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11 May 2015, Uttam Nagar, Aatishganj:
8 pm:
A lady walks to some place and is scared. The guard notices her.

8:30 pm:
Two constables get a wireless update. They head to Uttam Nagar.

The lady cries her heart out. She is in some office. A guy is also there.

8:45 pm: The constables reach house no. 23. Smoke is coming out of the house. A guy is shouting for help. The constables open the door and the guy comes out. He is immolated.

City Hospital, Aatishganj:
Kailash Kumar is under observation. Police SP Ajay Singh calls it a suicide case. Kabir asks him if it can be a murder case. SP has no idea. We are investigating all the angles.

Uttam Nagar Police Station, Aatishganj:
Kailash’s wife and daughter are at the station.

2 May 2015, Kailash’s House:
Kailash brings a flower for his wife and sings a son. they talk about how he has taken up the responsibility to make everything good in life. Their duahgter asks abut the daily warnings. He explains that it is good to get warning. Think that till the time I am getting warnings I am on the right path. The day it stops then think that your papa has taken the wrong path. A while later Kailash gets a call from Salim. He leaves for some work.

Kechuri Road, Aatishganj:
A man is trying to stop people from taking a public park. The man beats that guy. He puts a builder’s hoarding outside in place of park. Kailash clicks some photos. He runs when the guy notices him. The builder’s goons try to catch him but Kailash hides.

Someone tells Kailash that that park’s place is of some trust. Kailash shares that it is M.M. Builder. The guy tells him to stay away from the park then. Those guys aren’t good.

Present: Kailash’s wife shares that Manohar Singh is a very dangerous man. I often told my husband not to interfere in this but he printed everything in the paper.

M.M. Builder’s Office: Manohar Singh is miffed to read the news. He tells his men to teach that journalist.

Two guys on bike walk past Kailash. They start shooting bullets. Kailash runs to save himself but the guys continue to follow him. The bikers enjoy seeing him all sweating. The same guy tells Kailash that the first shot went wrong intentionally. It wont happen next time. Don’t meddle in Manohar Singh’s affairs.

Present: Kailash’s wife tells SP that we got threatening calls from them. My husband had told me about it. Another Inspector shares that no suicide note was found. But we have got an important clue. A woman’s sample (of bangles and hairs) was collected from there. Guard confirms seeing a lady. She is a social worker named Sunaina.

Sunaina is at the police station.

Flashback: Kailash brings Sunaina to the police station. He meets Inspector Aman there. Builder Manohar Singh’s goons trouble her every now and then. You must give her protection. Inspector suggests her to talk face to face with the builder. Sell that place to him. Kailash insists upon lodging a FIR. Sunaina does not want to make any deal with the builder. Inspector assures her that they will do the necessary investigation.

Next day:
Monohar Singh’s men kidnap Sunaina. They took me to a farmhouse outside Aatishganj. It belonged to Manohar Singh. Sunaina begs him to let her go. Manohar Singh says I tried a lot but you dint listen to me. It will be fun if you listen to me happily. She tries to run but he pushes her on bed. Listen to me. Your journalist brother could not do anything. He forces himself on her. The guys later throw Sunaina to the same place. Tell your friend that he will be the next target. Sunaina cries.

Sunaina told police how Kailash Kumar was helping her but Manohar Singh raped her. This is what she went to tell Kailash next day.

On the day of incident, at Kailash’s office:
Sunaina comes to meet Kailash. She is crying badly. She tells him everything. Kailash is shocked. You will get justice. I will help you.

Police still had a doubt on Sunaina. She was scared and still wasn’t telling everything. Maybe someone had threatened her.

City Hospital, Aatishganj:
SP and the media go inside to take Kailash’s statement. Kailash is in a very bad condition. My family will be very alone. I dint immolate myself. Sunaina too hasn’t done anything.

Flashback: I had called Inspector Patel to share about what had happened with Sunaina. Inspector told me to meet him in the morning. Kailash calls his boss. He too declines to publish this news. Kailash is angry with all the people not doing anything. He comforts Sunaina. I will get you justice. No problem if it is not published in paper. I will take help of facebook. Manohar Singh will get punished. Kailash sits down to do some work on his computer. There is a knock on the door. Sunaina tells him not to open the door. He is sure it will be Inspector Patel. I only had called him. He walks towards the door. it is indeed Inspector Patel. He instead scolds Sunaina for not paying heed to what Singh Sir has been telling her to do. Keep quiet and you will be happy. Kailash yet again demands justice. Patel calls someone inside. Manohar Singh’s men enter. Kailash recognizes them too. Both of them are tensed. The guys run to catch hold of Sunaina. Kailash tries to save her from them but in vain. She runs out. They beat him badly and then one guy takes out kerosene oil. Kailash begs them to spare his life. Beat me as much as you want to but don’t do this. One guy holds him down while the other pours kerosene over him. The guy lights a match next. Kailash screams for help. The police gets info from a neighbour and reaches there.

Present: Kailash takes builder Manohar Singh and his goons name. They are responsible for my condition. Insepctor Patel is also included in this. SP records his statement in his phone. Kabir sadly turns to go out.

Kailash is an honest journalist. He was doing his work honestly. He exposed builder Manohar Singh. He was also helping Sunaina. Manohar Singh is absconding. His number is off too. all the journalists have registered a complaint together. Government officer has agreed to meet them tomorrow.

Government Office, Aatishganj:
Media questions the higher authority about what action he will take. The officer lies. We have found form the investigation that the journalist was under stress. He set himself on fire. The SP’s transfer was due and it happened in the morning itself. All the journalists are irked. Kabir asks him if he doesn’t think that this sudden transfer will create a doubt towards the system. The officer dismisses the conference. Kabir gets a call.

Kailash Kumar succumbs to his injuries. His wife and daughter cry near his dead body. We told you that no one will try to find out truth or help you. It isn’t a good world but you never listened to us. His daughter turns to Kabir. Please help us get justice. Kabir is anguished / pained at their situation. He holds her hand and walks out from there. Sunaina too is crying.

Sunaina gives an interview. Manohar Singh watches the news. Sunaina clearly takes Manohar Singh’s name. She shares all the incidents.

Sunaina also told that Manohar Singh had raped her. Manohar Singh addresses the media. What is the proof? That woman is lying. I too can say something but will it turn true? Please print the truth.

Kabir meets two Inspectors who were under the SP. He requests them to think well before taking any step.

10 days later:
Kailash’s video has been made viral. The video is also aired on tv. Manohar Singh, SP and Kailash’s family watches the news. The culprits get tensed. Kailash’s daughter comforts her mother. You should not cry or be scared. Papa used to say that truth always wins. They share an emotional hug.

Government has announced an SIT. Patel was immediately suspended from his job. Manohar wants a visa so he can leave from India and be at some safe place. Police arrest Manohar Singh and his goons. All the culprits were charged under different sections of IPC.

Journalists’ lives have been in danger since the beginning. Many such attacks happen on journalists. They are pretty dangerous. It all happens as our honest journalists decide to raise their voice against the corrupt people. They only try to show the society the good and bad side of everything. Kailash Kumar was also one such journalist. Code Red Aawaz applauds him for the same. It also requests other journalists not to stop from bringing out the truth in open. This is also as important as the act of saving someone’s life (like the doctors).

Update Credit to: Pooja

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