Chupke Chupke 11th September 2017 Written Episode Update: Meera Gets Hurt And Leaves Home

Chupke Chupke 11th September 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

Abhi looks at his organized cupboard and thinks what will happen without you. He says it is not like that I am happy to see the things organized, but you have organized my life and brought balance in my life. He wishes she could go with him. Sanjay is tensed. Ila asks what happened? Sanjay says he is feeling restless and worried. He says how I will meet Meera if she goes. Ila asks him to stop them. Sanjay says it seems Meera is unhappy with Abhi’s decision. Ila says she will talk to her.

Abhi tells Meera that he needs to talk to her and asks her to forget why and in which circumstances they got married, and asks her to come with him to US.

Meera says she don’t want to come and be at home all day while he goes to work. Abhi says they will go on an outing and enjoy. Meera says she loves india. Abhi asks her to come and says it is a fun. Meera says if I ask you to stay here itself then…He looks on and gets cuckoo’s message. He says visa is ready. Meera asks him to check the papers. She gets the letter of Preetam Pyaare in the cupboard and gets upset. He reads it aloud and asks Meera not to act. He says mystery is clear now, this is why you don’t want to go with me. Meera asks him to shut up and says you are hurting me. Abhi says you would have waited till contract ends. Meera says ok if you have any problem with my decision. Abhi says I have a problem, why did you lie to me.

Meera asks him to show the letter. She tells him that she has nothing to do with this Preetam Pyaare and don’t know from where this letter came. Abhi says you have organized my almari, so stop lying. Saru hears them and rushes to Dadiya informing her that Abhi and Meera have a big fight. Dadiya asks her to bring tea and thinks what to do. Abhi says you have no questions. Meera says I am not answerable to you. Abhi asks her not to lie. Meera asks him to understand that he is not her husband and asks him not to interfere. She says if I had interfered then I would have stopped you. She says everyone shall do what their heart wants. Abhi says you would have waited for contract to end and says he will end the contract right now.

Later he thinks he talked badly with Meera and thinks but why did she do this. Ours is a contract marriage, but still marriage is there, I have been loyal to her always, then why can’t she? He tells that Meera used to doubt on him because of Sherley, but he cleared the matter. He says Meera is not denying anything, just let this relation end.

Meera packs her stuff and thinks their marriage was fake, but their friendship was real. She thinks if his love was fake and illusion. She thinks it is enough now, thinks I thought we have true friendship between us, but you broke my illusion. She takes her suitcase and leaves. Abhi thinks I don’t know who are you, but we are really troubled because of you.

Sanjay thinks to talk to Meera. He calls her, but her phone is off. He gets more worried and calls Abhi. He says he is worried as they are going. Abhi asks him not to worry. Sanjay asks about Meera. Abhi thinks I don’t know where she went and says she is not at home. He thinks Meera go home, else everyone will get tensed.

Dadiya happens to see Abhi and Meera’s marriage contract papers and is shocked. Ganga asks about Meera. Abhi says she went to her home. Ganga asks if they fought.

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