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The epi begins with Sakshi’s intro about the story. They say hard work pays. But what if we still lose after giving our 100%? Winning and losing is a part of life but it doesn’t mean that we give up in life. Success and defeat taught us a lot many things every time. All we need is trying one more time with a positive outlook. Life sustains on hope itself. Defeat is nothing but our first step in the direction of victory. Only those win who fall yet get up once again in life.

A girl (Disha) is unable to study so she closes the door of her room. Door bell rings. Disha’s mother opens the door for her husband. Disha is talking to her friend Nishi. Disha is feeling scared but Nishi assures her that everything will happen smoothly. Disha isn’t convinced even after talking to her friend.

Disha’s father tells Disha about the surprise holiday he has planned for her. I know you will score 90% in your exams. It can be any place of your choice, even abroad. Be focused and study diligently. You have to score 90% marks this time. I know you can do it. He bids her good night and leaves. Disha is completely stressed out as her father’s words and Nishi’s security echoes in her head. She passes out.

Dr. Prashant receives a call from Dr. Mehra. A girl has tried to commit suicide. She is in hospital. He leaves with Ashima.

The girl is none other than Disha. Dr. Mehra tells Prashant and Ashima about Disha’s condition. He also introduces them to Mr. Negi (Disha’s father). Mrs. Negi says nothing happened. her exams are due in a month and she was studying like every other day. I had taken milk for her to her room and had found her lying unconscious in her bathroom. Mr. Negi consoles her. my daughter has done something like this for the first time. Prashant is curious as to what would have pushed Disha to take such an extreme step. Prashant explains them about their NGO and their work. Ashima adds that whoever tries to commit suicide is mentally very disturbed. Can you tell us if Disha was worried over something? Mr. Negi interrupts her. we don’t need any NGO. Prashant reasons that he may not need them but maybe his daughter does! This irks Mr. Negi. You think I am not able to fulfil her wishes? Prashant says I dint mean like that. If Disha has tried to commit suicide then it means that she is mentally very depressed. Mr. Negi continues to take it negatively. Nothing has happened to my daughter. The kids these days get worried over just about anything. There is nothing, everything is fine. Prashant nods. Can we talk to Disha for some time? Mr. Negi denies. my daughter is battling for her life and you are talking about such things. Prashant calmly apologizes to them for disturbing them.

Ashima wonders why even the educated people of today’s time refuse to understand that depression isn’t some madness but a disease that can be treated with medicines and confidence. Prashant points out that depression is the biggest reason for suicide. Approx 8.5 lakhs people in the world lose their lives to it. 80% people out of them never go for any treatment at all. Ashima is shocked at the statistics. But how can you be so calm all the time, even when Mr. Negi was shouting badly at you? Prashant replies that shouting only causes noise. It is more important to hear rather than speak. I am sure Mr. Negi will definitely talk to us.

Dr. Mehra tells Disha’s parents that Disha is conscious now.

Next day, Ashima tells her sir that Disha is a very bright student. She always cores 80-82% marks in her studies. They wonder what could be the reason then that prompted Disha to commit suicide. Mr. Negi looks a strict man too. Maybe that could be one of the reason. hospital people informed me that Disha is conscious now.

Mr. Negi refuses to allow Prashant and Ashima to meet his daughter. My daughter has her exams due soon. Your questions at this point of time might not be good for her health. Prashant and Ashima leave from there. Prashant decides to talk to Disha only somehow.

Disha’s mom (Sudha) notices them. I want to talk to you about Disha. She needs your help. Disha has tried to commit suicide twice in the past as well. They are shocked. I don’t know why she is so worried. Prashant requests her to tell them everything in detail. Sudha says we couldn’t understand it and dint even tell anyone about it. After all Disha is a girl. we don’t want her to be embarrassed over anything. But she was behaving normally since last few days. We thought that she is all normal now. But she is in stress when it comes to her exams though she is a very intelligent student. Prashant discusses about Mr. Negi. He looks a little strict. Does he pressurize Disha for studies? Sudha says my husband never pressurizes Disha. In fact he loves her a lot.

Mr. Negi is feeding Disha. You made a mistake again. You dint think of me at all? I would have died if something would have happened to you. Disha gets emotional. I am really very soon. he comforts her. Promise me you won’t do something like this again. She obliges. Prashant and Ashima look on from outside.

Prashant and Ashima can understand that the reason is something else. If it was about studies then Disha wouldn’t have tried to commit suicide as she is a bright student. Ashima has checked Disha’s call records too. The last call was to her friend named Nishi.

Nishi talks well about Disha and her parents. She has no boyfriend. She always focuses on her studies only but she is under a lot of stress all the time. Nishi discusses about her last call with Disha before she committed suicide. Teachers always praise Disha too. Ashima tells Nishi to be with Disha at this point of time as she needs her. she is your best friend. Such people (who take such extreme steps) need their friends and family a lot by their side. just be with her. Nishi nods.

Sudha and her husband are having dinner. Disha had her dinner and is sleeping in her room. Sudha receives a call from Prashant. She pretends in front of her husband that she is talking to her mother. She goes to the kitchen and is upset with Prashant for calling her. you know my husband doesn’t like it that Disha or I talk to you. Prashant insists to talk to Disha as it is very urgent. Sudha replies that I dint have a word with my husband. Plus you know he wont agree for it. Prashant requests her to try atleast. Her husband calls out for her so she ends the call. Sudha tries to talk to him about letting Dr. Prashant Bhaskar meet DIsha once but he doesn’t pay heed. Sleep in Disha’s room tonight as she is alone. She nods.

Next day, door bell rings. Prashant and Ashima come to Negi House. Mr. Negi is angry seeing them in their house. He even scolds them but Prashant isn’t ready to budge. Fate has helped Disha thrice but it isn’t possible that it will help her all the time.

They all are seated in the drawing room. Mr. Negi refuses to believe it that anything has happened to Disha. She is perfectly alright. Yes, she does get stressed sometimes due to her studies. She is a brilliant student. If she works a little harder then I am sure she can achieve more than 90% in her exams. I can see her trying. Prashant asks him if he can meet Disha once. Maybe she is able to speak out whatever is troubling her. Mr. Negi replies that his daughter is his world. I have always treated her like a friend. I don’t think she is hiding something. Ashima remarks that sometimes we are unable to share some things with our friends too, and that eats us from inside. Mr. Negi finally agrees. Assure me that she wont have to face any problem because of you guys. Prashant affirms.

Disha’s parents leave her with Prashant and Ashima in her room. Prashant and Ashima notice the guitar in her room. They try to make her talk about herself and her aspirations. Disha says I want to become an engineer like my father. Prashant adds that this is the reason why you take that particular tuition. Disha nods. It is my dream to crack IIT. Ashima says I thought you wanted to be a musician. Is someone pressurizing you for studies? Disha denies. my parents are not like that. In fact they have gifted me this guitar to relax after my studies. Dad can never go against me. Prashant and Ashima look at each other.

In their car, Prashant repeats Disha’s words. Disha gets panic attacks when it comes to exams. Every student is scared of exams but it is a little too much.

Ashima is talking to Disha while Prashant seeks Sudha’s permission to see Disha’s room. Sudha takes him to Disha’s room. He checks Disha’s notebooks. Some things are repeatedly written in it so that she is able to learn faster (Mr. Negi’s belief). He picks up another notebook and finds some drawings in it.

Prashant tells Ashima that he finds Mr. Negi to be extra caring. He meets Nishi. Nishi talks well about Disha’s father. He even skipped Dolly Didi’s (his elder brother’s daughter) marriage as Disha had her 10th boards then. uncle was scared that Disha’s studies would have been hampered if he goes to attend the wedding.

Nishi shares an incident where she was applying nail paint in Disha’s fingers. Disha was very excited about Dolly Didi’s wedding. She had even shown a lehenga that she was going to wear in the wedding. Disha receives a call from Dolly. They both spoke excitedly about the wedding. Disha decides to show her dress to her father. Mr. Negi appreciates the dress. But he decided against going in the wedding because of Disha’s exams. Disha assures him that she has studied properly. The exams will happen after 2 months. Mr. Negi explains how board exams are not to be taken lightly. You have a forgetful memory too. You will forget everything if your mind is diverted. Disha agrees. She had asked him to go with her mom but he denies. We wont go without you. don’t worry about anything else, focus on your studies. Disha goes back happily to her room with Nishi.

Disha is dejected seeing her result (80%). Papa had so many expectations from me. I knew all the answers of all the questions in the exam paper. But as soon as I started writing I felt as if I knew nothing. I forgot everything. Papa would be deeply hurt. Nishi points out that that was the first time when Disha had tried to commit suicide. No one in school knew about it. she told me after a long time.

Prashant and Ashima meet Dolly. Dolly too talks about her uncle’s love for Disha. He never pressurizes her for anything. In fact, he trusts Disha a lot. She knows that Disha is a brilliant student. I have never seen him scolding Disha. He always peps up Disha for studies in case she isn’t that attentive. I am going to be a mother soon so I can understand their feelings. Your happiness lies in your kids’ happiness. I want to raise my baby just like my uncle has raised Disha. I will never pressurize my baby if I have to make him / her do anything. I will do it with love. Prashant makes a request to her. Rather than making your baby do something, let him / her do what he / she wants to. Dolly nods.

Prashant is with Mr. Negi. Disha had tried to commit suicide twice earlier as well. What was the reason? Mr. Negi replies that Disha’s results were about to come so I went home early that day. Mr. Negi is shown coming home excitedly. He checks Disha’s report card and heads to his room without saying anything to anyone, avoiding food as well. Disha was pained to see him thus. Flashback ends. Mr. Negi says Disha cut her wrist with a blade that night itself. The wound was not that deep. My daughter knew that she dint get what she deserves. This was the reason behind her taking such a step.

Disha’s Principal talks well about Disha. She is a topper in studies, sports and music too. She has even made a musical band for the school along with few other girls. But after her 10th standard she stopped taking part in any kind of extracurricular activites.

Ashima talks to a few girls about Disha. They praise Disha and her singing and musical talents. Nishi and her friends had requested her to join them once again but DIsha had insisted upon focusing on her dream (of becoming an engineer). She is very focused on IIT. We all know that she will be successful in achieving it.

Prashant comes to meet Disha while she is studying outside. He asks her for a page from her notebook. She gives him her other notebook. She curiously watches him while he writes something. The puzzle wont solve like this. He makes her do it instead. She solves it finally. He remarks that it was very easy. This question came in last year’s 12th exams. You gave the right answer. This way you will get 100% marks. Why do you get so tensed when you are so good in studies? Disha says I have no idea. I forget everything when I enter the examination hall. The same thing happened the other day.

The first scene is shown again. Papa bade me goodnight and went to his room. I was tensed because of the exams (papa’s words too). I went to the washroom and drank the toilet cleaner. I don’t know what happens to me sometimes. I feel I have some mental problem. I want to go to IIT and become a very big engineer like my dad. But it wont happen this way. My father had given me all the facilities that can help me to achieve it. But how will I be able to do it if I am unable to give my best in my exams? Prashant talks about her school band. Why did you stop playing guitar? She reasons that that wasn’t her dream. Nothing wont happen if I don’t play guitar for 2 years. Prashant knows that this is her father’s words. She nods. Dad has always showed me the right path. Our dreams are same. my dream is to fulfil my dad’s dream.

Prashant is at Mr. Negi’s office. We cannot help you daughter. Mr. Negi replies that I already knew about it. I will consult some other doctor for my daughter’s treatment. Prashant insists that they cannot help Disha as there is actually no problem with her. problem is in you. Mr. Negi is taken aback. Prashant explains to Mr. Negi that Disha is actually living your dream. She becomes desperate regarding her exams as you want her to crack IIT. Mr. Negi talks about Disha’s potential. She can score more than 90% if she becomes a little more focused. Prashant asks him what if she gets 60%. Mr. Negi is worried about the society in that case. People will say that my daughter is a failure, a loser. Prashant says there are limited seats in IIMs and IITs. What about the kids who don’t get admitted in there? Are they not successful? Mr. Negi talks about his own life. I have studied engineering from a normal college. I have faced so many problems to reach to this level. I don’t want my daughter to go through the same way. Prashant reasons that in the end he reached this level after overcoming all the hardships of his life. If you will continue to emotionally blackmail your daughter then she may or may not score 90% marks in her exams, you will easily lose her. Mr. Negi knows that he has never tried to put any kind of pressure on his daughter. Prashant nods. You are not doing it but she is taking the pressure of your expectations. She gets panic attacks while thinking about her best performance in exams. Your over expectations are taking your daughter towards clinical depression. This depression is giving birth to suicidal tendencies in her. your daughter loves you a lot. She wants to become a star for you for which she can do anything. If you love her as much as she loves you then explain it to her that you love her more than your marks and your future.

Prashant and Ashima enter Disha’s room. She has marked some puzzles for Prashant. I will give you treat in case you crack them. Prashant scolds (insists upon) Ashima for finishing up a file by tomorrow morning. Disha speaks up in between. If you will pressurize Didi (Ashima) so much then she wont be able to perform well ever. Prashant asks her the same question. Why do you put pressure on yourself then? Stop scolding yourself. You will be able to perform then only. Disha looks at both of them. you have to win from yourself before winning from the world. He and Ashima go out while DIsha smiles.

Late at night, Mr. Negi brings milk for Disha. She refuses to drink it initially thinking that her mother has brought it but takes it excitedly as soon as she notices her father. He sits down besides her. your father loves you a lot and will continue to do so even if you don’t score 90%. I used to score only 60% but see where I am today! She talks about IIT. He is sure she can do it very easily but it doesn’t matter in case she is unable to. I know you are very talented. People are valued by their talents. Degree is important but if you are talented you can even sell a comb to a bald man. They both end up smiling. He tells her to remember one thing forever. You may score 20% or 40% or 60% even but my love for you will always be 100%. You will always be my lovely DIshu and I will be your Dadu. He gives her a goodnight kiss and goes to his room. She looks content.

Ashima is going home. She comes to say bye to Prashant and can see that he is happy. He says we feel so peaceful when we are able to stop someone from taking a wrong step. She agrees. I have been working with you since a long time. The one who helps other people’s problems has a lot in his heart too. don’t you think that you too should share it with someone? Is there something in your past that you would like to share? He agrees to tell her some day. She leaves.

Sakshi talks about how every kid wants to make his / her parents proud. But good is not enough these days. Even the word brilliant has started to look small. But have you ever thought kids, how will your parents feel if something happens to you in this race of good, better and best? Your performance is important for your parents but you are the most important thing for them as you are their world. If there is some kid in your house or nearby who is not happy with his life then please don’t ignore it. Contact on the below mentioned address. Your insight can save someone’s life.

Bandrewala Foundation (24×7 Helpline)
Contact: 1860 266 2345
Official Facebook Page: Cyrus and Priya Bandrewala Foundation

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