Curse Of Love Outside Marriage ~ Five Intertwined Lives – Episode 1

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I’m writing this ff only because of one of my reader friends’ great insistence. I was not at all watching this show and found it so difficult to understand the storyline and write a story on it. As I felt the character RONAKSHI really complicated I’m not making a ff on them. I have decided to ff on the subplot of Rohan-Pari-Tanya as the original they are just sub characters. So, the main characters of this ff of mine will be Rohan, Pari, Tanya, Ajit and one more main character will be included later. Ronakshi are going to sub characters of my ff. Hope the KHKT fans find this ff sensible without Ronakshi being the main characters. Like my other ffs I will be continuing my story from the events which takes place in the latest episode. So, I will be continuing Rohan-Pari-Tanya from the events which happened in KHKT’S latest episode


The episode starts with Tanya crying below her bed with knees help up together towards her face. She reminisces over what Rohan had told her which enters into a flashback,

Rohan says “OUR RELATIONSHIP IS OVER TANYA!!! It’s true that I was married to you and was in a commitment with you but there was nothing like LOVE for you in my heart, I realised LOVE only when Pari came into my life. Till today, I was just living in an illusion that you were my TRUE LOVE, but now all that ILLUSION is broken as whatever I feel FOR PARI, I HAVE NEVER FELT FOR YOU & THE HAPPINESS WHICH I GET BY STAYING CLOSE TO HER, I HAVE NEVER GOT STAYING CLOSE TO YOU AND WILL NEVER GET IN MY LIFE!!! So, it would be better for both of us to PART WAYS!!!” Tanya feels that the world outside her is crumbling down her feet, tears fill her eyes on thinking, “Till now I HAD HOPE ROHAN, no matter how much far you went away from me, you would come BACK TO ME, because I’M YOUR TRUE LOVE AND WE ARE GOING TO HAVE A BABY TOGETHER, but now you are saying, you no longer care…..” she is unable to think after that, she stammers asking Rohan, “But what about OUR CHILD, Rohan??” Rohan gets irritated. He comes forwards, catches Tanya by her shoulders and shouts, “To hell do with YOU and to hell to do with your child Tanya, I don’t give a damn neither about YOU nor ABOUT YOUR CHILD, because I have absolutely null feelings for you!!!” Tanya is taken aback at his words. She screams out, “But this is not only my child, ROHAN, it is your child too!!!” Rohan just had enough of it and shouts back, “Just SHUT UP TANYA!!! I told you that I don’t give a DAMN about this child!!!” he then raises his finger at her and continues, “So don’t you DARE USE YOUR CHILD TO GET ME IN YOUR LIFE, TANYA!!! BECAUSE NOW AT THIS VERY MOMENT, I’M BREAKING ALL THE TIES OF OUR RELATION WITH YOU!!! SO JUST GO TO HELL!!!” Tanya is left mouth agape on hearing the last few words. While Rohan without even giving one sympathetic look at her, turns his face away from her and leaves from the room. Tanya goes behind him while running and screaming, “Rohan, Listen!!! Please!!! Don’t go!!!!…” however, he does not listen nor turn back even once and leaves the room shutting the door hard. Tanya falls down in tears. Flashback ends

Tanya is still crying thinking over and over again the words which Rohan had told her. Then, all of a sudden, she feels a strange ache in her belly, she starts getting dizzy and then slowly she falls down unconscious onto the carpet below the bed.

In Rastogi’s House

Rohan reaches the parking lot of the Rastogi’s flat in his car while constantly trying to talk to Pari on her phone, but Pari does not pick up. He bangs the steering wheel of his car hard saying, “Come on Pari!!! Why are you not answering my calls!!! I need to TALK TO YOU!!! RIGHT NOW!!!”. Then, he comes out of his car and looks up onto the flat of the Rastogi’s from outside, while reminiscing the events of that afternoon which enters into a flashback…

Pari explains that the secret of their affair is out in his family. Rohan gets shocked to hear that but then he says, “I know it will be difficult to handle our families since our truth is out now, but I cannot leave you PARI, because you are my TRUE LOVE and NOT TANYA and I can put anything in my LIFE AT STAKE to lead a life with YOU, PARI, I LOVE YOU!!!” And he hugs Pari tightly on saying that. When all of a sudden, he hears Suman’s voice, “But that is not going to happen, Mr. Rohan Sippy!!!” Both Pari and Rohan are astonished to hear Suman’s voice and look towards her. Suman continues, “Till now whatever relation you had with Pari is ALL OVER NOW!!! You are not going to see or meet HER IN YOUR LIFE ONCE AGAIN!! Because I don’t want my DAUGHTER to keep any illicit affair WITH A MARRIED MAN AND GET SCRUTINIZED BY THE SOCIETY ALL THROUGHOUT HER LIFE!!! SO, GET OUT FROM MY HOUSE RIGHT NOW!!!” Pari tries to stop her by saying, “But Mom!!!” however, Suman stops her by pointing out her finger sharply towards her!!! She warns Pari saying, “Don’t you dare talk back to me this time, Pari, because I’m not going to hear ANY JUSTIFICATIONS FROM YOU!!!” She then comes forward catches Rohan’s arm tightly, drags him and throws him out of her house even when he together with Pari constantly try to stop her provocations. After being thrown out, Rohan tries to come inside once again, when Suman shuts the door hard on his nose while Pari constantly pleads with her, “Ma, please don’t do this!!!”. After getting thrown out, Rohan starts banging the door hard saying, “Mrs. Suman Rastogi, YOU CANNOT STOP ME FROM MEETING MY PARI!!!” Suman shouts back saying, “Yes I can because I’m her mother and I will decide what is RIGHT for my daughter’s life!!!” She then catches Pari, drags her, pushes her inside a room and locks her from outside while she wails bitterly. All her wails could be heard clearly by Rohan outside and he leaves from there frustrated. Flashback ends.

Rohan still standing below the Rastogi’s flat keeps thinking, “You stopped me at that time, Mrs. Suman Rastogi, but how will you stop me ALWAYS!!!” He gives out an evil smirk while continuing to stare at the Rastogis’ Flat from outside.


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  1. Heyy!! Plzz update soon

  2. Heyy!! Plzz update soonmm.and it’s very interesting

    1. Aleyamma

      Thanks a lot Dhruvi for that comment!!! Firstly I really didn’t expect much in this ff because it is not made on the MAIN CHARACTERS, RONAKSHI, but the subcharacters Rohan-Pari-Tanya-Ajit who are THE SUBCHARACTERS in the original series.
      So I was VERY GLAD to notice that you found it interesting!!!
      The next update wil be on Friday, so wait and continue reading!!!

      1. Ok…. I will wait for it…

      2. Aleyamma

        Thanks a million Dhruvi!!!

  3. SerialLover

    Actually this side of the story is more interesting to me than the main plot. That will go anyway monotonously as Parvati aka Sonakshi, the super bahu will solve all their problems. But this side of the story needs to be focused more and they need to show more on the positive side of joint families- how they sit together and solve all the misunderstandings.

    1. Aleyamma

      Hey SerialLover,
      I never expected a comment from you because as I said this ff was created only due to an INSISTANCE FROM A READER FRIEND. I was never watching KHKT at all. So, when I was refering to the episodic analysis of the episodes. I had got to see your comments and I liked them but never expected that you would take your time to read this ff.
      But happy to see that you did and also gave your opinion. Infact the reason of SONAKSHI as you said being SUPERBAHU is the major CAUSE I did not choose to write this ff on RONAKSHI.
      I really don’t appreciate female SUPERHUMAN CHARACTERS in INDIAN DRAMAS. So, when I started off I did not expect much response, but now happy to see that this ff has been noticed by A REGULAR COMMENTATOR OF KHKT like YOU.
      Thanks a lot!!!!

      1. SerialLover

        Yes, I watch khkt and come to this site to see others opinions and express mine. I want the serials to focus more on characters other than the main couple. I always had been a fan of serials showing big joint families having 3 generations of people, like Sasural genda phool, Baa Bahu aur Baby etc. Initially I hoped this show to be going in the same direction and was happy for it. My happiness increased when Ronakshi got married in the early episodes. But what? Drama everywhere… Sona Parvati interfering in everyone’s matter… I really feel bad for Deepika Kakkar. I don’t know who is forcing her to enact such a drama, but she is really overacting more than her old serial Sasural Simar ka. Now I feel like watching that.

      2. Aleyamma

        Well that’s sad, but would you read my ff and give your comments on the later episodes???

  4. SerialLover

    Now one of your points is reversed: Pari is begging Rohan not to leave her, and Rohan is afraid of Tanya’s alimony threat and ready to dump Pari. Yes!! I think now Pari should fight against Rohan and lodge a complaint if she is strong enough.
    Dud, this Nishi is too much! How come she changed the pre-nup papers in one night? And I just hopw they don’t kill Naren, and he can at least expose Nishi. I want Nishi character to end after that.
    Honestly can’t think what Pari can do now.

    Now I think Tanya threatening Rohan is damaging her own self respect. Alimony is not the thing, the big family should be the thing. So they all should stand together and disown Rohan, and keep Tanya like their daughter. Instead, the makers and focusing more and nore on Naren and Pooja only, not liking this.

    1. Aleyamma

      Huh??? What????

      1. SerialLover

        Questioning the plot or my opinion?

      2. Aleyamma

        I can’t get what you have said in your opinion!!!

  5. SerialLover

    When is ep 2 coming?

    1. Aleyamma


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