Crazy Stupid Ishq 24th June 2013 Written Episode Update

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Crazy Stupid Ishq 24th June 2013 Written Episode, Crazy Stupid Ishq 24th June 2013 Written Update


Ayaan realizes his love for Anushka in Dargah. He is totally confused about his marriage with Miral. Miral gets angry to watch Anushka in the party. Ishaan’s surprising entry.


Part 1:

Ishaan dances with Anushka on bachna e haseeno, all are praising their dance. Ishaan and Pampi have a dance face-off..:D Ishaan introduces himself saying he is total carbon copy of Ayaan pnly the difference is he is a bad boy and Ayaan is a good boy. He further tells everyone that no one expects anything from him, since he has no permanent place. Ishaan flirts with Anushka and Ayaan is getting jealous. Ayaan comes to disturb the both and tells Ishaan that she is none other than Pampi, but Ishaan is unable to recollect who she is. He tells them that the point is they have an old connection. He tells Tullu that his setting is set with Pampi, Tullu is jealous.

Pampi is crying in a corner and talks to God for his unfair decision of sending her back to her home town by breaking her childhood friendship with Tullu. Tullu comes there to see what happen to her. He tells her that he wants to tell her something and Pampi tells the same. Tullu is about to tell her his feelings but before he could, as expected Ishaan comes in between. He scares them by saying they are cought and both of them get scared saying they didn’t do anything. Ishaan continues by saying that weren’t they complaining about him to each other. And no sooner Ishaan starts praising and flirting with Anushka. Tullu and Pampi leave from there. Ishan thinks that it would be difficult to pataofy Anushka but he loves challenges and would love to do so.
Pampi is sleeping and Tullu watches her sleeping cutely. He comes to his room unable to sleep. Ishaan asks him what the matter is, why isn’t he sleeping? He asks him isn’t he happy with his marriage? Ayaan replies by saying he is not sure of Miral. Ishaan asks him whether he loves someone else? & Ayaan is numb. Ayaan gets a call from Miral and Ishaan starts laughing on him hearing his nervous tone.

Part 2:

Ishaan tells Ayaan to get relaxed, he will do something about it. He tells him that if he is thinking about mom then he will handle her. And there comes their mother to give them some milks.
Next morning, Ishaan tells Ayaan what if Miral breaks their marriage on their own. Ayaan is shocked to hear it, he further tells him that he will try to attract Miral..:O Ayaan tells that she is mad and he is getting mad too. Ishan tells him that he is going to get ready for Anushka.
Tullu comes to give Pampi her breakfast. He asks her if she is fine or not, why didn’t she join others at the dining table. Pampi is crying and tries to control herself and lies to him she was tired so she didn’t come. Ayaan asks her if he was a good friend to her or no? She tells him that he is been such a friend that no one else could be. She promises him that their friendship will never break and so does he.

Tullu’s mother comes to find him and tonts Pampi to keep smiling and not tell anything to Ayaan.
Pampi starts finding him and dashes to Ishan who again flirts with her. She asks him about Ayaan and he tells he must have ran away. He is happy that finally Ayaan listened to him. Pampi is angry on Ishaan and asks him what kind of brother is he who adviced Ayaan to run from his engagement and break a girl’s heart. She decides to get Ayaan and Miral together along with Ishan.

Part 3:

Ayaan finds the two talking to each other. Ishaan s shocked to find him and asks him why he came back when he had ran away. Ayaan tells him that he had gone to the office and he doesn’t want to discuss about it anymore.
At the engagement party all have arrived, Miral is watching Ayaan but he isn’t looking at her and Ishaan is observing both of them.
There comes Anushka blooming in her outfit. Ishaan is stunned to watch her while Ayaan is amazed and is continuously starring her. Ishaan without wasting any more time goes to welcome her. Miral is jealous of her.
Shadaab and Shahgufta arrive at the party, when Tullu and Pampi are busy in each other. Ayaan’s mom tells everyone to gather around for the ring ceremony but the ring goes missing. Pampi is about to leave the house when Ayaan’s mom asks her for the ring and she tells she doesn’t know about it. Miral blames Pampi to hide it purposely and also for not going from the house yet. Pampi is crying at Miral’s accusations and tells her she was about to leave but aunty stopped her.

Part 4:

Ishaan tells everyone about Anushka’s performance and she dances on the song Radha. Soon after Ishaan announces a performance by Shadaab and Shahgufta. Before that Ishaan tells Ayaan about the ring that he has hid it to give Ayaan some time. Shahgufta comes and tells Ayaan that Miral will not be happy with him since he loves someone else(Pampi).
After the perfomances its time for the ring ceremony and Ayaan informs everyone about getting the ring but before anything he asks Miral to have a word alone , shocking everyone.

PRECAP:Ayaan is back and his mother asks him if everything is okay? Before he could speak Miral’s father starts accusing Ayaan saying Miral has told everything o him. Miral is crying. Anushka who was about to leave is shocked. Ishaan tries to control the situation but Miral’s father tells him to not interfere in between.

Update Credit to: Jyo_Ksg

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