Choti si pyaar choti si dard- (Episode 20)

In the terrace
Swara stands still that her mind is frozen about what just happen and touches her lips. Downstairs Ragini comes to Sumi and says Maa I will marry Laksh. Sumi gets happy and tells this to everyone. Shekar calls Dp and tells that Ragini accepted to marry. Dp tells this to Ap. Ap thanks God for this happiness. Sanskar and Laksh enters the house and Ap tells them everything. Laksh hugs Sanskar and thanks him.

In Garodia house
Ragini comes to her room crying and says why all this happens to me only. She calls Laksh and scolds him to the core when she turns she saw Laksh standing behind her.
Ragini: what are u doing here.
Laksh: to see ur beautiful face and holds her.
Ragini: I told u not to bother me then y this marriage drama.
Laksh: Oh sweetheart its destiny that u have to spend ur life with.
Ragini: but u r a cheap person who wants to use girls for ur happiness.
Laksh: sweetheart even if u slap me I will not leave u. U said na I use girls I think I should have used u then u wont say these blah blah. Look I love u and will love u forever and don’t scold me this much keep some stock to scold u also and pats her face.
That time Swara enters and sees Ragini scared. She says jiji what happened why u r like this. Ragini says Laksh is so stubborn to get me Shona what is my fault Shona. Swara says jiji tomorrow u will get all the details about Laksh ok now u sleep and she makes her sleep. Swara calls Akira and apologize for Sanskar behavior. Akira says its ok dear u r my best friend cant I do this much and one more thing Swara u have to be careful from this moment because this Sanskar can do anything to get u now he is not the college boy he is business magnet he have many contacts. Swara says I know Akira now see tomorrow outside our college he will do some arrangement and u take care ok good night and cuts the call.

In the morning
Swara calls Laksh and ask him to come to the park in 10 minutes and he complies. Ragini gets ready and ask Swara to come we are getting late. Swara says jiji due u have any stock of ur tears. Ragini hits her and they leave downstairs. Dadi ask them to come early today for some rituals and they complies. Swara ask Ragini to go to park. Swaragini reaches there and sees Laksh, Sudir and Leku. Ragini says Leku what r u doing here. Swara says I will tell u and ask Sudir to tell what u both did. Leku says sorry Ragini its all our plan only to separate u both. Sudir says I loved u Ragini but when Lucky told that u r engaged and when saw u both hanging out we got angry and I made Laksh to drink and asked him to say like that we are really sorry. Ragini cries hearing all this and goes from there. Laksh says thank u Swara for this help. Swara says jiju its ur turn to console jiji. Laksh says its so easy I will deal with her and all leaves from there.

In the college
Swara enters the campus and sees no one inside. She calls Akira but her phone is not reachable. She gets a message to enter the auditorium. She comes to the auditorium and thinks y there is no response. A spot light falls on her and she sees Sanskar coming in a perfect black suit with rough look.
Swara: so this drama is all urs only right.
Sanskar: don’t raise ur voice infornt of me I brought this college and I am the correspondent today I have informed all the students except u because I want to spend a whole today with u.
Swara: hey I am not ur servant to obey ur orders and goes to entry gate but some guards block her way.

Swara: hello leave from my way
Guard 1: sorry mam u r not allowed its an order. She turns to Sanskar.
Sanskar: Shona am I a fool to leave u this is my empire.
Swara: don’t call me Shona u don’t have any right. Sanskar holds her hand and drags her to room. She beat him hard but he stands like a rock.
Sanskar: finished now I will send u a dress
Swara: I have already told u I am not ur servant. He pins her to a wall. She frees herself but he twist her towards him.
Sanskar: I will send u a dress, get ready and sit here.
Swara: I will not what will u do

Sanskar: I can do anything Swara and u know that. Swara frees her hand and says do whatever u want. Sanskar holds her face and sucks her lips like a vampire. Swara hits him on his chest but he pins her to a wall. Swara feels pain because its not a sweet touch it’s a touch of devil who got his prey after long time. Swara cries and her tears mingles with them. He releases her from his grip. Swara cries silently feeling the pain. He says I told u don’t make me an animal if I becomes like that then u will become the prey for now do what I told u. Swara sits on the floor and cries hard holding her bag. Blood comes out from her lips and a servant comes and gives her school uniform. Swara swipes the blood and gets ready and comes out. Its green knee length skirt with white shirt. Sanskar sees her and says now come with me. Swara stands still and doesn’t move. He says does I do whatever happened in the room in front of all. Swara looks at him and walks with him. He takes her to the hospital where Jignesh is admitted. Swara asks y u bought me here. Sanskar says u don’t have to talk just follow my instruction and holds her hand. He brings her to a room and she sees Jignesh sitting with a bunch of roses. She looks at Sanskar.
Fb shows Sanskar gets ready for office and gets a call from the hospital that Jignesh came out of coma. He runs to the hospital and hugs Jignesh. Jignesh says bro what I am doing here? Sanskar tells him everything. Jignesh says oh shit all became complicated because me, bro plz bring Swara I will tell u the whole matter Fb ends.

Jignesh says Shona I am sorry for whatever I did with u actually the day before I proposed u, you played a prank on Shah so we all planned to make u cry and all I did was for joke when I jumped that Shah didn’t put the safety net to catch me and I got hurt when I came to sense bro told me that I was in coma for four years and bro its not at all Shona’s fault plz forgive me Shona. Swara took the flowers from him and says its ok Jaggu after all it’s a past I am happy that u came back and hugs him. Jignesh says Shona I know what is going between u and bro plz forgive him na. Swara says take care Jaggu and she leaves. Sanskar says hey paglu I tortured her so much but now only I got my life back Lucky will be happy. Jignesh says first leave me and go to Shona. Sanskar hugs him and goes towards his car. Swara is waiting for him inside the car. Sanskar gets into the car and drives. It was like a winter night and Swara cries silently. Sanskar sees blood coming from her lips and thinks what he did. He takes his hanky and swipes the blood. Swara eyes him angrily and Sanskar cant take her sight. They come to the college she goes and changes her dress and comes to her cycle. Swara doesn’t utter a word and her silence breaks his heart. And their heart beat speaks through their eyes.

To be continued………….

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  1. can’t believe sanky

  2. hi rini! awesome…… I like it story line swasan is good when they fight please increase their fight and then only romance started.. so cool

  3. Hiiiii rini nice plot yr….
    Plzzz uodate it soon…
    Desperately waiting for next plot…
    N ha ek sugestion plzzz ignore if u dont like it…
    Sans ko apani galti ka ahasas hoga n wo swara ki maafi ke liye kuchbhi karega ..
    Swara se maafi maang ne uske ghar ke niche khada rahega but she will ignore ..then barrissh hogi but he will not care kyuki uski maafi chahiye hogi….
    N then u know after that …. What will happen ….bcoz u r better than me in writing….
    As i m no where near u….
    Dear if u hurt ignore my comment…..plzzzz srry if u hurt….

  4. superb epi dear..

  5. Rini its so superb!!
    Different starting point for love sis!!!.
    May I know what u studying???

  6. Update nxt ep yaar….can’t wait any longer

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