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@afternoon in office
San was restlessly trying Ragini’s number but she doesn’t pick it up
Lak:wat happened bro
San:she is not attending my call.. I’m scared. Is she doesn’t love me
Lak:cuts him don’t be negative, have you seen yesterday when I presented a chain,she was happy but after seeing ur annoyed face ,she became worried for you
San:scarctically seriously u did it for me.i thought u want to make swara jealous, that’s y , not for me
Lak blushes
San:(annoyed) plz don’t blush, I can’t tolerate it
Lak giggles

Suddenly they hear phone call
Lak:pappa’s phone is ringing.. O aunty only calling by saying he attends it
Lak:aunty ,dad is in meeting. Is anything important
Jan:nothing beta, K I’ll call later
Lak:wait wait dad came by saying he forwards the phone to ram(who came just now)
Ram:tell janu
Jan:v r k with ragsan marriage.
Ram o it’s a good news. K v will cum tmrw itself
Both smiles widely and ends the call

Sanlak : Wat happen dad
Ram:sanskar I will ask one thing, u have to accept it
Ram:i decided it marriage with Ragini

Lak:widened wat
San smiles happily and hugs him tightly thank you so much dad
Lak:actually bhaiya is in love with Ragini since childhood
Ram:looks at him..

As soon as swaragini came
Jan:ragu I want to talk to you
Swara looks at her but Ragini nods her by convincing
Rag:wat ma
Jan:actually u r going to finish ur studies within few months, so v decided to get u
Rag looks at her
Jan:smiles don’t b scared, because you are going to my brother’s house only. Sanskar Ragini when v say ur both names together it’s too good to hear
Rag immediately stands but I don’t want this marriage ma

Rag:i never thought sanskar as my (her throat chocked) ..he is my cousin..i don’t want any other relationships with him
Jan:do u know Wat r u speaking? Do u know how much he loves u.. Definitely he will make you happy through out ur life. Plz think it once
Rag:fake anger don’t compel me.. I don’t like him by saying she went and closed the door and cries

After few minutes
San called janaki
San:(excitingly) aunty Wat she told .did she accept me (blushes)
Janaki:felt bad for him, I didn’t speak till yet beta.. Now only she came..i will call you afterwards by saying she cuts the call

@night San who just overhears ramsuj conversation about Ragini’s decision abt the Marriage,, felt bad, he immediately went to see her

@ragini ‘S room
As soon as he came through window, saw her who is silently sitting in the bed with lost in presence
San:goes towards her and shakes her
Rag eyes widened by seeing him in her room that too at untime.. San how could you
San:immediately hugs her tightly
Rag became worried whe he hears his sobbing Sound
Rag:worried Wat happen
San breaks the hug don’t u really know

San:y u said no for our marriage
Rag:(felt pain by seeing him) it’s abt my wish sanskar ..i didn’t love you nor today not tmrw
San immediately goes close towards her and pulled her on him, both had a deep eye lock
San:i can see ur love in ur eyes,,
Rag pushed him away..plz go sanskar or else I don’t what I will go
San angrily :wat u will do damn it by saying he broke the one toy which is beside him.. Don’t u love me? Don’t u get desperate to See Me when ever my family came here, don’t u learn all my likes and dislikes, don’t u feel bad whenever I go, don’t u feel happy when I proposed u yesterday.. Now all of a sudden Wat happen to you ..i know u love me..

Rag turns and wipes her tears before he see

San:goes towards her again, come on tell me ragu
Rag:no sanskar, u r mistaken, u r my cousin, I like u that’s it not more than that

Before she says further he immediately locked her lips with his
Rag:widens her eyes and continuously hits him
San, doesn’t mind of her hits, just showered his love through the kiss

After San breaks it
San:(breathing heavily) run Ragini run where ever you want to go but u r mine only.. This Ragini is born for sanskar only by saying he went

Rag stood numb and tears are continuously coming in her eyes and she sobs more, when her gaze fell on the broken toy

She immediately bent and pick it up and cries.. (it’s the first gift presented by her sanskar during her school)

After few minutes
San:(to himself) OMG Wat I done, now Wat will my Ragini think of me, how will I face her,,y I can’t control my anger (he worries)
(guys he is a short temper)

Overwhelmed by ur comments
Guys do u really like it
Plz tell truly

And one new idea popped into my mind,, I’m going to Start my w(l)ife season 2 ff.. Hope u people remember it

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  1. Half ofy guess was right but I hope it should be a misunderstanding of Ragu between swasan

  2. Awesome amazing di.. update that story too

  3. outstanding poor sanskar.

  4. Fabulous update. Sanskar last dialogue was rocking.

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  8. Simply superb dear.

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  10. Amazingggggggggggg. Waiting for ragsan marriage.

  11. Amazing!!!

  12. It’s awesome yaar.

  13. Superb

  14. Awesome

  15. Fairy

    Oh my my???? arey I litterely loved it yaar???? feelng so bad for ragsan…Bt sanky ka confidence dekh ke lagta hai nobody can separate dem ever??? yey!!xcieted for nxt part!!post soon??much love!!

  16. Superb

  17. Mindblowing. Ragu don’t hurt your sanskar.

  18. Awesomeee

  19. MKRS

    Fabulouuuuusssss dr. Always that awara is wall between our RAGSAN. Update my wife story.

  20. Amazing Always ragini hurting sanskar for that chipkali.

  21. Sissssssy mindblowing part. Just loved ragsan kissing scenes. Sanky don’t let that choti come btw you guys. How can I forgot my ragsan stories?

  22. Ossssooommmmmmmmmm. Sanskar first marry her and convince her with your love.

  23. Amazing

  24. I am a silent reader of all your ffs and love them….. but i really didnt like when you showed that sanskar kisses ragini forcefully showering his love….the boys who tease girls thinks the same even rapists think that they are showering their love on the girl…..this potrays that girls are weak and boys can do anything to them forcefully……sorry if u felt bad its just that asifa matter is all over and then reading something like this just pains to think the mentality of people around……sorry once again if u felt bad

    1. Vinu

      No need to say sorry I respect your words..
      But im planning to show how Ragini degrade her life for others but sanskar who is aware of her doings, forced her to do whatever she wants /likes

      I promise if you didn’t want this track of story. Plz tell me,i will stop this ff.. I’m waiting for ur reply

      Each and everyone comments r important to me …sry if my story hurted u in any way

      Yes v girls are not weak

      1. Please do continue ur ff
        I just expressed my views…….if u stop this ff now it would be injustice to the readers ……i will restrict myself from reading the further episodes if I dont like them
        All the best for your ff
        Do continue this ff and also My wife season 2(loved season 1)…… would be waiting to read that ff too
        Thanks for respecting my pov and replying
        Lots of love

  25. Please do continue ur ff
    I just expressed my views…….if u stop this ff now it would be injustice to the readers ……i will restrict myself from reading the further episodes if I dont like them
    All the best for your ff
    Do continue this ff and also My wife season 2(loved season 1)…… would be waiting to read that ff too
    Thanks for respecting my pov and replying
    Lots of love

    1. Vinu

      Ty for understanding dear..

  26. Superb dear

  27. Asw

    Nice yaar keep going ?

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