Choti Sardarni 8th October 2020 Written Episode Update: Angel stands on her feet

Choti Sardarni 8th October 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Meher picks the scissor and says you. Meher says now I will show you what a servant can do. Angel runs to her room. She says what are you doing. Meher says open the door. Sarab says how did Meher go offline? Harleen says you go check her. We will take Param home. Angel says mama help. She steps on Meher’s food with a wheelchair. Meher says I told you to let me talk to my Param. I won’t leave you now. Angel shouts mama save me. Meher stops her wheelchair. Angel says what are you doing. Leave me. Meher says no one will help you today. Angel screams mom. Angel stands up in fear. She runs. Martha comes. Angel hugs her. She says she attacked me, she wants to kill me. Martha says you attacked Angel? you want to kill her?

Sarab comes in. He sees blood on Meher’s back. Sarab says are you okay? He puts a cloth on her back. Martha says Meher? You liars. Yoy cheats. You hid your identity from me. First this Meher attacked my husband and now my daughter. Now see what I do. you crossed all limits. you attacked my child. Sarab says in your anger you forgot she’s standing on her feet. Martha is shocked. She has her. Maartha says, angel? You can walk. Look at yo. She cries and hugs her. Sarab says thank God. Meher says now both this case and my punishment are on God. Sarab says let’s go.

Martha says wait. You both hid your identity. Mr. Sarab and Meher I will take you to court. Meet me at court.

Scene 2
Vikram’s lawyer gets him bailed. He says sir if they get to know that you’re here without a real mission, they will arrest you again and our headquarters can suspend you. Manav says it’s okay, I will work at a dhaba. His assistant is shocked. Manav says I will take care of it. Manav says I am coming meher. I used to surprise you always. I am coming to meet you.

Scene 3
Harleen says I was so scared. Kulwant says Param sed to come running to me. Aditi says he is going through PTSD. It will take time to get over it. Harleen says Meher would handle it all. Aditi says but we have to now. Harleen says we have to make Param laugh. Kulwant says I will do that. Aditi says leave it on me. Harleen says I should try. Kulwant says no it’s on me. Aditi says we should all try together. Amrita sas I know how to make Param happy.

Everyone comes to Param’s room as cartoons and dance around him.. Param doesn’t laugh. He goes to bed. Amrita looks in. Amrita leaves Karan there. Param says are you mad at your param bhai? I left you alone? Everyone looks at them from outside. Param says I didn’t leave you outside. Harleen ba sent me away from me. Yuvi told me you are crying so I came to you. I was worried for you. An uncle kidnapped me. He hit me as well. Look at all these scars. That woman was gonna cut my finger. But don’t worry, I will never leave you. Meher mama says our hearts are one. He hugs Karan. Meher mama and papa will come in 1 2 days. Did you understand? Karan farts. Param laughs. He says you farted. Everyone is in tears.

Scene 4
Manav runs on the road with meher’s dupatta. Manav bys flowers for her. He dances with the florist. Manav bys a ring. He says we stayed away from each other for a year. We cried for a year. I will make compensate for all of it today.

Manav comes to the house with ring and flowers. Manav says you will be so happy seeing me. The watchman stops him. He says I want to meet Meher. Watchman says this is martha’s banglow. Vikram says you gave the paper to that girl. The watchman says she left. Manav says where? He tells the holiday inn. Manav says Sarab left yesterday, what is Meher doing in the hotel?

Sarab gives water to Meher. He says calm down. Meher says how can I? Martha’s heart didn’t melt. What will happen? I can’t live without my kids. Sarab says and I can’t live without you. Believe in God. Have faith, he will do something for us. Sarab sent a sorry message to Martha. He says I hope Martha heard it. Sarab says show me your bruise. Is it hurting? Meher recalls her moments with Sarab. Meher looks at him. Meher says nothing.

Manav comes to the reception. He says I am Meher’s friend. There’s a surprise for her. She tells him the room. Manav goes up. Sarab gives Meher medicine. She sleeps in his lap and says I feel better now. Manav is in the elevator. Sarab caresses Meher’s face.

Sarabjeet puts Meher to sleep. Manav comes to the room and rings the bell. He says I have come Meher. Sarabjeet opens the door and sees the bouquet. Meher comes to check.

Update Credit to: Atiba

  1. Just that’s all?

  2. Who is this atiba nd how she get the written updates of the show.

  3. yea Atiba is making a lot of errors which are confusing and I had to read some things twice. For example “Yo” instead of “you” so many simple mistakes!

    1. Agree with you neha.
      Atiba you update with so many errors that it’s confusing for the readers…. Atleast before posting the update just read it once whether you have written it right or not.
      Every update on this site has some or the other thing wrong

  4. ShraddhaSharma392

    1. It was totally dramatic episode.. Angel got fine in 1 dose and still Martha doesn’t believe them and this Manav is turning mad day by day, can’t he realise it easily before spoiling all relations…. 😡😠😡😠😡😠😡😠😡😠😡😠

    2. Precap: Manav ring Sarab and Mehar room bell and sarab open door

  5. Shaheera Khan

    thank you atiba for providing the wu every say and early in the morning that is the first thing i check your update . manav because he is not a professional and doing the CBI duties just because of his fathers flounce that is why he could not solve any case i am so angry about leaving Params case in between and his newly weded wife running around like a mental case after Mehar knowing well that she is married now .

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