Crazy Stupid Ishq 27th May 2013 Written Episode Update

Crazy Stupid Ishq 27th May 2013 Written Episode, Crazy Stupid Ishq 27th May 2013 Written Update

The episode starts with a small flashback of a place called as sonipat. A small boy is shown running towards the entrance of a colony and then he jumps at the entrance gate where a girl swings in from the adjacent gate. She is pampi ! They both talk about their ambitions. On being asked by her, tillu, the boy says that he will marry and the girl will be pampi.

In the next scene, tillu gives pampi his shirt button and pampi gives her hair clip along with a peck on his cheek. he states that now they are engaged and that whenever she is sad he’ll make her happy. The scene that follows shows a very filmy and funny yet cute separation of the childhood bestfriends.

Fifteen years later . . .

Now a fashion show is shown of traditional dresses and the designer is none other than Anushka Atwal a.k.a. pampi herself.

Now her original intro comes up in her own words. It shows that boys are crazy for her and she doesn’t care a damn about it ! She is very popular and has come on t.v. a lot on a talk show. She calls herself a born star but now wants the whole India to drool over her. Next her dad is shown, Parmeet Singh Atwal, who is a daughter’s words follower and fulfills all her wishes. He pampers her a lot. Mrs. Atwal comes in the scene shouting at her husband that he is the one who has spoiled their daughter !

Now Anushka’s boutique is shown where she orders her employees to learn english in 15 days and to be polite to the customers. On the first day a lady comes who was not at all a customer. On the fifteenth day pampi insults a customer and goes away. On the 27th day a customer simply she’s the mannequins from outside and walks away. A angry and frustrated pampi walks in her fathers ofiice and states that she is facing only losses and no one can understand fashion and that now she plans to become a heroine. She is stating reasons when Mr. Atwal’s pa steps in with the formers wife stating that 25 lacs has been spent on the expenditure of the boutique in just six months. Pampi gets hyper and says that since she is never going to marry, this expenditure is justified ! Her mom gets angry and states that by hook or crook she will get her married.

An angry mom storms in her bedroom and shows her husband that a girl younger than pampi is getting married. She simply scolds him and states that she has already found her daughter a match where in she reveals that pampi is adopted and pampi is unaware of this. Here pampi fights with her god in a filmy way that even after all the fasts and everything she is failing again and again and she says that she won’t loose hope still !

Pampi is arranging her wardrobe when in frustration she drops a box and tillu’s button drops from it and she remembers him and wonders where and how he would be. She plans to find him and opens her social networking website and searches Ayaan Chowdary. She finds three results and tries for the profile without a picure and sends him a friend request and waits for the acceptance of it. After few minutes its accepted and turns out that it was the right guess !

She gets up and enjoys when her parents come in and inform her about the marraige proposal and that they are coming the very next day for seeing her. All of a sudden an idea pops up in her mind and she agrees to meet the groom’s side ! Her mom gets all excited and rushes away pulling her dad to save pampi from changing her mind.

Here pampi gets tillu’s contact number and calls him up. She teasees him a bit and finally gives her introduction and both get excited.

Update Credit to: Born2Dance

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