Cupid’s Stupid Game Of Love (Chapter-23)

Cupid’s Stupid Game Of Love
The Transformation

Swara’s point of view

I couldn’t sleep all night. Why did he say that?

“Chuck it Swara! He was sleeping” my mind advised.

But why would he even say that in his dreams when he didn’t mean it?

I got up from my bed and looked at clock. It’s five already. I must check on him. He is unwell, and he was worried because he thought that Karitika kidnapped me. LOL! Why would anyone think that? That was so stupid of him.

I walked out of the guest room, where I was sleeping and the first human I met was Badi ma.

“Swara beta! Good to see you back. Don’t leave us again beta. We all love you.” She mumbled softly moving her hand on my head.

But my husband doesn’t. So what’s the use?

“Achcha beta, all the elders are going to the omkareshwar temple. We’ll stay there for a couple of days. Can you please inform Ragini about this too? She was not here with us last night when we planned this” she said and I nodded. She then went to her room while I went to the kitchen to make some soup for Sanskar.

After I was done preparing the tomato soup for him, I placed the bowl on a tray and walked up to the room which was once mine.

I heard him cough from outside. I couldn’t help but worry about him. He was Ill because of me after all.

I peeped inside to check if he was up or I would have to wake him up.

I walked in on seeing his eyes open and placed the tray on the side table.

I took the thermometer that I had kept there last night and checked his temperature once again.

A hundred and four.

This human didn’t recover at all!

“Drink this. You will feel better” I said and started to walk back. I don’t want to stay here and think about him anymore.

“Swara!” I heard him mumbled softly.

“Yes” I answered.

“We need to talk” he said.

“I already signed the papers” I replied.

“Exactly. I need to confess something” he said.

“That you love Kavita and you’ll always regret marrying me” I retorted.

“Shut up and listen to me” he ordered, this time in a scary voice.

“I’m not interested” I mumbled and started to walk again. I can’t afford to listen to him. He already broke my heart once and after hearing what he said last night, I can’t afford to give my heart some hope. Especially when I’ve started to hate him for betraying me.

While I was in my thoughts, I felt a hand on my wrist making me stop where I was. Before I could even react, the hand pulled me back and both I and the owner of the hand fell on the bed.

“What do you think you’re doing?” I asked him trying to move his hands away from me which were now on my back caging both my hands completely.

“Why are you doing this?” He asked softly adjusting my body on top of him.

“What? I’m doing what?” I asked.

“One, you say that you hate me. And you take care of me” he said.

“Who said I’m taking care of you? Badi ma asked me to bring this here” I said looking at the tray.

“Keep trying. Maybe you forgot, but I still remember that we were best friends once upon a time and I know it every time you lie” he said with a smirk.

“Sanskar, leave me! I am still in this house because it was too late last night to go back. And I came here to give you this soup because you had a high fever because of me” I yelled at him.

“Dear Swara, since you just reminded me that I am having fever because of you, sorry! I’m having high fever because of you, let me tell you that yes, I was waiting for Karitika there last night because she told me that she kidnapped you. And, why would I even do that for someone I hate?” He asked.

“Because I’m your ex wife and you think that you still need to take care of me because I am your so called responsibility.” I retorted.

“Well in that case, I’m your ex husband and you still need to listen to me because even I’m your responsibility.” He said with another dark smirk.

“No, you are not” I yelled at him.

“I am.” He sneered.

“No” I mumbled lowly as his grip around me increased making my hands numb. All my efforts to free myself were dead by now and my hands pained because of him. His grip is deadly.

“Whether You accept it or not, you still are my wife because our divorce is not legally completed and I still have all the rights on you. You get it? I still have all the rights.” He mumbled slowly flipping our positions and coming on top of me.

“So before you decide to run away and not listen to me, let me tell you something important.” He mumbled in my ears.

My eyes were shut tightly because yes, our divorce procedures weren’t legally over yet and that meant there we both were still husband and wife and as he said, he still had all the rights on me that a husband has on his wife.

“Listen. Number one, I did not cheat on you. I loved Kavita but five years ago. I broke all my relations with her because I was getting married to you. As of now, she is married and has a three year old son too. And before your silly mind thinks of anything else, I’m not her husband and that child is also not mine” he said.

“If you can cheat on your wife, then, even your Kavita can cheat on her husband. And you have no proofs that her child is not yours” I cried while tears flowed down my cheeks.

This is bad. I feel so pathetic. Why is he not leaving me. I don’t like this. I don’t want to listen to him.

“My job was to tell you that. Its on you now whether you believe it or not” he said.

“Forcing your wife for something is also a part of your job?” I asked.

“Forcing? I never forced you for anything in my entire life. If I had to force you, I wouldn’t have allowed you to stay with that b*st*rd even for a second. Listen, you could act to be his girlfriend because I let you do so. I could’ve stopped you long back. Getting it?” He said in the worst dangerous tone had ever heard from him.

“If you don’t want to force me, then get off me and let me go” I mumbled lowly.

“No. Now I realize that every time I don’t force you, you end up doing something stupid. You already know what your so called best friend, that b*st*rd, was up to, so now I change my rules. I’ll be forcing you for everything. And you’ve to listen to me. Because you know your sweet little twin is going to stay in this house forever. And you already know about her relations with her husband. You really don’t want to increase her troubles right?” He asked.

I gulped. Who the hell is this? I did see my friendly cute Sanskar transforming into a arrogant and rude husband but now even that Sanskar transformed into something even unpleasant. A devil. He is black mailing me?

“Mrs Swara Maheshwari, I’m talking to you. Are you listening?” He asked dangerously.

I allowed all my tears to flow down whole nodding lightly.

“Good” was all he said before pecking my neck once and getting off me.

“So, my first order for my dear dear wife, is to hand me our divorce papers.” He said. “And you better get it before six in the evening” he added and took the tray from the side table to finish up his soup. I sat up straight and hugged my knees and buried my face in them.

I just saw another Sanskar die.

He walked out without any notice. I cried till the time my tears dried up.
So now, I’ll have to carry out his orders for my sister’s happiness?

Already she compromised so much because of me. She had to marry his brother because the family thought that it was good for both me and her. I would not let her fall prey to Sanskar’s devil ness especially when she has no supporters here.

I got up quickly and wiped my tears away. I need to fetch my or rather our divorce papers, hand it over to him, let him submit them in the court, and free myself from every thing. He won’t trouble me after that. He simply can’t!

Sanskar’s point of view

I’m sorry Swara. I have to prove myself innocent. In this one night, I realized many things. One, that our siblings and friends can go to any extent to unite us. Two, that you really care a lot for me. Three, that I love you more than myself and Four, that you really hate me because you think I betrayed you.

But no. I did not cheat on you.

I wanted to tell you everything clearly, but you denied. And that’s when I planned all this out. I know you would never listen to me directly, because you think that you hate me. So I have to do all this to make you stay. I have to force you to listen to me.

The Fifth thing that I realized tonight is that it’s now or never. I’ve to tell you everything now and stop this divorce now itself. And I’m quite determined to do it. I’m ready to go to any extent to save this marriage. I’m willing to black mail you, make you cry, do anything. But I will make you stay. Because that’s what’s necessary to make you fall for me.

I walked up to our parking area and realized that all the cars except mine and Laksh’s were gone. So, no one is at home. That’s even better for us. I got into my car and drove to Karitika’s place where all our stupid friends are going to meet today and make some utterly non sense plan. I want to tell them that I finally give up on my dear dear ego and give in to their plans to make her fall for me. And obviously, shove some sense into their senseless brains so that they don’t pull up such stunts again. They literally scared the crap out of me!

I walked into Karitika’s house where I heard the non stop blabbering. I entered the hall and cleared my throat. They all silenced the minute they realized that it was me and looked up at me innocently.

“Stop doing that. None of you are innocent. You scared the hell out of me yesterday. I really wanted to tell everything about your plans to Swara and believe me, it took me every fiber in me to stop myself from doing so. And I know that you know how badly your plan got back fired and how you thought that Swara actually got kidnapped from Riya’s house.” I said. I did over hear Ragini talking to one of them last night after Swara left me in my room.

“Sorry Sanskar. But we had to do this to make you realize that you love her” Karitika said.

“I know. And you were quite successful. But now, you need to include me in your plans because I don’t want her to panic the way I did yesterday.” I replied and sighed.

“You guys are sarcastically great” I mumbled under my breath.

“We know” they chirped as everyone literally pounced on me.

“Happy late realization of love to you!” Sunil chirped.

I chuckled.

“So let’s start!” Kavita beamed in.

“But first, we have to stop Swara from signing the divorce papers” Laksh said.

“She already signed them” I replied.

“So we need to stop her from submitting them in the court.” He replied.

“Leave that on me. It’s half way done” I said and smirked lightly.

“Really? Mr Quicky!” Kavita commented while wriggling her eyebrows at me.

This human was my girlfriend once upon a time. My over possessive girlfriend. And now she’s an over possessive SwaSan lover. Crazy transformations take place in some humans.

At the end of it, these marvelous people defeated me and that enormous ego of mine. That’s Cupid’s Power. And this is Cupid’s Stupid Game Of Love!
You see what I did there?? Yes you did!! Hihi! Because Swara doesn’t know that RagLak are back together. So let’s trouble her for sometime. She troubled us a lot already didn’t she?
How was the chapter anyway? It was longer than most other chapters because it was late. Sorry Again!

My exams aren’t over yet but since I got fed up of reading physics, I wrote this. My exams are getting over on 13th and the last paper is maths (how adventurous! Isn’t it?). Bye for now. Let’s see what happens next in the story. Who do you think will win this competition? Swara or Sanskar and his friends?? Comment fast down below.

For the dear Raglakians, there’s a big bomb waiting for you. So better wear bomb proof jackets before you go on and read the next part.

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