Crazy Stupid Ishq 19th July 2013 Written Episode Update

Crazy Stupid Ishq 19th July 2013 Written Episode, Crazy Stupid Ishq 19th July 2013 Written Update

Ayaan was trying to calm down crying anushka, she was really upset with her performance n those comments, ayaan says may be she’s not an angel but she’s not less then angels, her beauty lies in her simplicity n cover her with a cloth, she really likes it.

Scene changed, Ayaan talk to the real model n take her back for shoot n on other side the artist also ask for srry from anu for her bad behaviour n says that the video is going to b in Indian touch, shoot starts n anu takes a sigh of relief, she thank ayaan for andling everything she messed up.

Scene Changed, ayan n anu on thr way to home, starts playing on road with sum tean can, anu saw a advertisement sticked on wall outside a shop, she likes the necklace, ayan ask her wat happen but she change the topic n receives her call, ayan guess it. Ishu was on other side, he was trying to ask her for coffee etc but she denies n ishu gets to know that she’s with ayaan.

Scene changed, ayan was preparing for surprise for anu, munnu hears it n spread it in office that ayan is planning a surprise for anu, when anu came the girls in the office make fun of her, she dnt like it, ayaan try to talk but in irritation n embarrasement she dnt talk with him.

Ayan ask her to go out for dinner but she denies, ayan is confused wat to do now, how to give the surprise.

Scene Changed, ayan was thinking of picking the necklace from shop n gave anu as her b’day gift, suddenly he saw ishu taking out money from his cupboard, it makes him angry, he scolds him n then it instigates a fight among brothers, aarti noticed it n scold them n when she get to know that thy r fighting over anu, she got more angry, before she ask anything from ayan, he leaves rudely, ishu taunts that he did it bcoz of anu.

Scene changed, anu was missing her family, she try calling them but no one picks the call, she want to call ayan but sop at last moment, at the same time aarti arrives, she was angry n directly cumes o point, she ask her if she luves ayan or not, anu was confused still denied, aarti warns her to stay away from ayan n ishu, anu was hurt.

Precap: Anu rudely ask ayan to never show his face to her, ayan promises n says that he’ll not return until she calls him back.

Update Credit to: Amor

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