Suj:wat ragu, u didn’t get ready till yet, go it’s already late, u have to go to college na
Rag looks at her
Suj:go by saying she pushed her in the rest room
After few minutes
Lak:i will drop u
Rag nods
As soon as they open the door shocked to c janaki along with shekar and swara

Before everyone reacts, janaki immediately hugs her and cries badly
Jan:in cracking voice I’m sorry beta, I’m sorry, don’t think ur mom as bad, I’m selfish beta
Rag gets worried and pats her ,become teary
Janaki broke the hug and Cries.. yesterday whatever I said ,,,?plz forgive me she joined her hands
Rag :nods as no (wrdly)
Jan:im scared, if you parents came, u will leave me na, that’s I planned to marry u to my brother’s son, so that u Won’t Leave me, I’m very much selfish, I never thought about ur feelings, I did all the things because I love you Ragini, u r my first daughter even though if u didn’t accept it

All became teary by her confession and her love towards Ragini
Rag immediately hugs her :i promise ma I Won’t Leave you, u r my ma, I wont

After few minutes
Swara happily k it’s time to celebrate, so when v will do ragkaran official marriage
Shek:before that v have to enquire about Karan and his family
San:he told abt yesterday incident to them (whatever he did) all r amused
Shek:then v will do marriage after their college got over
All nods
Lak feels bad for him

@night @ragini’s home
Rag phone rings
Rag:wat happened karan
Kar:yeah plz cum to this address immediately, it’s something important
Rag:but time is
Kar:interrupts her it’s 7 oly plzzz by saying he cuts it

@at that place
AS soon as Ragini came to the place, saw one beautiful house, she went inside her and shocked to see karan drinking alcohol
Rag:(shocked) karan do u drink?
Kar:y not baby, whenever I got depressed ,I use to take it
Rag:angrily don’t call me baby
Kar:then Wat should I call wifey
Rag:i think u consumed more alcohol, whatever it is v will speak tmrw by saying she turns to go
Karan immediately goes towards her and back hugs her
Rag:shocked angry Wat r u doing
Karan:dont u want to know y I’m depressed? He pouts because my first night was cancelled yesterday
Rag got very much angry, she turns and slap him, Wat r u speaking idiot, v did just drama, u r my frd not more than that
Karan:but v only knows this by saying he moves closely towards her
RRag:karan plz plz ,she walks backwards and suddenly pushed him and starts to run

Both were running, and ragu got hit by strong chest and her eyes widened to see sanskar standing in front of her
Rag:immediately hugs him and cries
Karan came at that time and saw both of them
Kar:wat r u doing wifey
Rag:breaks the hug by hearing his voice, sanskar plz save me, he is behaving, she cries
kar:im ur husband, i have the rights wifey
Rag:angrily don’t call me like that, he is lying sanskar, this marriage is fake, I did it to stop this marriage
Kar:shocked y r u lying wifey
Rag:gives a angry glare to him and immediately removed her mangalsutra,, sanskar at least now believe me
San nods and angrily goes towards karan and hugs him tightly by saying thank you

Rag was shocked to hellllll
Karan:sry Ragini, he loves you alot, being ur frd I can’t able to see u degrading urself, that’s I called him and told everything
I did this drama because v want u to accept it
Plz marry him

Rag bowed her head by feeling guilty ..and San continuously looks at her

Karen who saw this clears his throat, I think I should go now by saying he went (to give them a private time)

San :y u did like this
Rag opens her mouth
San cuts her I need a truth
Rag:i I (stammers) I didn’t want this marriage, I didn’t love you
San smiles o really
San:so u didn’t love me
He immediately take something in his packet and forcefully tied it on her neck
Rag widened by seeing his act and more over the mangalsutra
Rag :shocked Wat u did
San:smiled by seeing her expressing and took sindoor and placed it in her hairline
Karan told me everything, u r doing all the things for swara only na, I know u will do like this, that’s I Cam prepared

Rag:angrily I don’t know Wat karan told to u but the truth is swara loves u and I didn’t love you, and I won’t accept this marriage by saying she holds it to remove
San:pouts if u remove it, it implies I’m DEAD
Rag eyes become moist and turns opposite side
San chuckles and back hugs her
Rag struggle in his hold but the more she tries, the more he tighten her grip therefore she stops to struggle
san: I know u r thinking how to marry a person whom ur sister also loves but same applies me also na how will I marry swara when my brother loves her?
rag immediately break the hug and looks at him
San nods and pecks her nose
San:becaz of anger ur nose has become like mirchi that’s y I’m cooling it by saying he again pecked on her nose
Rag:dont dare to touch me
San:k by saying he kissed on her cheek
Rag:angrily u
San:u said not to touch u but I kissed you only na
Rag:sanskar u r irritating me
San:smiles and pulls her to go to her home

@car on the way to home
Rag:plz don’t say this to our parents.. Plz
Rag:feels releived
San:but on one condition
San:u have to kiss me by saying he shows his cheek
Rag:shocked wat
San:wat Wat, see I have given so many kisses to you but you
Rag:i wnt
San:then I will tell everything to our parents and also ur stupid drama, he winks
Rag:immediately peck his cheek and turns towards window to hide her blush

@ragini’s home
They both went inside and Ragini was shocked to see sheksuj
San:sry he pouts (I already told everything to them )
Sheksuj cries and hugs her that she gets ready to sacrifice her life for her sister
(after a small melodrama)
Suj:did u informed ur marriage to bhaiya (Ram)
San:nods as no. I will go to home and inform them
San:cuts him v will marry after she finishes her college
Shesuj nods
San turns to leave but again came back
San:uncle aunty I want to speak to my wife, shall I go along with her
SUj chuckles and nods

@ragini’s room
Rag :y r u doing like this? And y u came how
San:blushes for ROMANCE
rag widened

K do u like it
Next update tmrw itself

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