Chupke Chupke 12th September 2017 Written Episode Update: Abhi And Meera Part Ways

Chupke Chupke 12th September 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

Dadiya comes to room and picks the papers. She sees marriage contract papers and is shocked. She looks at Abhi’s pic on the wall. Saru comes to Sindhu and tells that someone talk came to her. Sindhu asks what happened? Saru says Abhi and Meera had a big fight and tells that she wanted to talk to Meera, but she is not at home. Sindhu also gets worried. Meera comes to Sanjays house. He asks where was she? She says there was no network and tells that she came to stay there for few days. Sanjay asks if there is some problem. Meera says she came to stay with him and says she will go and rest. Abhi is tensed and calls Kajal asking her if Meera is with her. He says he will inform her once she calls him. He then thinks to call Mausami, but then thinks she don’t share anything with her. He thinks Meera must have went to meet Preetam Pyaare and thinks our contract is over, its fine…why I am worrying, its fine.

Meera thinks about her marriage with Abhi. Abhi also thinks about her and the moments they shared together when they went for honeymoon. He calls her, but she ignores his call. He again calls her. She picks call and the silence follows. Abhi says Meera, did you reach home. Meera says yes. Abhi is silent too while still on call. Meera is also still on call.

Later Ganga comes to Abhi’s room and asks why he is looking tensed. She asks about Meera. Abhi says Meera went to her house. Ganga says she didn’t tell us and asks did they have a fight? Abhi is silent. Ganga asks him to go and bring her back. Abhi says it is late night. Ganga asks him to go else she will go. Abhi says she is angry and will not come, let her calm down then I will bring her. Ganga says she wants her bahu back and goes.

Sindhu tells Saru, how can Meera leave the house without telling us. Saru says if she had told us then we would have helped her. Sindhu says why she took this big decision. Saru says something big must have happen and says we shall go and bring her. Sindhu says we can’t do anything till they tell us the problem. Saru says if Meera is on our place, then she will not wait to solve our problem.

Sanjay tells Meera that it is not a mature decision to leave home and says what people might think. Meera says I didn’t expect you from this. Ila says you came without informing anyone, they might be worried. Meera says I think you people have problem with my stay. If you want, I can leave. Sanjay says you can stay here for any days. Meera asks him not to discuss about it. Ila asks Meera to tell her problem. Meera says she just want to stay there for few days. Ila asks about her fight with Abhi. Meera says you said that all couples have a fight. Ila asks if this is connected with Abhi’s decision to go to America.

Abhi tells Dadiya that Meera is angry and don’t want to come. Dadiya asks him to tell her about his problem. Meera tells Abhi that she will stay in her house and says have a safe trip.

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