Should I confess ?? Ch 12 + Author’s note

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Today’s episode
Mahi in class 8 / D, Twinkle nd Uv in 8/ B nd kunj in 8/ C. There was a major twist waiting for them ahead. The first day was indeed a new shock for twinj …yes a shock indeed. Talking to each other is far..they didn’t even look at each other. Both wanted but didn’t have the guts….
6 months passed…but they didn’t talk to each other..never ever..both feeling awkward without each other but never tried to talk .
In this time a new thing took place nd that was the realization of love by Twinkle. Yes, she realized how much she loves kunj… What feeling did she carry for him. Nd that was it…she decided to talk to him…to proceed their talks..
That was when she gave her bio tests nd the syllabus was not taught nd the whole class was angry on him. Whereas it was taught in 8/ C ..
In the recess …she asked Tanvi who was also in 8/C to give her notebook…she was reading when kunj came nd
K: What are u reading..
T: That idiot ….Ashok. sir…he didn’t teach us anything nd is not even ready to give us extra marks…I’m surely gonna kill him….Nd see …pratyusha mam has taught u everything…Buddha ( old ) Ashok… nonsense….duffer…..
K: ok..ok…control…control ur emotions….I understand …he’s idiot nonsense.. stupid everything…
T: I’ll kill him..that khadoos….
K: Achha ….calm down ….take a chill pill..
T: Shut up !!!! I’ll make u eat a chilli .. ( mimics him ) take a chill pill…
Kunj burst out laughing.
T: kunj…I need ur help.Can u pls send all ur bio notes on WhatsApp ??
K: U use WhatsApp ??
T: hmm… take my mob no. From ashwin …ok. ???
K: okh fine…
In the evening..
( Now I’ll show some chats…these are not their talks but chats )
K: Who’s notes u wanted ???
T: Obviously urs..
K: Aree …I mean which sub…
T: ohh
K: Ok..but not today..I don’t like touching books at night..
T: fine..but why…??
K: Jst like that !!!
T: problem..send me tomorrow.
K: Well what r u doing..??
T: Chatting with u…in my dreams.
K: ????
T: ohk then …bye..
K: hmm…bye..

Next day morning chats..
T: hey…my notes..U r very bad..bullakad ( forgetful )
K: ohh..hii ! Well I remember but I was thinking who’ll click so many photos ..
T: jst shut up !!! Nd send me..
K: ok listen..I’ll send u by the evening..
T: hmm fyn..
K: u know what !! I’ve paused my games jst to chat with u..
T: u r playing games ??
K: hmm
T: ohh what else can I expect from u !!!
K: so many things ???
T: like…???( Twinkle was amused by his reply )
T: what’s this now ??
K: I don’t have any answer …
T: wht ..leave it..send me the notes.
K: u do one thing… U take the notes from me in the school…
T: nd how will I write so much ??
K: u keep my notebook with u for always…
T: really !!!!!!
K: hmm…
T: okay then…now u see how will u write …I’ll keep ur notebook..bye..
K: bye..
Kunj says to himself : she’s a kid..Babaji !!! How can I fall for this kid…but small kids are indeed very cute …Nd he smiles.

Precap : don’t know ???
Author’s note ———
Hey guys… !!!! Hope u all are doing well …soo sry for not replying individually !!!! Bzy me …
Achha hnn…many of u requested me to show adult plss look at it carefully.. the std 8 part won’t go on for long!!! May be 5-6 episodes nd then even I had decided to show adult part… So kindly have patience..Nd keep commenting ….
Love u all ?????
Nd thnkuuuu…

  1. Sameera

    Woah ???? adya hayee mein marjawa twinkle realised uff loved it nah nah I only want twinj chilhood scenes ???school part is amazing n u know I am love with ur ff ????????
    Do cont soon plshh …

  2. Sohi

    Their chat was cute feeling sad for them as they are separated and “don’t know” if I will also comment or not? do continue

  3. Wow this epi was super sweet n cute.. loved it.. Their chat was awesome.. eagerly waiting for the next ❤

  4. SidMin23

    It was super cute episode n I love twinj chat and waiting for next episode. ??

  5. Purnima.agrawal30

    awesome amazing fabulous epi

  6. Paavu

    Oooo awesome chalo pyar ho gaya it was amazing adyu srry cant commnt on anyone’s as really bzee due to movks so pardon me srry fr small commnt

  7. Hey adya,
    School luv is awesome.Their chidish behaviour luved.So kunj n twinkle have fallen for each other.Luved it.Post soon.

    Lots of luv,

  8. Zuha Fatima

    Hey Adya,
    Well this was great and I enjoyed it a lot!

    Well the way you portray school love is so nice also carry on with the way you want as you better know where your story is heading 🙂

    Loads of love and support ♡♡♡

    Keep smiling 🙂 Always 🙂

  9. SidMin

    Wow Lovwd Twinkle ko samjh meh aagaya that she Loves Kunj ❤
    And that chats ? so funny Lived it
    I find the childhood part more cute and funny but your wish
    Love you take care ??

  10. Super cute episode adya loved it

  11. Aanya_pandey

    That ws so cite yr.. actually imagining them to b in 8th std.. wo khud me hi itna cute h.. n uuspr.. wo cute se fights n tease.. jst loved it yr..

  12. dreamer...arundhati

    Adya…..m sorry….for not commenting….read alll the epis in 1 go….lovely

  13. Chiku

    Woaah it’s amazing ????lovely.
    Post nwxt soon
    Love u??

  14. Adyaaaa u r back I missed u n episode was amazing per twinj in different class oh no bt dey r chatting n twinkle realises her love wowww awesome amazing fabulous love u

  15. Jisha

    School love is so cute…awesome… super cute…so adorable…

  16. Hey Adya,
    This school love is so damn cute! But I am really curious to know what you have in stored for us for their adulthood. Will be waiting. Try posting soon!

    Lovess! xx

  17. Hi Adu! firstly soooooooooooo sorry for cmnting too late….. n todays epi was amazing fabulous n cute….. their chat was awesome as well as funny….. loved it…. n kunjs last dialoge “how can I fall for a kid” was soooo sweet… post next as soon as posible……
    Waise bataya nahi chote twinj mein kise imagine karun…….. achha sorry just kidding…. come soon with next…

    Love you…… keep smiling always……. n good night…


  18. Simiyy

    Really enjoyed it
    i cant wait for the leap .
    well i guess your goonna have a leap if you are going to show adult scenes

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