Hello everyone…… I am Anusha Sanskar Malhotra. I am a new writer here. I hope u all will like my story and encouarage me to write further.. i forgot to tell u this is a true love story. Each scene is written as it is without any changes. Enough of my bak bak let us go into the story.
The name of the story is “A complete yet incomplete love story”

Swara: A charted accountant, succesful enough in her carrer and lots of passion for her work. Was once a bubbly but not anymore. Some past experencies of her life made her dull. Baate karti hain kam par un kam baaton main bhi uska manki khoobsurti dikh jaati hain(aise kehte hain log). Her dream job to join her father’s company
Sanskar: a charming and handsome ladka. So handsome that any girl seeing him would go flat…. but never did he flirt nor take advantage of his good looks. Very good by heart. Dosti ke liye apni jaan de sakta hain. He has done business management. A sucessful entrepreneur. Just returned from united states after working there as an intern. Very soon he would join his father’s company

Sujata: sanskar’s mother. Very matured mother. Jaan de sakti hain apne bete ke liye. Want him to marry soon and get her a bahu
Ram prasad: a caring father of sanskar. Want his son to join his company soon
Shekar: swara’s father. A father who want her daughter to be normal as she used to be. Can go to any limits to make her normal
Sharmishta: swara’s mom. A very kind hearted lady. More asa afriend to swara
The two most important characters of the story

Laksh: brother of swara. Ragini is his wife. A very good kind hearted brother. Laksh ke liye apni behan ki khusiyan sabse zyada matter karte hain
Ragini: in college she used be swara’s best friend. Sheis now her bhabhi. Ragini is an orpan.

Shekar and ramprasad are partners of the same company. They were, are and will always be more than a family. U might be thinking sanskar and swara know each other but u are wrong. It took 25 years for them to know each. Same colony, family friends but 25 years to know each other!!!!! Interesting right.
Do u know where they met for the first time? HOSPITAL..
Sanskar came back from US and was riding his bike when he met with an accident and on the same day swara was hit by a car. Swara had many internal bleeding but she recovered lekin sanskar ka sirf ek leg fractured tha. Now DESTINY played its part. Sanskar and swar were put in the same room for observation. Do u know the room number of the hospital 143. U read it right. Is it not destiny?
This story would be told from swara pov..

Plz guys if u like it then comment and let me know.
Thank u. This is ANUSHA SANSKAR MALHOTRA signing off.

  1. Awesome dear do continue
    Plz dont mind one query your hubby’s name is sanskar right omg plz dont get me wrong its just that i thought that no one will be having a name like this in real life

    1. Anusha.S.M

      i don’t mind but sanskar name is quite common in real life too

  2. Mahjabeen

    Its interesting dear…continue soon

  3. Awesome story padkar hi padne ka man karta hai and yeh story heart touching means jis tarah tumne character describe kia and story mai questioning ki i just loved it the way u write lagta nai yeh first time hai and i first time comment in hindi don’t know why but heart say to do so i do and plz do continue waiting for the next part loved it

    1. Anusha.S.M

      so sweet of u. thank u so much. i wrote ff but first time in telly updates

    2. Radhika..

      ur welcome. and i also think so that someone first try so good how yr?? i wanna read ur previous ff also if u can give me the link as i really like ur written style don’t know what attract me but attract..

  4. Vyshu10


    1. Anusha.S.M

      Will let u know about whose story it is? By the way what is ur name?

    2. Anusha.S.M

      Sorry wrong reply. Really sorry and thank u

  5. awsome intro….. will be waiting….. plz post soon….. if u dnt mind… I wanna ask… is it ur story…… ???Solly for the personal question…..

    1. Anusha.S.M

      Will let u know about whose story it is? By the way what is ur name?

  6. Arshaanya

    Wow its Intersting…
    Continue soon

  7. nice yaar
    pls continue

  8. interesting..continue soon..

  9. Very interesting. Go ahead

  10. Sanjanaagrawal

    Awesome … di … plz continue … Sry to ask u personal question but are u married ??????

  11. Its Awesome

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