Chupke Chupke 6th September 2017 Written Episode Update: Abhi’s US Dream Fulfilled, Meera Gets Sad

Chupke Chupke 6th September 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

Ganga thinks about Abhi and Meera’s relation. Abhi comes there and dances with her. He says there is a biggest moment in his life. Ganga asks if Meera is pregnant and she will give this good news to Dadiya. Abhi says he is not going to be Papa, but going to America. He says his childhood dream is fulfilled. Ganga thinks your dream will be fulfilled, but you will go far away from us. Dadiya asks for water. Meera says she will bring water. Dadiya says Bunty will bring. Meera sounds upset as Abhi is going. Dadiya says even she is unhappy. She asks if he took your permission. Meera says he has his own dreams and decisions. Dadiya asks what about you.

Meera hugs her and tells that she will bring water. Dadiya asks her to sit with her. Meera hugs her and cries, saying she will miss her. She says I will bring water for you and goes. Abhi comes to Meera and says he needs to talk to her. He says you don’t love me as our marriage is not real. Meera says she don’t love him. Abhi says I am not happy with your settlement and asks her not to be happy with his settlement. Meera asks what is her settlement. Abhi says your settlement with Preetam Pyaare. He asks her to pretend that she is happy with his decision. Meera says she will act. Abhi asks her not to overact. Meera says she will learn to act to be happy.

Ganga comes to them and asks to go for shopping. Abhi says he is searching online stuff. Ganga asks him to go and get house so that Meera can stay with him. Abhi says he will call her later. Ganga asks him to take Govind’s financial help. Ganga tells that she wants them to stay together and suggests Meera to resign today itself. Ganga goes. Meera asks Abhi what is that and asks him to handle this. Abhi says it will be done and asks her to calm down. Abhi says when husband gets job then wife goes with him. Meera says I am not your real wife. He asks her to be fine. Meera says she wants to join office.Abhi says they want you to rest. Meera asks about his perception. Abi says I don’t care. Meera says I am really happy for you that your dream is going to be fulfilled. Abhi says me too.

Sindhu asks Meera where is she going? Meera says nothing, office pressure. Sindhu asks her to share her troubles with her. Meera says she is feeling as if something is not right. Sindhu says even we are upset. She says we have never pressurize him to join family business. She says if he stays here and takes up the family business then it will be good. She says they thought he will not go after marriage. Meera asks why don’t you all stop him. Sindhu asks Meera to stop him.

Sanjay tells Abhi that he is happy. Abhi says many things will change. Later Abhi asks Meera if she wants to come with him. She says I am not your real wife to leave my job for you.

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