Code Red 29th May 2015 Written Episode Update

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Code Red 29th May 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

April 2015, Kushinagar, Uttar Pradesh:
Lot many ladies walk all the way towards the fields to relieve themselves. One of the girls notices something and is about to shout out loud when someone covers her mouth.

Kushinagar Police Station:
The girl is in the police station. She too had been raped like the other girl. Inspector brings lot many possible suspects but none of them is the one whom she had seen yester night. Her mother comforts her.

The news is aired on every news channel. One of the girls committed suicide. Kabir watches the news in his office. The minister gets a bite on the same.

Kushinagar Police Station:
Inspector tells Kabir that this kind of incident keeps on happening here. Approx 36 such cases have been there. 21 girls have been killed or they have either committed suicide. Kabir wonders why no positive step has been taken for women security. Inspector reasons in today’s time, that women are safe nowhere. This is a very small village after all.

The girl (Rinku) is in shock as she thinks of the incident. Her father’s (UDay) elder brother tells him not to drag the matter but his little brother is in no mood to sit quietly. I don’t care what the society says. He leaves with his daughter. The elder brother is hurt too but is scared of the society more than anything else.

Kabir reaches the village. He meets Rinku just when Rinku and Uday are heading out. Uday tells Kabir that no one here is going to tell him anything. I will tell you everything. The culprits haven’t been caught till date. Kabir asks about his niece Vidya. Rinku gets restless after hearing Vidya’s name so her mother takes her inside. Uday tells Kabir that his brother had fixed Vidya’s marriage a few days ago. He was happy as the groom was really good. We came from Delhi to be a part of the wedding.

Flashback: Rinku arrives in the village along with her family. Uday’s brother complains to him about coming back to the village after so many years. I know you wont have come here if it wasn’t about Vidya’s marriage. Vidya takes Rinku and her cousins inside.

Vidya asks Rinku about her college but Rinku wants to see her Jiju’s photo first. Vidya finally shows her a pic of her would be husband in her smart phone. I bought it a month ago to talk to your Jiju.

Uday compliments his brother on the house. Uday’s brother shares that he has given a bike to the groom. The harvest is good so I got everything done. Rinku’s father tries to give shagun to him but his brother tells him to save it for Rinku’s marriage. She is turning 16 years old. You should get her married asap. Uday is not so bent upon this idea though but hides it. Uday tells his brother that he wants to stay at Kushinagar Guest House till the time Baraat reaches yesterday. His brother is angry so his wife (Sarla) explains it to Uday. Sarla tells Uday to go to the guest house after the haldi function tomorrow. Uday agrees. His wife (Madhu) is a little tensed though.

Someone is keeping an eye on the girls while they are enjoying the mehendi function. Rinku enjoys the atmosphere more than back at her home. It is so calm here. Her brothers talk about their experiences. Her brothers wants to pee so Ballu takes him to a wall. Ballu asks for a toilet but Rinku’s brother refuses to do it here. Udaytells him that this is what happens in a village. Do it for today. His son reluctantly agrees.

Rinku notices a juice stall right outside their house. She is tempted. Vidya tries to talk her out of it but Rinku insists. Vidya’s mother takes her away for a ritual. Rinku goes out alone to drink juice. Two guys get up and follow her. They are cheapsters and keep looking at Rinku lustily. They also take her photo while she drinks juice. Uday takes their phone just then and slaps them. Don’t dare do so with my daughter! He also scolds the juice stall owner but he has no clue about who they were. Uday takes his daughter inside.

Rinku’s mother scolds Rinku for going out of the house without their permission. I had told you not to go out of the house to eat or drink anything. Rinku wonders what her mistake it. Her mother turns to her husband again. Lets stick to our initial plan. We will come back from the guest house only. UDay cannot do it as his brother and bhabhi has requested him to stay back. Tell Rinku clearly what the problem is. Rinku asks her mother what’s the problem here. Her mother tells her that there is no toilet here. The women of this village go to the fields only at night. Rinku is shocked.

Rinku is waiting for sunset as she wants to go to toilet. Why did I drink that juice! The sun sets. Rinku approaches Vidya. I want to go urgently. I cannot hold back anymore. No one is at home so please help me. Vidya is in a fix as she cannot go out after her mehendi. She covers her head with a shawl and they go out avoiding everyone’s eyes.

Vidya shares with Rinku that the women of this village drink very less water. There is no toilet hee. Either they go late at night or early in the morning. Rinku realises why she was stopping her from drinking juice. Three guys start following them.

Vidya brings RInku to the fields. Go in a corner and relieve yourself. Rinku is scared of snakes but Vidya assures her that everything will be fine. She cannot hold back so she goes to a corner. Vidya stands far to keep a watch. She removes her shawl and someone snatches it and throws it away. Rinku comes back and looks for her sister. She continuously calls out for Vidya but there is no reply. She notices the shawl lying in a corner. She hears some noise and goes to look closely. Some men have tied Vidya and have gagged her as well. One of the guys cover Rinku’s mouth as she tries to shout.

Rinku and Vidya’s parents are distraught. Rinku’s mother is angry that she had told her husband to stay at the hostel. Vidya’s mother blames Madhu. She could have gone with the kids. This wouldn’t have happened otherwise. The wedding is tomorrow. how will it happen now? Uday picks up a stick. I will not spare anyone. His brother somehow calms him down.

Uday’s brother tries to make Uday understand. We should keep this matter amongst ourselves or the news will spread like wildfire in the village. Our sister’s dignity will be questioned. You should return back tomorrow. You don’t have to stay here. Uday refuses to sit quietly. You were asking me to stay back in the morning and now you are trying to send me away? His brother begs him to go. the matter can get worse. Uday agrees but Madhu refuses to go back without catching their daughter’s culprit.

Vidya calls her fiancé. She is crying relentlessly. I don’t want to hide anything from you. I am not to be blamed in any of this. She tells him everything. He tells her to calm down. We will talk tomorrow.

Next morning (at 7 am), Vidya’s father slaps her for opening her mouth. Why couldn’t you keep quiet? They have called off the marriage. How will I look at anyone now? I cannot face anyone now. My own daughter is my enemy. Vidya breaks down. On the other hand, Uday wants to register a report. His brother tells him not to do anything in anger that can cause trouble for them. Uday is in no mood to sit quietly. You can worry about the village. I am going to do what I have decided. They hear Sarla screaming out suddenly. Sarla stops shocked in her tracks as she notices Vidya hanging from the fan. She is dead by then. everyone rushes there after hearing her scream. Vidya’s father faints seeing her thus. Everyone breaks down as well.

Present: We lost our daughter before our own eyes and we couldn’t do anything. I have read your articles. Do something for us. These culprits should be punished. Kabir agrees to do everything that he can. It is also about the wrong mentality of the people of this village. We will have to change their mentality as well.

Kabir is angry at how people cannot see the main reason as to why women have to go out of the house late at night. We are living in a 21st century but they don’t think it is necessary to have a toilet in the house? Sakshi (host) urges him to make people aware of the main issue.

Minister is at Uday’s brother house. He gives sympathy. Uday’s brother blames his fate but Kabir points out that his thinking is wrong. Why haven’t you got a toilet in such a big house? You think it is less necessary than this tv, fridge, etc? Have you ever thought seriously about all this? Your daughter lost her life. Your niece’s life is ruined. You talk about making women have a veil on their head and on the other hand, you let them go out in the open to relieve themselves? Cant you see what they are going through? They don’t drink water throughout the day thinking where they will go to if they want to go to bathroom? For men it is easy but it isn’t easy for women.

I will go back to Delhi and point out the real problem here. Don’t blame government for everything. You can buy a phone. You know its necessity so toilet is as important as all this is. He addresses the minister as well. You must have come from the highway. You would have to stop by to relieve yourself at various points. Think what would have happened if your family was accompanying you? We have got freedom so long ago yet we still cannot provide basic amenities to people. Minister agrees to take action in a month’s time. Inspector gets a call. The culprits have been caught. Vidya’s shawl was found with them. Uday’s brother too agrees to accompany his brother.

The culprits get charged for their crimes (376, 367, 120B, 34). Government is talking to everyone about the basic necessities. There is this Swacchta Abhiyan running in every corner of the country. It is spreading awareness about cleanliness than why not about this? Why isn’t it spreading the info that toilet is as important for people as anything else is? It is regrettable if there are still some villages where the women have to go out to the fields to relieve themselves. It is really saddening as they get targeted by such criminals.

A groom’s family comes to see a girl. They ask all the questions related to sewing, cooking, computer literacy, etc. She answers everything positively. They like the girl. She refuses the alliance on the basis of the fact that they have no bathroom in their home.

The world is changing. Not just in cities but women in the village are also changing. Their outlook is also changing. There was a news recently where had told it clearly to her family that she wont cook till there is a toilet in the house. Toilets are a must in every corner of the city in today’s time to make women feel more safe and secure.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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