our crazy si love story episode 5

epiaode 5

At badi

ragini goes to her room n cries silently thinking about laksh n kavita’s closeness after some time

R:(to herself)no ragini it is not possible laksh is not like that n kavita u know na which type of girl is she .then she wipes her tears n goes down

Swalak came to badi

they enter in swara’s home everyone was shocked to see her bcz she was full of mud

D:shona yeh kya hua

Sh:ha hiw did this happen

at the time ragini come she was also shocked

R:how did this happen

then she looked at luksh n gets sad

R:first go n take bath she went raglak also went behind her

every one in the house was very confused

swara was in washroom raglak are waiting for her in room no one speaking finally laksh break the silence

L:tagini why u came home so early alone without informing

R:woh laksh i had important work so i came

L:at least just inform us

R:I’m sorry but luksh how did this happen

L:i don’t know the whole matter but shona n sanky had a fight

R:what again but why

L:do they need any subject to fight

just then swara came out of washroom they rushes to her n asks how did this happened she tells them everything they are shocked

L:this sanky na i will not leave him today

Sw:sshhh u will not do anything he should know what happen when some one messes with swara gadodiya n i’ll take my revenge in my way u will not say anything to him

L:wait wait niw i got it

Swarag:what ?

L:u know a boy said me that mam is calling me in library i went their but no one was their just then kavita came to me n was talking nonsense
just to make sure that i will not help u

hearing this ragini feels happy but sad for swara

L:ohh god but swara what are u upto

Sw:i’ll show u tomorrow n now don’t ask anything to me about that

they went down n swara tells that she fell on road she leis to them

(all mm gaddodia’s knows about their fights only verbal they don’t know about their in collage)

luksh leaves swarag had dinner n they sleeps in their room

luksh comes home n sees sanky n gets angry he leaves without talking to him sanky goes to him

S:he lucky listen na

L:sanky i don’t want to talk to u

S:plz lucky

L:how could u do this to her

S:lucky u always takes her side she is not so innocent

L:but sanky

S:no u promises that u will never interfere in our fight

L:okk do whatever u want

S:now smile

they hug each other n sleeps

Next day

they four went for college

sanky swara enters in the college at the dame time they saw each n leaves sanky’s is making fun of yesterday incident

Sw:in mind….maza kar lo jitna karna hainafter some time tumhe rona jo he n leaves with her friends to class

In Lecture

raj came n says pricipal is calling swara she leaves she came after sometime n sits at her place

after lecture

all came out

sanky was again making fun of swara she gets angry n goes to him

Sw:what’s ur problem ha


Sw:shut up whats u think of ur self ha ek mazak kya karliya apne app ko hero samajhte ho

S:hey just chill or should i call the dog again

Sw:okk if u think ur a very brave then do what i say

S:so ur giving me challenge

Sw:ya q dar lag raha hein

S:sanky kisi se nahi darta challenge accepted

Sw:okk then u have to complete 1 round of college campus with ur bike

S:sanky laughs hearing her challenge…. is it a challenge ohh god …okk come I’ll do it

he goes to his bike n everyone was present their whole college was watching it

sanky sits on bike insert keys he said …3…2…1
n starts the bike but to his surprise it didn’t starts he keeps on trying but nothing happen
everyone is shocked then they burst out laughing sanky doesn’t understand then he bent down n saw that both tyre of his bike was not their he gets angry as everyone was laughing at him he moves his hand hair then all again laughs someone point towards his face he moves his hand on his face n saw himself in mirror n shocked bcz his face was black bcz of colour

Sw:thats for messing with swara gadodiya

he leaves in anger

Episode end

PRECAPE:sanky shocks…. shona rocks

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