Code Red 21st May 2015 Written Episode Update

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Code Red 21st May 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

14th January, Paharganj, New Delhi:
Paharganj Police Station:
A family registers a complaint against their daughter’s (Priyanka) in-laws. She has bruises over her face that indicates that she has been tortured for dowry.

Flashback shows the groom entering their room on their first night. Aakash tells Priyanka that he loves someone else. I will never accept you as my wife. Priyanka asks her why he married her then. He slaps her and throws her off the bed forcefully. I will sleep here.

Next morning, Priyanka gives tea to her FIL (Alok Sharma). He holds her hand instead. You don’t need to cover your head before me. Think of me as your boyfriend, not your FIL. You can call me DIL from today onwards. One day, the family is about to go out. Priyanka is about to sit in the car too when her sister-in-law (SIL), Vidya, closes the door. The car is full. Tell your father to give us 10 lacs if you want to sit in the car so we can buy a new car. She gives her Rs. 10 note to board a bus. Her MIL (Urmila Devi) burns her hand. She also demands dowry.

Present: Lawyer explains to the Inspector that Priyanka has been mentally and physically tortured by Sharma’s. Priyanka’s parents expect the Inspector to warn her in-laws but the lawyer tells them against it. Priyanka may be tortured again after a few days time and she might not even return this time. I suggest you to register a case under Section 498-A. Police will immediately arrest Sharma’s asap. They cannot even get a bail. Priyanka registers her complaint.

Sharma’s get locked up in the jail.

Nayi Aawaz Head Office, New Delhi:
Kabir reads the news about the famous social worker Urmila Sharma’s and her family’s arrest. He recalls an incident where Urmila ji had kept a fast for 8 days straight for the farmers’ sake.

Priyanka’s House, Indrapuri, New Delhi:
Kabir meets Priyanka and her family. I cannot believe it that Urmila ji can stoop to this level. Her husband is also a retired police officer. How can they behave this way with their DIL? Priyanka’s parents talk against Sharma’s. Such people at times pretend a lot and torture their family members. Priyanka wants justice for herself. Kabir points out that you can get a bail even under Section 498-A if you appeal to High Court. Priyanka’s father is sure their lawyer has made sure that Sharma’s don’t get bail at any cost.

Priyanka has levied another charge of attempt to murder on Urmila ji so she cannot get bailed. Her lawyer has appealed for Aakash and Vidya’s bail in the High Court though.

Priyanka’s family is not happy to know that Aakash and Vidya have got bailed. Their lawyer vows to make their life hell. Priyanka doesn’t want to go back to that house. I want divorce. Her lawyer has already submitted a divorce application already. Under Section 498-A, you will get it easily and also get an alimony too on per month basis. No man can ruin an innocent girl’s life like this. I will make him shed tears of blood.

7 months later:
Paharganj Police Station:
Inspector tells Kabir that Urmila Sharma is still in the jail. He gets a call right then. Aakash has committed suicide.

Kabir reaches Aakash’s house with the Inspector. Aakash has hanged himself from the ceiling fan. He has also left behind a note. People say, a dying person never lies. Maybe our law and society will realise after my death that I and my family had never tortured Priyanka for anything. I was so happy before marrying you (Priyanka) but it turned into hell afterwards. I had requested you a lot that it is enough of court trials but you dint agree. You are the reason for my suicide. Please spare my innocent mother and sister after my death. God bless you!

Urmila ji is brought to her house along with lady constables. A tearful Vidya runs up to her and hugs her. Urmila ji cries holding her son. I dint have to see this day if I had listened to you. Please forgive me. Vidya walks in the front as they take away the dead body. Urmila chooses to do Aakash’s last rites as there is no brother, father of BIL present there. Vidya cries nonstop.

Kabir walks up to Urmila ji. Sorry for asking you something this time but I want to know why you said it to Aakash that you should have listened to him. She says my statement wasn’t recorded the day I was arrested. Why today then? You really want to know the truth or want a thrilling story for your paper? Kabir walks to another corner.

Sakshi (host) knows that Kabir is in dilemma. Why did Aakash commit suicide when he was the accused? He explains about Section 498-A. This act was thought upon in 1983 so no one should think about inflicting violence on women. But I have made a mistake. I could not believe it back then even when Urmila ji was jailed. I only heard one side of the story. My work is to dig deep and find out the truth. Sakshi too urges him to do it. it is important for justice.

Next day:
Kabir comes to meet Urmila ji in the jail. I want to report the truth now. I have come here to know it. She talks about a particular day – 18th March 2010. It was just 2 months since Aakash had been married. I was in Shakurpur regarding some work.

18th March 2010, Shakurpur, New Delhi:
Urmila ji is talking to an Inspector regarding a woman. She has been tortured enough by her husband and in-laws. They talk about 498-A. Inspector Tiwari comes to arrest her right then for the same charge. All of us got arrested in half an hour. it was as if we were some really big criminals. They dint even notice where we were and in what condition. We were just brought to the police station. My husband was a retired police officer. He never took a bribe all his life but died a painful death (he had a heart attack as soon as he was locked up in jail).

Present: Kabir is sad that Mr. Sharma dint even get a chance to prove himself right. He talks about Priyanka’s statement. Urmila ji denies. My husband never abused her in any way. Kabir wonders if all the accusations are a lie. She nods. It was either completely false or half true – half lie. She has presented everything differently in the court.

Flashback: Priyanka brings tea for her FIL. He holds her hand and removes the pallu from her head. Think of me as your boyfriend and not your FIL. Call me DIL from today onwards. DIL means Daddy-in-law. Everyone breaks into a smile, including Priyanka.

Present: Aakash’s FIL wanted to be Priyanka’s father so she never misses her home. Kabir again wants to know what had prompted Priyanka to think you are trying to kill her. Urmila ji replies that she has never threatened Priyanka about it.

Flashback: Priyanka had hurt herself while cooking that day. Urmila ji had actually applied ointment on her wound. You don’t have to cook. Go to your room and watch tv with Aakash. Priyanka leaves.

Present: Kabir asks about the dowry demands. Urmila ji declines. I have never asked her about it or have demanded anything. She used to stay out of the house for hours. She used to say that she is going to her friend’s place. She used to chat in her phone for hours. Aakash and Vidya got bail after a month.

Flashback: Vidya’s husband, Ranjeet, refuses to let her inside the house. You are a criminal as you have spent a month’s time in the jail. I will take care of our son. Vidya begs him but in vain. Vidya and Aakash sadly return to their home. They pick up all the letters lying on the floor. They have only Rs. 11,300 left as all their savings were used in this case. Aakash assures her that he will get his salary tomorrow. Everything will be fine. Aakash finds out that he has been fired from his job so he gets no advance. He reasons that all the accusations haven’t been proved true. Let me continue my job please. His boss is bound. He offers help on personal level but Aakash politely declines.

Present: My son was disturbed both mentally and financially. He had no money. He had to pay the lawyer also. He was completely trapped.

Flashback: In the court, Priyanka’s lawyer accuses Urmila ji for everything. Vidya is also blamed for harassing Priyanka. Vidya comes in the witness box. Bhabhi and I were about to sit in the car when my son puked on bhabhi’s saree. Her saree was ruined and my son’s t-shirt got dirty too. We thought to go and change. Aakash offers to come back to pick them up but Vidya assures him that they will come in a taxi. Neither of the parties have any proof about their respective statements. Urmila ji’s bail is refused as Priyanka’s lawyer raises the point that Priyanka’s life is in danger. Divorce petition is also filed. Aakash is told to pay Rs. 9000 as monthly alimony till the final verdict is out. Aakash reasons that he has no money but the judge gives him no option. Sharma’s are in tears. Priyanka calls someone outside the court. The decision will most probably be in our favour. Aakash folds his hands before her and requests her to withdraw the case. I will give you whatever you want! She blames him for it. you have to bear it. Vidya too requests her. Priyanka tells her to give her her alimony’s money now that her husband has asked for divorce. Her lawyer tells them that they cannot talk to Priyanka.

Aakash thinks of all their hard times and what all his family has been through because of Priyanka. He doesn’t have much money left. It is the first date of the new month. They have no idea what they will do.

Next day in the court, Aakash proposes to sell his kidney so he can pay off Priyanka. He requests the judge to let him do it.

Present: He was broken by now. He gave up and committed suicide. Urmila ji cries. Kabir really wants to help her. What does Priyanka want? Why was she so harsh with you all? Urmila ji shares that Priyanka loved someone else before the wedding. She wanted a divorce from Aakash. He got ready too but I only stopped him thinking Priyanka will change with time. Kabir is pained. Those women who are really tortured by their families don’t complaint under Section 498-A thinking that their life will break apart whereas Priyanka, who has actually been through nothing, has misused the law. I will try to do everything that I can!

Priyanka secretly goes to meet her lover. She shows him a file and is in tears. Someone is making a video all along.

Kabir is at Priyanka’s house. Her parents still believe her lie whereas Kabir tells them the truth. She had an affair before her wedding. It is still very much on. He shows them proof (the video). This medical report states that she is pregnant with her boyfriend Suraj’s child. Her parents demand to know the truth. She breaks down. I loved Suraj but he is just a driver. You would have never agreed for this alliance. This is why I never told you about it. You had fixed my marriage by the time I mustered courage to speak up. Her mother slaps her. They are aghast to realise that all the accusations on Urmila’s family are wrong. Priyanka nods. It was all lie.

Flashback: Aakash had tried to come close to Priyanka but she tells him clearly that she never loves him. I love someone else. I cannot treat you as my husband ever. He asks her why she dint tell it earlier. She wasn’t feeling strong enough but now asks for a divorce so she can marry her boyfriend.

Present: Kabir adds that Aakash told his mother but she said no for it. She felt that Priyanka may accept them if they love her enough. They had good intentions but Priyanka was wrong. You ruined 4 lives. 2 people died because of your lies. Will you be able to live peacefully with this guilt? Priyanka replies that Aakash only listened to his mom so I intentionally got her charged for attempt to murder. Kabir requests her to take the case back now or Urmila ji will file a case of abetment of suicide on you. Aakash has clearly blamed Priyanka for his suicide. This means you have compelled him to die. You people will also go through what Aakash’s family has suffered.

Priyanka took back her complaint from the High Court under Section 482 of CRPC. She stated that there is no point continuing the matter when her husband is no more. Urmila ji and Vidya were set free.

Wish Priyanka had been this strong earlier itself. She should have told the truth to her father before her marriage only. This wouldn’t have happened otherwise. Section 498-A wouldn’t have been misused. A family wouldn’t have been destroyed. 2 people wouldn’t have lost their lives. There are many such incidents where this law has been misused. Rajya Sabha is debating on the matter right now. They don’t want this law to be this stringent and take immediate effects on the people accused under the section. The couple should be given a chance to think over and start again if they want to!

Why our society thinks that men / in-laws are the accused in dowry cases? The women too can be responsible for it. it is possible that some women misuse the law which has been made for them. Responsibility is associated with every law. One must think wisely before using it. if you see someone around you misusing it then raise your voice against it!

Update Credit to: Pooja

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