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~ New Mehra Industries
~ Anaika’s Cabin

After a lot of fun, Shivika recalls what actually happened yesterday !!… How they had an intimate connection without taking each other’s consent !!…

Anaika : Umm !! ?

Shivin : Anaika !!… I am… am sorry !!…

Anaika : No no i should be sorry !!… I really got out of character and did that !!…

Shivin : No but !!…

Anaika : Its ok !!…

Shivin : Ok lets forget that thing and focus on tonight’s board meeting !!…

Anaika : But isnt the board meeting today afternoon !…

Shivin : Ohh !! Yaa my mistake.. ?

They forget all the sweet embarrasing memories for a while and keep their focus on the work !


~ Conferrence Room

Shivin : Everybody pls switch off your phones or put it on dnd mode !!!…

Anaika and everyone switches off and put their phones on dnd !!… Except one person !!…

Shivin : Ok… So lets talk our marketting strategy !!!… See we need to…

Interuppting his direction, somebody’s phone rings… Alongwith a ring tone of CHIKNI CHAMELI bollywood song !!! ?????


Kamsin kamariya saali ik thumke se lakh maare

Bichhu mere naina, badi zehereeli aankh maare
Kamsin kamariya saali ik thumke se lakh maare
Note hazaaro’n ke, khulla chhutta karaane aayi
Husn ki teelli se beedi-chillam jalaane aayi


Everyone gets entertained !! ??

Shivin miffs : Gossshh !!!… Anaika you’re phone is ringing… This is unproffesional !!! ??

Anaika rages : Shivin its yours !! ??

Shivin notices his phone is only ringing !!! ?

Shivin : Haha !!… This is so funny !!…. Lol… I am so sorry everyone !! ???

Anaika smirks and tries to control her laughter : ????

~ MSB Mall
~ Grocery section

Abhay and Sanaya are together arrive for grocery shopping !!…

Sanaya : Agar aaj servant strike nahi hoti… Toh mein yaha kabhi nahi aati !! ??

Abhay murmurs : Daiyaa re daiyaa !! ??

Sanaya : Shhutupp !! ??

They walks towards the sauce corner !!…

On the other hand, Sakash-Vatika too arrives for grocery shopping !!!..

Vatika : Umm sakash let me go and bring the eggs first… You may start with flour !!!…

Sakash : Dear can i buy some chocolates too !!…

Vatika cupps on his face … He gets a bright hope !!! ??

Vatika : Noooo !! ??

Sakash : ??

Vatika : Doctor advised you not to sweet… And therefore today is anaika’s sangeet… There only you can eat sweets !

Sakash : No fine… Mother India !!… ?

Vatika : What ?? ??

Vatika chuckles and walks towards the eggs corner !!!…

Abhay and Sakash collides with each other during buying groceries !!…

Sakash : Oh Hi Mr Raichand !!…

Abhay : Hey Mr Mehra… Good to see you… Buying veggies and all !! ?

Sakash : Yaa just like that !!… ?

Abhay : Same with me… Hi fi !!… ?

They had a friendly conversation, It was never shown before but Sakash, Abhay & Sanaya knows each other as both the familes are each other’s business partner !!…

Sanaya : Oh hi Mr mehra… You look good !!…

Abhay : Yaa hows your health now !!!…

Sakash : Now i am fine !!…

Sanaya : Good to know… Btw where’s your wife !!… We met your whole family but never met your wife !!!… ?

Abhay : Ofcourse… Where’s she !!!.. ?

Sakash : She is a lot busy… But today she’s !!!…

Suddenly a rack falls on sakash’s leg accidentally !!… It was deliberately thrown by VATIKA !!!!!!…

She was DUMBSTRUCK seeing Mr & Mrs Raizada !!…

Vatika was sweating and also feeling poor for her husband !!!.. But she immediately leaves from there without seeing or saying anything !!!…

Sakash : Aaaa !!…

Abhay : Are you ok !!!… Who did this !!!…

Sanaya : Hello we need a first aid box here !!…

Sakash : Its ok… Its ok i am here !!!…

Abhay : Thats good.. Anyways you’re ok then i guess we should continue the shopping !!…

Sakash : I am sorry but i cant see my wife here !!…

Sanaya : Its ok… Mr Mehra we will meet her some other day.. I guess you should have a first aid there !!!…

Sakash : Sure !!!.

They bids an adieu to the both and walks outside !!!…


Sakash : Aaa !!…

Vatika acts to talk on phone !!…

Vatika : Ok.. Yaa yaa bye !!… Sakash what happened !!…

Sakash : Nothing just… Why are you outside !!!…

Vatika lies : Actually i got an important call from NGO but was not able to answer it due to constant miking inside for offers… So i came out to receive !!…

Sakash : Ok… Lets go back and shop !!…

Vatika : Saa… Saakash listen naa… I guess i need to buy a hair dryer too… Lets go to the next mall !!!… ?

Sakash doubts : As you wish baby !… ?

They walks off from the mall !!!…

-/- Evening

~ Mehra Mansion
~ Anaika’s room

Beautificians dresses up anaika for her sangeet !… Anaika was looking purely amazing and beautiful !!!… She was no less than a princess !! ?


Anaika : You guys go and dress up my gau.. ??

She suddenly stops and holds her forehead !! Her head got sudden strike when uttered the word “GAU”…

Beautifician : Mam…

Anaika : Go and get shreya ready go !!…

They nods yes and leaves… She drinks a glass of water !!!… She looks at the mirror and her eyes were quite rich !!

Suddenly vivaan enters into the room breaking her good envi !!…

“Tum… What do you want now !!!” She asks with damm rage !!…

Vivaan flirts : Look at you baby… So s*xy as always !!…

He was to touch her but she get up immediately and twists his hand !!… He frees his hands somehow !…

Anaika : Dont you bldy dare to touch me !!… Angaar ko haat lagane se haath raakh ban jaata hain !!!

Vivaan smirks : Huh.. Anaika pls we are engaged naa !!…

Anaika thinks : Dreaming or what !!!…

Vivaan : Anyways… I just came here to tell you that !!… Tonight !!…

He suddenly grabs her waist and bring her close to him !!!…

Anaika : Vivaan you !!!… ????

Vivaan : That tonight we will perform on a hot and sensuous steamy song !!!… Imagine i will be shirtless and you will be on a steaming hot outfit after that we both will perform on TU ISAQ MERA song !!!… ??

Anaika : How dare youuu !!!… And i already told you before that we will perform with ayaan and shreya as i am not interested in a couple song with you… Then why did youu changed the f song !!!… ???

Vivaan : I am smart naa baby !! ?

Anaika : Poor soul !!!… Dont daydream oops evedream !! ?


Shivin witnesses vivaan-anaika’s fake intimacy and gets jaw-dropped !!… His mouth was O shaped and eyes were hooked at anaika !! ????

He gets miffed and rushes downstairs !!!…

Ayaan : Did you met her !!…?

Ruhaan : Dulhan se mulaqaat hui kya ?? ?

Shivin : I am uninterested about her… Excuse me !!! ?

He ignores there questions and leaves…

Ruhaan : Whhat happened to him !!!… Achanak murga safed se kaala kyun hogaya !! ??

Ayaan : Huh… Whatever ru !! ??


Function starts… Anaika & Vivaan comes downstairs…

Everyone applauds for them !!!…

Vivaan to anaika : Baby you know naa !!!… ?

Anaika to vivaan : Dont worry vivu… Aaj ki raat tumhe hamesha keliye yaad rahegi !!… Aisa hot performance dungi ki… Just wait & watch !! ??

Vivaan gets delighted whereas shivin fumes crossing his arms !!! ??

Anaika tells something to shreya !!…

Shreya : Are you serious ?!! ????

Anaika : Yaa i am damm serious… Jaldi jaa aur music play karne ko bol !!! ??

After a while…

Vivaan comes to the stage shirtless !!!… He is almost wet from in thinking whats gonna happen next !!!…

Anaika starts dancing on CHIKNI CHAMELI SHOCKING EVERYONE !!! ????????????


Bichu re ye naina
Badi zeherili aankh maare
Kamsi kamariya saali
Ik tumke se lakh mare


Bichhu re ye naina
Badi zeheleeli aankh maare

She throws vivaan out of the dance platform !!! ???

Kamsin kamariya saali
Ik tumke se lakh maare
Note hazaaron ke
Khula chutta karane aayee
Husn ki teelli se beedi chillam jalane aayee

Aaayee.. chikni chameli chup ke akeli pahua chadha ke aayee
Aaayee.. chikni chameli chup ke akeli pahua chadha ke aayee
Aaayee.. chikni chameli chup ke akeli pahua chadha ke aayee
Aaayee.. chikni chameli chup ke akeli pahua chadha ke aayee


She dances with shivin !!! ?????????


Banjar basti mein aayee hai masti
Aisa namkeen chehra tera
Meri neeyat pe chehke chote na hai rang gehra tera
Joban ye mera kenchi hai raja
Saare pardon ko kaatungi main
Shaame meri akeli hai aaja sangh tere baatungi main

Haaye.. baat mein ishaara hai
Jisme khel saara hai
Haaai baat mein ishaara hai
Jisme khel saara hai
Tod ke tijoriyon ko loot le zara
Chumke zakhmo mein thoda malham lagane aayee
Husn ki teeli se beedi chillam jalaane aayee

Aaayee Chikni.. chikni.. chikni.. aayee
Aaayee Chikni.. chikni…

Everybody applauds on Anaika-Shivin’s power pack performance !!!!… ??

Aaayee.. chikni chameli chup ke akeli pahua chadha ke aayee
Aaayee.. chikni chameli chup ke akeli pahua chadha ke aayee
Aaayee.. chikni chameli chup ke akeli pahua chadha ke aayee
Aaayee.. chikni chameli chup ke akeli pahua chadha ke aayee



Shivika’s romantic dance performance… ❤️❤️
Anaika : Anaika mehra kuch bhi karsakti hain !!!…
Vivaan fumes…
Anaika : Kaisa laga aapko mera KHIDKITOD PERFORMANCE !!!
Shivin looks at her immediately !!…
Anaika closes her mouth immediately and suddenly falls UNCONSIOUS !!! ???

LOOOOL ????…


Thankiooooooo –

Medhangel, Prabha, Niri, Agga, Niki, Jas, Hania, Niyu and everyone who liked !!! ❤️❤️❤️❤️

Okay guyz…
Will be back in tomorrow with a fresh new episode…
Till then tc


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  1. Just loved the epi Riana di.
    And also reading ur bride tale and imperfect heart both are just fab, with something new.
    Sorry for not commenting I hardly get time nowadays.
    Lots of love.

    1. Riana

      @Ritu… Awww thankiooo so much…???
      Ok whenever you get time do comment on Imperfect Heart & Bridal Tale also ????
      Lovess ❤️

  2. Hi riana
    After a lonnng time ha waited for sooo many days. How are you hoping your days are going well.
    Kya khidkithod update tha chikni chameli pe anika’s dance couldn’t stop imagining and laughing.????
    Full episode was fun pack?????
    Har haraye ke ab next update dena
    Bye keep smiling and take care ???

    1. Riana

      @Medha… Hiii… Somedays were good some were utterly bad… Anyways… ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ glad u like it !!…. Keep reading n gonna updt soon

  3. And the montage is superb ????

    1. Riana

      Thnkiuu ??

  4. ItsmePrabha

    Riu….shivin ko chikni chameli ke alawa koyi aur gaana nahi mili kya??hehehe…Amazing epi..vatika raizadas ko kaise jaanti hai??koyi FlashBack? and shivika ka performance bhi chikni chameli pe..aag laga di honge donno..precap is interesting..will be waiting for the next..till then take care..Love you..

    1. Riana

      @Prabha… ❤️❤️❤️???
      Hain kuch raaz waqt ke andar dafn ! ?
      Right time aane par pata chalega ?
      Lovuuu ❤️

  5. Niriha

    Fabulous update…loved it

    1. Riana

      @Niri.. ❤️?❤️

  6. Agga4102

    Marvellous dear!!!!! Do update soon!

  7. Jasminerahul

    mobile ring scene was scenes..dialogues of couples were funny.quite mysterious about vatika hiding from abhay sanaya.Anika saying Gau unknowingly was lovely.Anika twisting his hand was superb.Vivaan having dirty ideas to dance sensually with Anika.yuck.Anika throwing vivaan out of d dance floor n dancing with shivin was superb.loved shivika pic very much.beautiful banner

  8. Nikita_jai29

    It is lovely dear

  9. Niyati

    Another Awesome episode….Phone conversation is funny….Shivika scenes are lovely….Update soon & lots of love ??

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