhi.

Pragya reaches the terrace and gets shocked to see abhi there. She yells at abhi not to commit suicide. But still he is not in his senses. She goes near him and drags to her side. Abhi then comes to his senses and says who are you? Why i m here?

Pragya says i was about to close window and saw you standing at the terrace. He gets shocked and says dont lie to me. Pragya gets anger and says i dont need to lie because i dnt know who are you i just came here to save you thats it and leaves from there. Abhi gets confused and leaves. Then a silhoutte passes.

Aaliya finds abhi and asks him bhai! Where did you go? Abhi thinks not to share the incident as aaliya might get scared and hides it from her.

Its night

Pragya writes diary and shares the incidents that happened. Meanwhile she gets a call. She picks the call and says hello. But no one responds. She again says hello! Who is this? She hears a lady laughing loudly and gets scared. She sees a silhoutte near the door and asks who is it? She goes there but doesnt find anyone. She is left in thoughts.

Epi ends..

I know guys this epi is bit boring but its a long time so i need to recollect this story. I will give my best for this story but i can update this story only on weekends. I hope you understand and please do comment your opinions. I wanted to know whether its worth continuing this story..byee guyzz..love u..

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