Crazy Stupid Ishq 10th July 2013 Written Episode Update

Crazy Stupid Ishq 10th July 2013 Written Episode, Crazy Stupid Ishq 10th July 2013 Written Update

RECAP: Ishan tells Pampi that he hasnt seen anyone so nice like her. Ayaan warns Pampi about Ishaan. Pampi doesnt trust him. Ishaan comes wounded to Pampi when asked he tells he got a silly hurt. Ishaan proves to not be fake when questioned by Ayaan.


Part 1:

Ayaan apologises to Ishaan and tells he didn’t know Ishaan has become so responsible. Ayaan gets a call from his mom and he leaves. Ishaan phews for finally getting space with Pampi. They reach home and Ishaan asks her for a coffee. Pampi is very excited about her new business and keeps discussing about it. Ishaan gets lost in some dream and when asked by Pampi he tells her that they both are so similar. Pampi tells him to leave and he comes close to her and wishes her good night seductively.

Pampi is really very happy and is dreaming of becoming a superstar soon.
Next morning, Pampi wakes up late and gets late for her meeting with Punnuji.
She reaches the office and gets scoldings by Punnuji. He is not happy with Pampi’s work and shouts at her for not taking care of the budget. Pampi leaves from there crying.
Punnuji asks for Ayaan and realizes he has gone to Shadaab Alam. There Ayaan is singing for Shadaab and he praises Ayaan for his improvement.
He asks Ayaan about his love life with Anushka when Ayaan tells him that because of his confession he also lost his friendship with her. Shadaab tellsbhim that Pampi will soon realize his love for her.

There Pampi is having a really bad time hearing scoldings from Punnuji because of Mannu. Ayaan had told Anushka that he will be taking care of the budget.

Part 2:

Pampi shouts at Punnuji for behaving so rude. She tells him that her pocket money is more than her salary. Punnuji asks her to leave the job then. Mannu wants Anushka to get fired. Punnu asks Anushka to apologise for another chance and she tells him sorry and leaves from there crying.
Mannu comes to Anushka and makes fun of her. He is provoking her to spell out Ayaan’s mistake but Pampi doesn’t.

Part 3:

Mannu asks her to tell the truth if she did all this for Ayaan. Mannu tells her to stay in control and if she wants to be in the office then she’ll have to follow Mannu’s instructions and give him some time!! Mannu is getting dirty in the office and is making fun of Anushka and Ayaan’s friendship.

Ayaan arrives and finds Anushka disturbed. He asks her what happened and Mannu starts irritating again. Ayaan drags Mannu to the wall and warns him to stay in his limits!!

PRECAP: Ayaan comes to see Anushka and is shocked to find Anushka crying on Ishaan’s shoulder. He feels uncomfortable and leaves from there. On his way he talks to himself crying his heart out that Pampi is the only person he cares about in his life. But he can’t be just friends with her since he loves her alot and will always keep loving her. He shouts out in the middle of the road crying in rain. ((

Update Credit to: Jyo_ksg

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