Choti Sardarni 9th January 2020 Written Episode Update: Meher takes Param for blood test

Choti Sardarni 9th January 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Meher runs after Param. Param is dancing outside. Everyone stops Meher for selfies. Meher is worried about him. Meher sees Sarab. He says today is the happiest day of my life. The whole family is together. Meher says Sarab, I have to talk about something. Dolly says everyone is enjoying it here. Meher says in heart I have to call the doctor. Meher says I am going upstairs. Sarab says all good? Dolly says she would need rest in pregnancy.

Meher calls the doctor and says Param had blood in his urine. The doctor says it could be an infection. Bring him to the hospital tomorrow. We can do tests. Meher looks at their family photo. Meher searches on the internet and gives Param juices. Sarab calls Meher and says I am going with my friends. I will get late. Meher says okay.

Scene 2
Yuvi says I look wonderful. Bitu says Jitto I am really hungry. Jitto says I didn’t cook anything. There are two aalo parathas. Yuvi says I want to eat parathas too. Yuvi says you ate at the party. Yuvi says you also ate like a cow. Bitu says to shut up. He says to Kulwant because of you he talks like this. You Rhino. Amrita says BItu. Mind your langugage. Jitto says he was joking. He is like our son. Amrita says his father earns. He doesn’t depend on anyone. Bitu says I also eat my father’s. Amrita says you useless person. Bitu throws the dishes. Jitto says how dare you to misbehave with Amrita. Bitu says she called me useless. Jagga says that’s what you are. They try to hit each other. Kulwant says enough. Buti says he will apologize first. Bitu says my foot. He goes to his room.

Scene 3
Meher tries to talk to Sarab but he has to leave for a meeting.
Rana recalls meeting Ginny at the party. Rana asks Kulwant what is Ginny’s full name? She says shut up. Yuvi says Amrita and Jitto are fighting. Let’s lit the fire. Kulwant says who taught you these things. Yuvi says you.
Amrita and Jitto are fighting. Amrita says we don’t want to live here anymore. Kulwant says I take decisions here. Jagga says this is my decision. We can’t let this insult happen anymore. Kulwant says you’re the sardar of this house. Jagga says with all this insult? We want your blessings. Kulwant says you won’t go anywhere. Bitu and Jitto will leave this house not you. Jagga says where will he go? We can manage. Kulwant says but.. Jagga says it’s better that we leave. Amrita says you can always come to our house and live with us. Kulwant says no one will leave this house. I know how to teach Bitu a lesson. Go back to your room.

Scene 4
Minny and Dolly play cards. Ginny says to Harleen see the photos. Meher’s brother dances very well. Harleen says he should be working in this age. Ginny says he will do wonder. Param comes there. He says mama and I are going to get kites. Harleen says kites. Dolly says our kids play golf. Harleen says seriously I can’t believe it. Param says I would love to fly a kite. You will all fly kites with me.

Meher and Param see a pet dog in front of their car. Param says can we take this dog? Meher says his family would be looking for him. A girl looks for her dog. She takes the dog from Meher and says thank you.
Param says why are we at the hospital? I want to fly the kites. Meher says I have to talk to the doctor. Then we can fly a kite. Meher hugs him.
Precap-Param gets blood tests done. He says what are they doing mama? Meher says they’re doing your blood test. Harleen sees the band-aid and asks Param what is this? He says Meher mama got my blood tests done. Harleen asks Meher what is this?

Update Credit to: Atiba

  1. The production team has gone mad. They showed lohri episode in july2019 where manav n meher take rounds of lohri fire like marriage. After taking the relationship further mehar is pregnant.
    Now they are showing lohri at nearly right time of year january. But lohri comes once a year n sarab mehar been married 2 months with first lohri n mehar is 3months pregnant. So how can they show lohri again

    1. Rachana Dhodi

      Lol that’s so right….may be for production house its quarterly ?

    2. That wasn’t Lohri….that was param’s dastarbandi

  2. Hi simmi even i thought the same

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