Colors TV reveal the new promo for Naagin 6

Naagin 6 has been in the news for a while now and perhaps it is one of the most anticipated shows on TV right now. With different names popping out, the fans are wondering who the next Naagin will be. Producer Ekta Kapoor announced the show on Bigg Boss 15 and post that, the fans are tirelessly guessing on names.

The channel recently launched the new promo of the show on youtube. From the promos, it seems like Naagin 6 will be based on Covid. Colors tweeted the promo also and wrote, “Desh ki raksha karne ke liye, zeher bann kar zeher ko hi khatam karne aa rahi hai Naagin, phir ek baar! #Naagin6, jald hi #Colors par.

The promo shows someone putting something in the water which causes the virus to spreads everywhere. Following this, some spiritual men are seen having a conversation about the spread and the man says “Padosi desh, ek virus ko hathiyaar banakar, har taraf mahamaari faila dega.” A monk is then seen asking,, “Kaun karega isse hamari rakhsha?”

Following this, we see a Naagin on-screen. Check out the promo:


Amidst all this, it still remains a mystery as to who will be playing the Naagin after all. Some of the popular names that we hear are Rubina Dilaik and Mouni Roy. However, we will have to wait for confirmation on the same.

  1. ShraddhaSharma392

    Bus yehi naagin covid 19 ka illaz karegi..🤣🤣🤣 based on this only …. Phele hi le aati ekta isko, kam se kam doctors ka kaam kam ho jaata

  2. My Imaginary Storyline It would be good if it is in this season
    Here it is
    There is a family in village he is village head and rich landlord stays with his Rakhi sister , brother-in-law , their son and his beautiful daughter(Sirisha) and caretaker family and their children(son , daughter) one loyal couple servants..
    In city his relatives consists of old lady grandmother of two grand children…….. one loyal servant

    At Auspicious day Naagins come to earth from Naaglok to visit the glorious Shivalingam.
    They must return before the eclipse starts, otherwise, they lose their power until the eclipse completes. However, Female lead is distracted by Tantra, an evil Naga who had been punished by Nagadeva earlier and was sent to Patalok as a punishment. Tantra imprisons Devi with fire during the eclipse while her other friends return to Nagaloka before the eclipse.

    Female lead is saved by village lead who is killed by Tantra in the process. she decides to save Sirisha from her relatives as an act of reciprocation. She plans to marry Suseela with her cousin Dileep.
    She fakes story and live in Dileep house. his younger brother and female lead have a rough start and slowly she hike plan to reunite both families….. Tantra who was enemy and lust on female lead try to harm Sirisha and her family………..Everytime female lead saves them…..

    And also Female lead knows that Dileep family has secret regarding to some mysterious past and she try to solve that mystery behind and in meanwhile she get married Sirisha to Dileep where both leads also fall for eachother……….
    Story goes on friends…………………….

  3. Tffghcv

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