Crazy love of thahaan (part-45)

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This part is starting from in party bihaan takes the baby.he called baby name.he smiles at baby.he shakes the baby.he kisses in baby face.thapki looks at them.she gets happy.she smiles at bihaan
thapki takes the baby from bihaan’s hands.she kisses to baby. suman and preethi smiles at them.poonam and krishnakant takes the baby from thapki.they gets happy seeing baby
they hugs baby.bihaan holds thapki hands.they gets happy to seeing baby.they smiles at each other.

Sankara gets worries.she sees kabir is not near to her.later she sees kabir.he plays balloons with childerns in party.he gives chocolates to children’s.Sankara looks at him.suddenly waiter pours juice on one small boy shirt by mistakenly.small boy cries.kabir gets angry at waiter.
kabir:don’t you have eyes???you poured juice on this child.
waiter:I am sorry will happend by mistake.
kabir:go from here…(angrily)
waiter goes from there.kabir takes his kerchief .he wipes that small boy shirt.kabir says to him,don’t worry beta.don’t your shirt becomes clean.please smiles.
small boy smiles at kabir.he kisses in kabir cheeks.he runs from there.
kabir smiles at that small boy.

the same day night after finishing the party.thapki feeds for baby in room.bihaan enters to room.she adjusts her dress.she lifts baby from her lap.she makes baby lying in bed.bihaan comes near to thapki.he sees baby was looking around somewhere.
bihaan:(to baby)kushi…. what are you doing??? see your maa.she was too bad.
thapki:(to bihaan shockingly) wh… wh… what I done badly?
bihaan:hello madam if I says to you then you won’t accept mistake.
thapki:wh… wh… what mistake I did?(gets tensed)
bihaan:why are you getting tension I am speaking to my daughter.
suddenly thapki holds bihaan hands.she looks at him.bihaan books at her.
thapki:i… i… I want to know.what I done?
bihaan:you done so many things. how to tell you??(he smiles)
thapki gets angry.she beats him in her arms.bihaan laughs.he holds her hands tightly.she tries to beat him again.but she can’t.
bihaan:OK OK don’t get tensed.I will tell you.(he looks at her)today is so special day for us na…
thapki:yes…wh… wh..what doubt in this?
bihaan:you didn’t give any gift for me.
thapki:bi… bi… bihaan today is special day for us.but especially for our baby.not for us.
bihaan:I don’t know.I don’t want any reason.I need gift.
thapki:bi… bi…bihaan you are so adamant.
bihaan:who???me?its OK I need gift.
thapki:OK what gi… gi… gift you want?
bihaan:I want nice hug and kiss from you.its should be special.
thapki:(gets shocked) wh… what??
bihaan:yes.I need it.I know you will get I can close my will give gift for me.
thapki:bihaan you… you… you are so naughty.
bihaan:its ok Mrs.thapki bihaan pandey.
he closes his eyes.he widens his hands.thapki looks at him.she smiles.she gets shy.
bihaan:(closed eyes) come fast.don’t make me wait.I closed my eyes na….
thapki goes slowly towards bihaan.he smiles.thapki smiles at him.she goes near to bihaan.she closes to him.she hugs bihaan.he smiles and hugs her tightly.they gets happy.thapki kisses bihaan chin.bihaan opens his eyes.they looks at each other.they have an eye lock (ranjhanaa plays…..)

the next day morning thapki gives coffee to bihaan.he drinks coffee. thapki lifts the baby.she makes baby to lying on bed.she takes massage oil.she does massage for smile at thapki.bihaan reads news smiles so much.bihaan hears the sound.he keeps news paper in table.he comes to baby.thapki does massage.bihaan looks at thapki.they smiles at baby.they gets happy at each other.bihaan touches baby lips looks so cute.its deep red color.he just press the lips slightly.thapki finishes massage .she takes the powder to apply for baby.bihaan stops thapki.
bihaan:thapki…my beti is very very bright radiant color like her handsome why are you applying this powder.
thapki:m…m…mr.bihaan pandey.I know kushi is so beautiful Like her dad.but baby skin was so will get irritate during I have to a… a…apply this.
bihaan:OK thapki can proceed.(he smiles)
thapki smiles at him.she applies talcum for baby body.thapki makes baby to sleep.she makes baby to lying in baby bed.

thapki goes from room.bihaan does workout in his room.he sings the song during exercise loudly.(mere tera song…..)
suddenly baby wakes up from sleeping.kushi starts crying about to hearing bihaan voice.bihaan gets shocked.he comes from there. he stops singing.he lifts the baby in his hands.thapki comes to room..
thapki:bi… bi…bihaan why kushi was crying?? now only I makes her to sleep.
bihaan:(looks at her)actually I sings the song kushi gets scared.she cries.
thapki looks at him angrily.she takes baby from his hands.(the funny thahaan music plays…..)
she tries to consoles baby.she hugs baby.then baby sleep.she keeps baby in bed.she looks at him angrily again.
bihaan:why are you looking at me like this??actually its not my mistake.
thapki Stares at him.
bihaan:OK I know its my mistake only.I makes scared to baby.
thapki:you…you. you never change bihaan.
she goes from there.
bihaan thinks this chuk…chuk gaadi is like lecturer for me.she was killing me every minute through her eyes.he continues workout.

at the same day evening bihaan and thapki goes shopping complex.they thinks to buy thinks for baby.bihaan parks the car.thapki takes baby in her hands.bihaan holds her.they smiles at each other.they enters to baby thinks shop.bihaan takes the baby pillow,baby cloth shoes.he chooses dresses for baby.thapki takes the dresses for baby.finally bihaan billed all thinks.he bought thinks in his hands.
bihaan:thapki there is so many thinks in my you go to car with baby.I will come will wait near to car
thapki:OK bihaan.
she goes to car with baby.she waits for bihaan.but he doesnt she thinks to go to bihaan for helping to him.she keeps baby into sleeps.she goes to bihaan.he gets shocked seeing thapki.he looks at her empty hands.
bihaan:thapki…where is kushi?
thapki:don’t worry bihaan.I makes her to lie in car seat.I came here to helping you.
bihaan keeps down all thinks in floor shockingly.
bihaan:car key is with me.which car you kept baby?(shockingly)
thapki hears this.she gets more shocked.thapki runs to car.she gets tensed.bihaan runs behind of her.thapki stucks there.she gets teary eyes.bihaan sees His car was there.
bihaan:thapki where is our baby?? where you kept??which car?
thapki:bi… bi… bihaan I sees black color car here.I kept my baby there bihaan:why you done like this?don’t you know difference between our car and others car?(he holds his hands)how can I find baby??I told to you already about baby.I said so many times you have to take care of baby.
thapki cries.she becomes speechless.bihaan cries.he gets tensed.

baby sleeps in car owner parks their car in house.thapki and bihaan gives complaint in police station.

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  1. Oh no!!! Kushi is missing….
    Thapki’s so careless this time… what would happen then… i can’t wait…

  2. chotu missing very bad thapki I want bihan didn’t forgive her easily

  3. Nice.thapki is very careless

  4. Why thapki why u did this with khushi?? Bihaan don’t forgive her easily. BTW Shankar wouldn’t try to kill baby after seeing kabir like this

  5. Oh…baby is missing,I hope Thahaan will get their baby soon.

  6. Sulbi

    Wow.. awsme.. so kushi is missing… so curious dear… update soon…

  7. Manish ki deewani

    oh thahaan khushi is missing …..thapki dumbo ……hope that car is of kabir

  8. very bad….careless thapki…always do these things….uff….bihan will never forgive her…

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