Thanks guys for much support…i know all are waiting for ranveer’s entry …wait and watch guys…it’s voting time..who is the best on-screen pairs

Abhi- pragya
Kunj -twinkle

Guys vote for your best pair….

Coming to episode….
ragini warns pragya and shivanya to be careful and asked them to call once in a week.pragya says I will come and leaves from there.
ragini: beta take care of her.
shivanya: ma don’t worry.I am with her na
Ragini: that’s why I am sending her..because of you.
shivanya: ma don’t worry…and she is coming.
pragya: shivanya let’s go…it’s time to board and bye ma. Both hugs ragini and leaves.

Ram asked so it’s ur wish to go to Oxford university
abhi: yes I am leaving and hugs priya ,says take care ma
And he leaves to airport.
ram thinks I will miss you beta…

Twinkle and ishani gets ready and they both boarded on flight.

All reached Oxford university.
Five were near to each other but does NT noticed.all enters the assembly hall.
more than 1000 students were assembled.pragya and shivanya gets happy.

The principal comes and says good morning students.welcome to Oxford university
he says all do’s and dont’s .
and assembly gets over.

Abhi went to his room.he thinks why my date is like this.I have to share my room with seniors because of dad.actually special ,authority students have special rooms.

PRAGYA and shivanya were on the way to room.kunj calls both of them…ishani and twinkle were also on the way.he calls them too.four stand with confused mind.kunj says wait ..for some time .you are freshers na.have to wish seniors….
Here he is…all four turned to see it’s ranveer coming with ritik.botb comes and sees these four girls.ritik asked the name
shivanya: my name is shivanya
ishani : I am ishani…ranveer looks at her
Twinkle: I am twinkle.kunj looks on her
.pragya : hello senior my name is pragya…pragya khanna….ranveer was shocked.he gets up…
ritik asked them to wish ranveer
Rangers says not all go…
Kunj asked what happened ranveer ..why you asked them TO go…
ranveer: shut up kunj …the last who introduced na..
ritik : ha…pragya
Ranveer: she is my sister
Ritik: really
Ranveer :haa …hey kunj follow them..until they reached the room.if someone tease them ..tell that she Is my sister.
kunj leaves.
ritik: how come you know she is your sister
RAnveer : she my cutie…how can I forget her.though she is with that lady…I will think about her.

They four introduced themselves…
shivanya: what’s your room no
Ishani: 74
Shivanya: hey we four are gonna stay together
Twinkle noticed kunj following them
PRAGYA : ok guys let’s go

Twinkle: ishani,this guy is following US
Ishani: don’t bother about him

On the way a group of boys teased pragya.pragya gets angry but shivanya holds her
Kunj called ranveer and ranveer comes there

When one boy is about to catch pragya’s hand ,other hand of him was caught by ranveer.he asked them to go and kunj takes them.and after they left
RAnveer says she is my sister…again if you try to do anythg..then I don’t know what I will do
All says sorry to him.

All four reached the room.pragya says thanks to kunj. Kunj says it’s k choti. Twinkle asked choti.
Kunj asked pragya can I call you na.
pragya smiles and says ofcourse bhai.and thanks….kunj says no thanks between brother and sister.if you need anything call me and kunj leaves.
PRAGYA : how sweet n.a.
Ishani: too much of sweet id not good for Health
All smiles

ranveer says to ishani that she is my sister…but I could not say to her .ishani asked why..ranveer looks on.

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