We were Cuddling that night – And then.. Rikara OS by Verna Part 1

Hey babies.. Yes its me Verna with One Shot after a long time. I’ll give u my bak bak history geography about origin of this OS later.. when I saw spoiler about Gauri inspiring Omkara for becoming artist again, I was overwhelmed for it. Then next day when my frnd said that Om wants to educate Gauri to wipe out her inferiority and insecurity, I was extremely happy. Now they both turns inspiration for each other. Its so unique when it comes to Rikara. They complete each other, for e.g. Om make idols and Gauri make cloths for idols. So it’ll be interesting to see their sizzling chemistry starts working ON screen. This shot is about that track and while reading u’ll get to know the meaning of heading. In this Shot Gauri have passed 10th grade. Let’s jump into my fiction world..

Same like show, Om started trusting Gauri and has some special place for her in his heart. He proved this several times even though he don’t say it openly. He even confronted Pinky for taunting her for illiteracy and lower family background. Gauri is overwhelmed with Om’s behavior and changes. She too got reason to stay back in OM by his actions. But her heart longed for his official statement from his mouth. All along with this happenings they started becoming support system for each other. Om, who lost that artistic soul in himself is trying very hard to give life for it. Gauri saw his suffering and motivate him with his old paintings and positive words. Meanwhile Gauri’s inferiority complex develops and make her insecure for illiteracy. Om can understand her pain and he decides to educate her. When he talked about this to Gauri, her happiness have no limits and she nods for education. Shivika, Ruvya and her family members support her. Shivay and Om got admission for her education. Now Gauri is preparing for her board exams.

Meanwhile Gauri spend more time on Omkara and his soul mate his artist Omkara. She keep motivating him and support at every situation when he feel low or bad. This was great support for Omkara and he have no words to thank for her dedication on him. She did whatever she can do to help him out. In this time their bond became very strong and they became inseparable friends. Their friendship has taken a step ahead of Chulkara friendship. Now Gauri and Om believe each other blindly and support fully. Their bond has grown like a lock and key, which cannot be useful without the other. With help of Gauri and her motivation Om was able to finish his art works and arranged for his grandeur new art exhibition. It was the great day in Rikara’s life, especially for Gauri. Because, her Omkara ji who once hated her for no reason, who doesn’t want to look at her face now announced her as his wife in front of all their family members, guests, media and the world. Like cherry on top of the cake he said that, the Artist Omkara u see here is nothing without Gauri and her motivation. That word was enough for her to die that second. Tears r the only answer from her to any question. It was the big day in her life.

Janvi was very proud of her son and daughter in law. She can do nothing except hugging them and give her blessings. Shivika and Ruvya congratulates them. Finally Om thanks Gauri for her support and motivation. Gauri say its her duty and they have hearty talk that night. They both talk about their past and painful moments. They console each other and slept without knowing how and when they fell asleep. Meanwhile, Gauri was lost in Om’s work for past 2 months as he was in final stage of his art works. She also actively took part in gallery arrangement works with him and almost forgot about her studies. After 2 days there was a courier for Gauri. Annika bring it to their room. Gauri was not there and she gave it to Om. When Om opened it he saw Gauri’s board exams hall ticket. He then remember about her studies and worries as her exams are close by next month. He think it was his mistake to allow her help him for last 2 months. Annika say, Om her exams r next month.. she could have missed many classes.. how will she manage? Poor Gauri, after all she wanted to pass this exam and move to college. If she fails this exam then her 1 yr effort will become waste. Om say, no Babhi.. till I’m here I’ll not let my Gauri fail in anything. Also its my mistake to not care about her studies.. I should have concentrated on her too.. I was selfish fordo my work. It’s time to rectify my mistake too. I’ll take care of her.

Gauri enters room and ask, What r u talking about? What mistake u did to rectify it. Annika say, Gauri.. u got a courier. Gauri ask, What is in that Buajai? Om handover her hall ticket. Gauri get shocked and give terrible look. She say, Mann mein shanka lag gai Lanka.. how did I forget this.. What will I do now? I don’t even have a month to finish all my lessons. I have missed many classes too. She panics. Annika and Om pacify her and say they will help her. Annika gets call and leave the room. Gauri worries about her exam and gets sad. Om console her and say he is there with her. He say, Gauri.. there is no need to worry about this.. u have one month time and I’ll teach u. So from this moment my only duty is to help u till ur exams end. Gauri calms but still worries. Om ask her to tell from where she missed her classes. They both started working. Om gets ready to teach her 3 subjects. That evening all youngsters have tea time together. Shivay ask, Om how did u become very irresponsible in this matter.. u should have made some time for her. This shows u did not spend some time for Gauri for past few months. Gauri say, bade Bhaiya not like that.. in fact we were together for last 2 months.. it was my mistake to forget about my own studies.. it was my fault. She gets sad. Shivay felt very bad for her and to cheer her up he said, ok there is no use to talk about old matters.. So I have decided to teach u Mathematics. Annika say, Wow Gauri.. Note my words.. u’ll be hitting double century in ur mathematics exam.. u know y? The great SSO is going to teach u Mathematics.. u don’t know how calculating he is.. even I use to call him Calculator Singh Oberoi. All giggles and Shivay ask her to be quite. She say, even I can teach mathematics well.. whenever u get doubt when Shivay is not at home feel free to come and ask me. Shivay makes terrible face and say, then its good to fail in exams Gauri.. if u want to clear ur doubts from her then u’ll end up clearing her doubts too.. Finally she’ll confuse you.. so.better stay away from her.

Annika makes face but Gauri support her. Rudra say, ok then I’ll teach u my favorite subject CHEMISTRY.. U can come to ur cool devar Rudy for any doubts. Bhavya say, but Rudy.. U r an arts student.. how do u know chemistry? He say, I’m Rudy.. the cool guy.. I can do anything. She say, really? Ok then tell me what is the difference between Organic acids and inorganic acids. Rudra thinks.. stammer and make puppy face. They all laugh at him. Bhavya say, leave him Babhi.. I can teach physics and chemistry for u. Om say, So my work has been divided. Thank u guys. Rudra say, Chulbul Babhi.. if u have any doubts in Hindi.. just ask me.. he does some stupid Shayari. Om point outs his mistakes and correct it. He say, see Babhi.. O learnt this from me.. he is my creation.. just see how intelligent he is and praise himself. Shivkara say, shut up Rudy. Rudra say, Ok.. ok.. ad keeps quite. Gauri say, thanku Rudy Bhaiya.. Omkara ji will teach me Hindi, English and computer science. All nods and have some good time. Shivay and Bhavya schedule time for Gauri. Shivay say he’ll teach mathematics early in morning before leaves to office. Bhavya say she’ll take classes in evening. Rest of the time she’ll be with Omkara. Gauri arranged notes from her friends and started learning her old lessons while Shivkara and Bhavya preparing to teach her. After 4 days they were ready to teach her according to the schedule.

In beginning, it was very interesting and enthusiastic for all 4 to take classes.. but when days pass by it was very hectic and stressful for Gauri. She have to really work very hard to learn her old lessons and concentrate on her new lessons and taking notes on it. After a week she was very tired and stressed out of this heavy load. She forgot to smile, eat, sleep at times. In fact she had thoughts to drop her education due to stress. Om can understand her and he tried his best to make her comfort and stress free. She felt very difficult for past 2 classes to understand mathematics.. she can’t say this openly to Shivay and can’t waste his time by faking. She don’t know what to do. She tried to do some home chores to free her mind. ShivOmRu cooking in kitchen and Gauri joined them. ShivOmRu know about her stress But all her new lessons and old lessons haunt her even in kitchen. Without her knowledge she started repeating her lessons to herself. ShivOmRu weren’t serious about this but later they found out that she is confusing all her subjects and repeating. To distract her Shivay asked her to get Tava (pan) from Om. She went to Om and ask him for Java (computer language) Om shakes Gauri and ask, what did u say? She replied, Java.. bade Bhaiya want it pls take it from shelf and give me Omkara ji. Rudra jokes and say, Babhi.. When did Tawa become Java? Gauri understood what she said and face palms with embarrassment. They all have good laugh and dinner. But Om sensed her pain behind her smile. He decided to make her comfort and stress free by that night.

Sorry guys I started writing it to finish as one shot but will post next shot and end FF as it have few more paragraphs.. Next shot will be uploaded within few hours.. stay tuned love u all 🙂 🙂

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