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Mumbai, Maharashtra, 2015:
Frtis Hospital:
It is raining heavily. A lady doc walks out of the hospital. A taxi approaches her but there is no driver inside. It splashes water on her. She goes to scold the driver but there is no one inside. She freaks out. She runs away scared.

People feel that a taxi passes by from before this hospital every day but there is no driver. Many people have seen it. Some docs call it a trick of mind or an illusion.

Mumbai, 2007:
A girl is making a keychain. Her father comes home. Seems like they have just shifted here. His daughter doesn’t want to stay here. This is a very small house and its so dirty in the front. I like my old house more. all my friends are there. He explains to her that she can make new friends here. We will go back to our old house if you don’t like it here. She asks for a promise. He promises that they will leave from here but it isn’t sure when. She shows him the keychain that she has made for him. he gets happy. I will keep this with me forever.

At night, his wife (Sapna) is worried. Rajeev thinks of talking to his manager. He might have some insurance policy for staff or we may get advance. I will do anything for our daughter.

Ajay Garments Store’s Office:
Rajeev approaches his boss. He asks for an advance of 5 lacs. My daughter is really ill. There is a hole in her heart. Doc has said that anything can happen if we don’t do anything soon. we need 5 lacs for her treatment so I approached you. boss says you know this is a small firm. We don’t have any medical policy here. Its been only 2 months that you are here. I too have to answer my seniors. I cannot help you at this moment. Boss gives him a day off to spend time with his daughter.

Rajeev returns home. He is sad to see his daughter sitting sadly in a corner. She too wants to play but has been advised against it by the doc. You can play as much as you want to once you are fine. He gives her chocolates.

Neighbours (Yusuf and his wife) have come to Rajeev’s house. Yusuf is a taxi driver while his wife is in tiffin business. They leave after inviting the couple to their home. Sapna asks Rajeev if anything worked out. Rajeev tells them what his manager had told him. Sapna and Rajeev wonder what they should do now. A girl asks Pooja to play with them. Pooja denies but the girl insists. Pooja joins them. Rajeev is talking about how mature Pooja is. She isn’t playing as she knows her condition. Outside, Pooja feels dizzy as she plays. She pants heavily and faints. The kids come in to tell Rajeev about the same. The couple rush outside. Rajeev picks up Pooja. Yusuf also comes there. They bring Pooja to Frtis Hospital. Doc again tells Rajeev that the operation should be done asap. Rajeev assures her that he is arranging the money. Doc talks about complications involved in the case. Anything can happen if we prolong it. don’t pay me my fees but the treatment is very costly. Arrange for that much only. Make sure Pooja takes no exertion. Sapna assures Rajeev that everything will be fine.

Rajeev thanks Yusuf bhai for his timely help. Yusuf is actually happy that he could help him in his time of need. Rajeev talks about his destiny. I had thought o give my family a very happy life but this city has snatched my everything. I got a new job, a good flat and Pooja too got admitted in a nice school but everything has changed now. Rajeev asks Yusuf bhai if he will let him drive his taxi at night, or on Sunday. Yusuf bhai agrees. I will arrange for your batch and a dress.

Sapna packs lunch for Rajeev. She has also decided to start tiffin service. Pooja asks her father about his dress. You dint used to wear such clothes earlier when you used to go out. He explains that this is his uniform. Papa is going to drive a taxi so he has to wear this uniform. She too wants to go with him so she can see the city. Sapna agrees to take her with them later.

Rajeev works hard day and night. He too is tired but never stops or refuses to stop. He is an honest man though. He even returns the purse of a guy who had forgotten it in the taxi.

Rajeev had come to Mumbai from Patna with big dreams. He wanted to give all the happiness to his wife and daughter which was maybe not possible in that small city. His dreams broke when his daughter was diagnosed with illness. He had made it his goal to get his daughter treated. But will he be able to arrange that much money for Pooja’s treatment this way?

Rajeev and Sapna look at their daughter while she is sleeping. Their world is centred on their daughter only. She wants to take Pooja for another checkup but he knows that the doc will only ask for money. She talks about her tiffin service, jewels, his income from taxi. He knows that this isn’t enough. If we don’t do it fast then we may lose our daughter. Sapna breaks down. Please do something.

Rajeev is sitting with Yusuf bhai. I am giving up now. I wont be able to arrange 5 lacs even if I do anything. Yusuf bhai tells him to be hopeful, be positive. I can also help you but maybe not as much as you need. Rajeev wonders if there is some way! Yusuf bhai talks about Allah. No one knows when and how he helps someone. Everything will be fine. Rajeev leaves. Someone was overhearing their convo.

The same guy approaches Rajeev when he is ready to leave in taxi. He gives a hope to Rajeev. I know everything about your daughter. I know you need money. People in the world have different needs today, like money, kidney. Why don’t you give one of your kidneys? This way you will get ample money to save your daughter. Rajeev is taken aback. It is illegal. The guy tells him to think through. You can save your daughter and also someone else’s life. You will have to have a small operation and you can go back to your house the next day. Rajeev asks for some time. The guy agrees.

Next day, Rajeev thinks of everything. He returns home late at night. Sapna is still not at home. She returns just then. He is angry with her for leaving Pooja alone at home. Sapna sends Pooja inside. Rajeev scolds Sapna for the same. She tells him that she had gone to make chapattis at her madam’s house. He says we wont be able to arrange 5 lacs that way. He calms down. I have made up my mind. I can do anything for Pooja. I can go to any extent to save her life. There are many people in this world who are ready to help someone for saving their life. I am going to do something similar today. I will get paid in return. Sapna is confused and worried. He tells her about his decision. She breaks down. They hug. You both are everything for me. I don’t want to lose you. he assures her that nothing will happen to him. people survive with one kidney too. Someone will be able to live with my kidney. We will be happy once again if Pooja is fine. I will set everything right I promise!

Rajeev knew that he was getting into something illegal and it can even put his life at risk. But he had made up his mind. He wanted to save his daughter at any cost. It had become his life’s motto.

Rajeev reaches the address where he is going to be operated. He looks at all the patients inside. The very same guy greets him. the party is very good. They have agreed for 10 lacs. Rajeev only wants 5 lacs for his daughter’s operation and wants it asap. The guy agrees. I will give it to you in 2-3 days and after the operation only. You will also recover by then. Rajeev signs the necessary docs. The guy takes him for the operation.

Pooja is having trouble breathing at night. Sapna gets concerned. She calls Rajeev but he is not picking up his phone. She also tries to make Pooja open her eyes but in vain. She calls out for Yusuf bhai. She picks Pooja in her arms.

Rajeev wakes up. The guy hands him over his money. You can go back tomorrow morning. Make sure no one outside finds out about it or you will be in jail for 10 years. Rajeev checks his phone. He calls back Sapna. She updates him about Pooja’s condition. We are taking her to the hospital. He tells her to start the operation. I have the money. I am coming. Ward boy tries to stop him but Rajeev walks out.

Rajeev drives the taxi in such weak condition. He is in pain but he doesn’t care.

Sapna and Yusuf admit Pooja. Rajeev is still on his way. He has to stop the taxi as there is a police check post. Inspector notices his state. Where is your uniform? He also notices a packet next to Rajeev. Rajeev tries to explain but the Inspector is not ready to trust him. Come out. Rajeev drives through. Police follows him in their jeep.

Pooja’s treatment starts. Police continues to overtake Rajeev’s taxi. Rajeev feels dizzy. His vision blurs. He collides with a car. At the same time, Pooja dies. Rajeev too breathes his last.

Rajeev is still fulfilling his promise. One question remained with him. Did Pooja survive? It was a father’s love only that Rajeev roams around the hospital to see his daughter hail and healthy. His soul is still searching for that answer.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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