Crazy Stupid Ishq 17th July 2013 Written Episode Update

Crazy Stupid Ishq 17th July 2013 Written Episode, Crazy Stupid Ishq 17th July 2013 Written Update

Part 1:

Ayaan is angry on some boys passing comments about Anushka, he waits for Anushka to leave and then catches hold of those goons.

Ishaan comes to drop Anushka when his mother calls him & informs him about Ayaan being arrested by the Police. Anushka is shocked to hear this from Ishaan and both rush to the police station. There at the station the inspector asks Ayaan to apologize to the goons as they don’t have any witness to prove that the goons were passing comments. Ayaan had bashed them due to this..

The inspector asks him to name the girl and bring her for statement but he doesn’t tell Pampi’s name. Pampi arrives at the station along with Ishaan. The goons get scared seeing Pampi but Ayaan doesn’t expose her.
The inspector warns him to apologize else he would make a case against Ayaan on fighting for no reason.

Ishaan and all convince Ayaan to say sorry but he shouts back saying it wasn’t his fault so he won’t apologize. Anushka asks Ayaan to come out to talk to her and then she scolds him for fighting like goons. She is not listening to him and keeps scolding him..:(
He is wounded, & she wraps her handkerchief around his palm.

He gets in and apologizes to the goons and they smirk.

Ayaan’s mom gets irritated at Anushka and blames her for being the reason of spoiling both her son’s life.

Ishaan offers to drop Pampi home but she denies it because of his mother.
Pampi is waiting outside the station for rain to stop.
Ayaan is standing towards the other side trying to call someone when the goons again come to trouble him. They tease him that when the girl didn’t mind then why was he trying to be a hero and wuff he slaps the two again! And then apologizes again..

Anushka witnesses him slapping them and again gets pissed on Ayaan. :/

Part 2:

Pampi had made him promise to not fight again since she doesn’t like it. She tonts Ayaan for misunderstanding him to be a good guy who breaks promises. Ayaan tells her that he didn’t do anything wrong when Anushka tells him that he doesn’t have any value of her words. She tells him that she is leaving when Ayaan tells to drop her.

His mother arrives there and finds Ayaan holding Anushka’s wrist.
She tonts Anushka to leave alone when Ayaan exclaims his mother that he will come home only after leaving Anushka safely. He holds her hand and leaves with her from there.

His mother is shocked and exclaims that God knows what magic has Pampi done on Ayaan that he went against her orders when Ishaan thinks of taking advantage and tells her that she should talk to Ayaan about it. His mother shouts at him too for being with Anushka all the time when Ishaan puts the whole blame on Anushka! 😡
He tells her that Anushka keeps calling him for help day and night, that she doesn’t leave him at all.
His mother gets more irritated on Anushka while Ishan smirks.

Part 3:

Ayaan drops Pampi and calmly asks her if she really thinks he is a bad guy? She knows him since childhood. He removes the flicks falling on her face and they have a long eye contact. But soon get back due to dash of the door and Pampi asks him to leave,as its too late.
No sooner she stops him, brings him inside and applies first aid on his wounded hand while Ayaan keeps starring her in love..

She tells him to not be so possessive for her as she an take care of herself. He leaves and she shuts the door. Both in deep thought.

Punnu ji has selected Anushka as their new album model. Ayaan is shocked he asks him to change the model as they need someone more hot and happening. Anushka hears this and shouts at him. She starts the shoot but fails to gain attention..:P
Pampi is crying and Tullu consoles her. She says she is not as beautiful as angels when he exclaims that she is more beautiful than them..
Shanaya’s entry.

Update Credit to: Jyo_Ksg

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