Code Red 12th March 2015 Written Episode Update

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Code Red 12th March 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Like everyone else, I too wanted to make my mom and brother happy; to fulfil the responsibilities that I have taken. But its all dark around me now. I can hear my mom’s sighs, I can feel her pain. I feel as if my helplessness is making a joke of me in this dark / loneliness. I know life is not so easy but I am tired of fighting now. I cannot face problems anymore. The only thing left in me now is the wish to be free from all this for once and for all.

August 2014 (Malad, Mumbai):
It is quite late at night. A girl (Rohini) and a boy (Shekar) hire an auto. The auto driver looks at the girl from top to toe. He even peeks at her through the rear view mirror. She receives a call from someone and tells the caller that she is about to reach. She notices the auto driver looking at her but ignores. She tells Shekhar not to worry for her every night. I can go alone. Shekhar says let me do this much atleast. I feel a little relieved by doing this for you sister. They reach Megha Dance Bar. Shekhar is not so happy to leave his sister there. The auto driver too looks at the place keenly. Shekhar cries in the auto on his way back home. He receives a call from his sister and asks the driver to take u-turn.

Rohini joins the other girls on the floor and dances on the item number. One man holds out notes for her. She is about to take it but he holds her hand. Shekhar notices this and frees his sister from that man. The man pushes Shekhar angrily. Who are you? Is she your sister? Shekhar holds his stomach for a second but then grabs that man’s collar. She is my sister. The manager tries to intervene but the guy says, your sister is no saint. She came after me once I showed her money. I will touch anyone wherever I want to if I give money. Shekhar is made to leave. Rohini is in tears.

Shekhar is standing at the edge of a bridge. He recalls the whole instance and is in tears. He is holding his stomach all along.

One month later (Malad East, Mumbai):
Shekhar’s mother (Kaveri) is in tears as she gets to know that the dance bar has closed down. Shekhar is glad that his sister does not have to go to that cheap place again. His mother asks him how we will run the house now. And what about your medical expenses? Shekhar agrees. I don’t know anything as I don’t earn anything. I just sit at home and enjoy everything. Rohini tries to calm him but he stops her. You fulfil all the responsibilities which actually I should be doing but instead I am burden on all of you. It would have been better if this illness would have killed me. Rohini tries to talk him but he walks away sadly.

Prashant is reading an article on the raid in Versova yesterday. Ashima too had seen the news in the morning. Police has rescued some 8-10 girls. They look like they belong to very poor families. Prashant adds that this is not the first times. A lot many girls were unemployed once the bar closed down. Compulsion can make anyone do anything. Ashima hopes that those girls get a better life. Prashant is not too sure though. People forget good deeds very easily but they don’t forget anyone’s bad past and don’t even let anyone forget it. we can only hope that those girls get a chance to start afresh.

Rohini tells Shekhar to hurry up or they will have to wait in a long queue. She takes almost their entire savings so Shekhar’s treatment can be continued. She looks for a job in every possible place but in vain. One day all their savings get exhausted. Shekhar feels bad about it. One day, ROhini meets a man on her way to the hospital. He asks for his money. She agrees to pay him back as soon as she gets money. Shekhar is not happy that his sister took loan from that man. He always asks for money as if we will run away with it.

Kaveri notices sleeping tablets with Shekhar’s other medicines. She recalls his words and is worried. She is still thinking the same next morning. Rohini goes to give an interview. Her mother notices a few people sticking Life 24×7’s posters in their area. She goes to meet Prashant. I came here to ask for your help but I cannot pay you anything in return. Ashima tells her not to think about money. We will be glad to help you in your problem and that will be our fees. Kaveri tells them about Shekhar. He stays very ill. He understands his responsibilities well but is not able to fulfil them so he stays very depressed. I am scared that he can hurt himself.

Interviewer cross checks Rohini’s last job’s details and finds out that she used to work in Dance Bar previously. You were a bar dancer. How dare you come here? Respected people work here, go away from here. The peon offers to help Rohini if she is ready to do night duty for him. She slaps him and then walks out of there in tears.

Kaveri brings Prashant and Ashima to their house but she is not able to find Shekhar anywhere. She is not able to find the sleeping tablets either. She breaks down. Prashant wonders where Shekhar could be if he is not at home? Maybe someone in the chawl knows? Kaveri asks everyone. They get to know that Shekhar was seen walking towards a godown which is nearby. All three of them run towards the godown. Shekhar is happy that he is able to do some work at the godown. He tells his mother that he has got the work of carrying stuff in this godown. His mother reminds him that he is not supposed to carry heavy weights. Shekhar refuses to become a burden on his sister anymore. He notices Prashant and Ashima. Kaveri tells him about the sleeping tablets. Shekhar tells them that his sister had brought those medicines. They ask him if Rohini stays worried. Shekhar nods.

Rohini recalls the entire incident as she walks back home in tears. Her neighbour asks her something but Rohini doesn’t even reply. She closes the door as soon as she is home and cries. Kaveri, Shekhar, Prashant and Ashima get to know that ROhini has just reached home. They run towards the house. Kaveri hugs her as soon as Rohini opens the door. don’t do anything wrong. Rohini tells them that she had brought sleeping tablets for one of her friends Sheela. Prashant asks her if she gave it to Sheela. Why did she need it? Rohini says we used to dance in the bar so our backs used to hurt because of which she couldn’t sleep. Doc recommended her to take it. Her mother hugs her with relief though Prashant is still in thoughts.

At night, Sheela comes to meet Rohini. She has brought new clothes, cosmetics for herself from her new job. Rohini asks for help. I want money desperately. Sheela says there are ample men in our society who get bored of their wives. What else will a bar dancer get to do then? till when will you stay worried like this and take loans from people? No one will find out anything. We will get good money. There is nothing wrong in it. Rohini refuses to do it. I wont accept defeat from the circumstances. I am fully sure that I will find a good job one day. I will do hard work and hold my head high in life.

Prashant feels that the situation is different than what we are made to see. There was a rewriting on the prescription that we had found at Rohini’s place. There could be two bottles at Rohini’s house. Rohini gave one bottle to Sheela, and I am worried about the second one!

At night, Rohini cries as she looks at the bottle of sleeping tablets in her hand. she thinks of her life so far, people insulting her and of the situation at her home. She takes out a lot many sleeping pills when her mother wakes up and calls out for her. Rohini keeps the pills back and lies to her mother that she had gone to drink water. Kaveri is not that convinced.

Prashant comes to talk to Kaveri. I know Rohini has said that she is fine yet take care of her. your family is going through troubled times. At times, people fall weak in front of troubles. Kaveri knows that Rohini has a lot to take care of. It isn’t easy but my daughter is not weak. Prashant smiles. I know, yet if you see any change in her behaviour then please let me know.

Rohini comes home and shares the good news with her mother. I got the job of a bus attendant in school. I can even continue my studies after the school gets over. Leave your job Shekhar. I will handle everything. He assures her that he is fine. They share small happy jokes.

Two weeks later:
A peon notices Rohini. Another peon comes to inform her that Principal Madam has called her in her office. Principal is not happy with Rohini for hiding the truth from her that she was a bar dancer earlier. It is good that Rama Shanker (the peon) recognized you and told me about you. Rama Shanker had also gone to Megha Dance Bar that day when Shekhar had gotten into a tiff with a customer. Rohini requests Principal to let her continue her job. Principal refuses to give a bar dancer a chance or her time. She fires Rohini.

Kaveri tells Rohini not to cry. Forget what that lady said to you. There is a knock at her. Her landlord asks for rent. She asks for a month’s time but the landlord is in no mood to relent. His goons start picking up their stuff to throw it out. Sheela reaches there just then and pays him a bigger part of the amount. He leaves after getting a part of his money but asks them to pay the rest of the amount soon before leaving. Kaveri thanks Sheela for her timely help. How did you get so much money? Sheela says I have got a new job where I get lots of money and I don’t even have to do much work. Kaveri requests her to take Rohini with her. rohini heads to her room when her mother asks her if she will go with Sheela.

A man comes to tell Kaveri that Shekhar got unconscious in the godown and has been taken to the hospital. Doc checks Shekhar. I had told you (Kaveri) already that he is not well; plus he should rest. Don’t make him work. The people who brought him here told us that he was working in a godown. I understand your compulsion but Shekhar’s kidney has been damaged because of that. Now even dialysis wont help. We will have to do his kidney transplant which will cost Rs. 5 lakhs. Arrange is asap. Kaveri and Rohini are stunned. Kaveri wonders how they will arrange this much amount so soon. Rohini is in thoughts.

Rohini thinks of that interviewers’ word, Principal’s words and all the situations that she has faced so far. She goes to Sheela’s place and tells her about Shekhar’s condition. Sheela moves aside to call someone. Don’t forget my commission.

Kaveri wakes up but doesn’t find Rohini around. She checks in the hospital, at their home but Rohini is nowhere to be seen. Kaveri tells Prashant that she is really worried for Rohini. Hope your words don’t turn out to be true. Hope she doesn’t think of hurting herself. Prashant asks her about anyone whom she knows is close to Rohini; some friend? Kaveri takes Sheela’s name. Sheela comes there. They ask her if she has any idea where Rohini could be. She is not at home since yester night. Did she say anything to you that could mean she was thinking of hurting herself? Ashima observes her keenly as she tries to hide her feet, is not looking in the eye while she talks to them. Sheela lies that she has not met Rohini since Shekhar got admitted in the hospital. She had many other friends. I can ask them if you want it. She excuses herself.

Ashima finds something fishy with Sheela. She was so nervous whenever you were asking her something. She dint even look in your eyes when she was replying to your questions. Her posture was so of restlessness. These symptoms are of the people who are either lying or hiding something. Prashant asks Kaveri about Sheela. She used to work with Rohini too but she is not worried about work or money. Kaveri says she found a new job. She even tried to help Rohini. I too had asked Rohini to work with Sheela but she declined.

Ashima comes to Sheela’s house. I have spoken to all the other girls from the dance bar but no one knows anything about ROhini. Ashima asks her about her new job. Did you not talk there for Rohini? Sheela says I got a good job in a spa after the dance bar closed down. I had told Rohini too but she said no. She said that she wants to do some good work. I tried to make her understand but in vain. Wait, I will come with you. it wont be good to leave aunty alone for long. Ashima picks up a bangle from Sheela’s bed. She recalls seeing it in Rohini’s hands last time. She calls Prashant and informs him about it.

Abodh Guest House (Chincholi Bandar):
Rohini reaches the guest house with the agent. They wait for their customer in a room. Agent wants half of whatever the customer gives to Rohini. Rohini nods. She feels uneasy once he leaves from there.

Prashant and Kaveri ji reach Sheela’s house. Prashant tells her to think and tell them about Rohini’s whereabouts. You are hiding something. Sheela denies but Ashima shows her Rohini’s bangle. Rohini had come to my place a day before yesterday. She gave it to me then only. Kaveri ji slaps her. rohini was wearing that bangle yesterday in the hospital too. I was with her then. Prashant tells Sheela to tell them the truth. Sheela accepts that she had lied to them. Rohini had come to my place yesterday. She wanted money. There is only one work which pays you well and on the spot. Kaveri ji is shocked. They get to know that ROhini has gone with Sheela’s agent.

Ashima calls Inspector Shinde as they all head to Abodh Guest House.

A man enters the hotel room. Rohini is all tensed as he moves closer and touches her.

Chincholi Bandar Police Station:
Inspector Shinde has found the agent. Initially he refuses knowing Sheela but then tells them about Rohini’s location.

The man tells Rohini to follow his orders as they have got this room for only an hour. He makes her lie down and gets closer. Rohini recalls all her troubles as she is lying under that man and cries.

Rohini looks at herself in the mirror. She puts water on her face continuously and then breaks the mirror using her hand. Police and everyone reach the hotel. They reach the room and knock at the door repeatedly. Rohini picks up a piece of the glass and slits her wrist by the time Prashant and Inspector are enter the room. They have to break open the door of the bathroom and are shocked to see Rohini lying in a pool of blood.

At the hospital, Rohini asks her mother as to why she saved her. you don’t know what I have done. Prashant reasons that it doesn’t matter to a mother what you do. She just doesn’t want to lose you. Rohini counters that she doesn’t want to live. What’s the use of this life when I cannot give any happiness to my mother and cannot get my brother treated? Why should I live then? I only had my dignity but I lost that too. Ashima says you are not at fault. Kaveri tells Rohini that Shekhar is completely fine now. His treatment has begun. Money has been arranged as well. They have got us help from an organization. Prashant tells Rohini not to worry about her job too. The same Principal Madam comes there. Rohini gets her job back and is really happy.

A ban was implied on dance bars from 15th August 2005 in Maharashtra after which approximately 75k bar dancers lost their jobs. Bar dancers used to entertain their guests through their dance only and used to stay away from prostitution, but many girls were forced to enter this profession because of this decision. The ban was lifted from the dance bars in Mumbai in 2013.

Sakshi says we often read it in the paper, hear news about raid and how some girls are saved. We change the channel afterwards. The newspaper is sold in scrap next day. We think about it at max but that is not enough. We have to change this mentality. We have to understand that everyone has a right to start afresh even if their past was not so good. It is important as well as our duty to help them as we are a part of this society only. If you or someone around you is upset with his / her life then please help that person. please contact the below mentioned numbers. This is one such organization which helps mentally disturbed people. Your one attempt can save someone’s life.

Bandrewala Foundation (24×7 Helpline)
Contact: 1860 266 2345

Official FB Page: Cyrus and Priya Bandrewala Foundation

Update Credit to: Pooja

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